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Gale Harold (Brian) 资料+访谈(shaoqinsh提供)( q( v8 s6 R5 t$ T3 S$ m+ @2 H
Gale Harold (演员) Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: \; w7 L. z1 R! ?, }9 j
) f4 V/ o( M- L2 d+ B8 Z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Full name: Gale M. Harold III
2 w+ x/ y# P4 ABorn: July 10, 1969 Decatur, Georgia, USA.
0 w7 e6 ]# W/ [  J% l4 aParents: mother = real estate agent father = engineer
. H0 y& G' k& O" t  FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站身高:6英尺2英寸(6英尺=1.83m,6英尺2英寸约1.88m)
! b6 R% T( @5 N/ U8 a同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志双亲: 母亲,地产代理商。 父亲,工程师。
+ L$ r6 Q+ r% C9 a& C! jQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Siblings : 1 older sister 1 younger brother
9 M# \( P7 r4 q" t7 B# c4 M7 VQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站亲属关系: 有一个姐姐和一个弟弟。 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& |( f5 {& w' e9 U; q
Spouse : none
6 g  z4 E3 A" u- `. p2 @9 r% q. @  Mqafone.coChildren : none ( G& ~! a, }! F. E5 a4 E
Education: Studied Romance Literature at American University in Washington D.C. Studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute Completed the Actor’s Conservatory Program while at A Noise Within Theatre Company, Los Angeles " T5 l- l- d: U# `% O
教育情况:在华盛顿的美国大学学习浪漫文学。在洛杉矶的A Noise Within Theatre Company期间完成了旧金山艺术学院表演艺术的学习。
7 }: }$ N/ X2 p* A: v: Oqafone.coScholarships : won a soccer scholarship to American University
% l( g9 z: N& S; Q: F; NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站奖学金:荣获了美国大学的足球奖学金。
) Z" p- M% s3 N  r1 oQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Sports: Soccer 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% Y/ ?3 [3 E1 \% |0 f. p
体育运动: 足球   U% A4 j/ f  [+ @* r! h
Tattoos: On the inside of his right middle finger, the word RESIST. Gale does not discuss the tattoo.
1 b, @8 r! o' f6 T+ i  \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志纹身:在右手的中指内侧刻有“RESIST ”(抵抗)。GALE不愿谈论他的纹身。 . G$ ^1 d& q9 n% F  l; @7 w
Previous jobs: Waiter, Painter, Construction Worker, Carpenter, Motorcycle Mechanic
) |3 d6 C* P2 o7 _Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站工作经历:侍者、画家、建筑工人、木匠、摩托车机械师。
" m. X7 N+ o8 F# d5 A$ gQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Friend: who suggested he go into acting Susan Landau Finch (producer, writer, daughter of Martin Landau)
- ^. Z( J+ h; w- nqafone.co交友:Susan Landau Finch(制片人、作家、马丁·兰道的女儿)是她建议GALE踏入演艺圈。
* K2 a7 C" b# W7 |: X) d4 m8 E# P* N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Biography (from showtime)
$ ?1 ^, L) r. J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gale Harold was born and raised in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. In his youth, his parents were church people. Luckily, the influences of Jack London, Gandalf, and David Bowie alerted him to the bizarre inaccuracies of a Southern Pentecostal upbringing. qafone.co* ^& l9 u( N  i  M/ u+ `/ n
GALE HAROL生长在左治亚州西南亚特兰大。他幼年的时候,父母都是重视的教徒。幸运的是在捷克伦敦、Gandalf、以及David Bowie的熏陶下,阻止了他受到因在南部成长而受到的五旬节的怪异谬误的影响。
: c4 i* t1 O6 b3 o( v* F同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志After most of his childhood friends disappeared in the "white flight" exodus of the late 70’s, he spent his high school years drifting amongst various socioeconomic harbors finding protection in the veneer of non committal collusion.
$ S) h, |4 Q4 c8 I5 I/ u$ d在他的儿时玩伴因“WHITE FIGHT”(90 年代初期的“白人大迁徙”或称“白人逃亡”)而在70年代后期大批的相继离去后,没有加入到任何的组织的他花了整个的高中时期漂浮在各色的社会经济理论中寻求庇护。 ; Q6 ^$ W4 v$ O& j6 w0 U
He acquired a diploma and under a soccer scholarship to begin a Liberal Arts Degree in romance Literature at American University in Washington, D.C. But "creative differences" with his coach resulted in his departure after one half a year. He left the Capital to study Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. He squandered his academic scholarship however, and was eventually forced to make other plans.
# X* ?4 F: D0 MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站他曾经获得了证书和美式足球的奖学金在华盛顿的美国大学开始了有关烂漫文学自由艺术学位的学习。但是鉴于和他的倒是意见不统一,造成了他在一年半后离开了学校。他离开首都继续在旧金山艺术学院学习艺术。因此他也就不得不废掉了奖学金,这也最终促使他不得不重新作出计划。 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. L& a9 Q( N# U( G( S
A gnawing obsession with Italian motorcycles led to several years of restoring and pants-set mechanics with Moto Guzzi motor bikes. In 1997 on the brink of financial exile from San Francisco he was urged by his compatriot Suzy Landau, producer for Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula & Tucker) to take his act to the stage.
1 j# o  Z8 @3 Z- hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站跟随一位意大利的摩托车机械师Moto Guzzi学习技艺。在1997年,在旧金山由于经济危机,不得不在“Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula & Tucker)“的制作人Suzy Landau地敦促下,步入了演艺界。
' u( ?7 H9 E9 x% m- V同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志After being introduced to the luminous actor and director Joan E. Scheckel, he re-located to Los Angeles, beginning an intensive three-year period of dramatic study and exploration. This led to his theatrical debut as Bunny in Gillian Plowman’s Me and My Friend at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. He also made his feature debut as Booker in Paul Scheuring’s 36K. He was subsequently accepted to and completed the Actor’s Conservatory Program with A Noise Within classical theatre company. There he appeared in productions of The Misanthrope and Cymbeline. , @2 a* V( k- n
在被引荐给才华横溢的演员及导演Joan E. Scheckel后,他移居到了洛杉矶,开始了为期三年的有关戏剧的学习和探索。这造就了他在Misanthrope and CymbelineGillian Plowman’s Me and My Friend里作为Bunny在洛杉矶戏剧中心的戏剧性的初次登场。他还在Paul Scheuring’s 36K中演出了票记员。他后来还被A Noise Within classical theatre公司看中来为完成演员养成计划。在那其间他还在The Misanthrope and Cymbeline中有过演出。 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ [  t( y$ V" s
He is currently starring as Brian Kinney in Showtime’s version of the UK television smash hit Queer As Folk. qafone.co% [1 d8 N" t9 I+ a
" \7 R* j. v2 r7 n% q0 L; XQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Trivia 琐事
% G& N0 {  D5 cWorked as a carpenter before "Queer As Folk"
$ b0 b6 L0 j7 a4 s在做“QUEER AS FOLK ”前正从事木匠的工作。
. L' Z5 c6 \/ Z' f$ |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Avid reader of The Nation magazine
8 Q, ?; G0 x: S6 T: Z' @同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志国家杂志的忠实读者。
% W9 `$ v9 \4 r  N  R( uCalls the city of Toronto his home Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 C/ {  I# u0 q( b. W9 w
将多伦多称为自己的家乡 qafone.co* [( k! J1 E& O
Began acting at the age of 28 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! i! |! Y2 b: f  D7 Q6 E4 l
28开始从事演艺事业 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! s5 {6 d7 T  E! K
Has an older sister and a younger brother ; f9 m9 H6 Z: r2 h
有一个姐姐和一个弟弟 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" j6 o! S3 p* n( |4 N
Attended South West Dekalb High School
% {7 ~& D5 K$ X; N5 K3 @& _qafone.co曾在西南Dekalb高中就读。
9 Q; f$ M4 p$ s, E( b! O& SPast influences were Jack London, Gandalf & David Bowie 9 E' t" ]* O2 H/ \& X
曾经受到过Jack London, Gandalf & David Bowie的影响。
- y2 a. _8 u* oFilm参加过的影片
' h2 Y  V$ T  C# q3 v- m$ pqafone.coFathers and Sons (2003)........Elliott Parker 2 p, Z6 p( g9 U, e% {
Director: Jarrod Rappaport
: \* g2 y6 U4 V同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Writer: Jarrod Rappaport 6 D5 b1 t7 }5 ?# a: h
Release Date: TBA
$ r5 ^1 L0 S% g& L7 r% E' gqafone.coRHINOCEROS EYES (2002).....Detective Phil Barbara * n" ^8 _* p3 Q6 d, H# ^. i" E
Director: Aaron Woodley
# s$ ]- _; h2 d5 Yqafone.coWriter: Aaron Woodley 5 y% C0 c. @/ m- q
Release Date: World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2003
4 u' M! `* C7 Nqafone.coclick for interview with Producer Eva Kolodner and Gale at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival (WMV zipped) Added an interview with Aaron Woodley, and a clip of the film 06/09/03.   ?! x, Y$ [" T
Particles of Truth (2002)..........Morrison Wiley 5 ?# F- \4 z# K, m6 g$ _
Director: Jennifer Elster ) ~( u' k9 z6 x/ c8 `2 Z
Writer: Jennifer Elster , ]$ P+ B5 V) |" c0 I
Release Date: May 2003 TriBeCa Film Festival
  n+ [; Z5 E2 d, n  w) k0 lclick for movie trailer at particlesoftruth.com - T  B+ \$ Y# e
WAKE (2001) ......................"Kyle" ( e$ v& G8 E, y0 s1 Q
Director: Roy Finch
" O) m$ `/ u+ S3 ]  }' T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Writer: Roy Finch qafone.co- U( X4 y* k1 K* p6 ?/ M
Release Date: 05/10/02 Hollywood Film Festival
! g9 j2 D8 r$ M, V* ~0 \" N; S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Opening in NYC and Los Angeles May 28th, 2004. Click here for press release.
1 b$ f2 {( L5 n- h- pqafone.coclick for movie clip
6 _# ?1 F1 m# H% M36K (2000)........................................"Booker"
: l0 D* N4 d: {3 Q- w  R5 Kqafone.coDirector: Paul T. Scheuring
# ~/ \1 x% @" g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Writer: Paul T. Scheuring/Ray Hale 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ w9 c2 b8 G9 y* D( t0 X; q
Release Date: 2001 qafone.co( t0 n; o& n) y
click for clip
8 A+ u. j2 g9 G! }+ N7 K1 j3 ]Television电视剧。 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 `  O0 v% H, |1 I2 k9 Q  J; W
Street Time (September/October 2003).......Geoff Beddoes
0 q" X/ Q/ {; QEpisodes: Gone - Airdate September 24, 2003; Smack - Airdate October 1st, 2003 / W# q: [9 }" u( ~/ Q
Showtime Network
, {4 K' o; }' W) a! U: F2 s6 F; WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Law & Order: SVU (May 2003)..........Dr. Lang qafone.co7 ^8 E. K# ?' c: k0 S" t2 e& G2 j
Episode: Perfect; Airdate May 9, 2003 qafone.co5 Q: K4 s. g! `6 R& b2 T
NBC ! k% p  a" A2 e+ _6 a' _9 w
click for promo clip 1 c: |5 ^* k- \
Queer As Folk (2000 - ) ......................"Brian Kinney"
% Q7 A! O% j: M1 u( G' ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Showtime Network
; Q( l2 i" s4 dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Cowlip Productions
8 D8 Y2 l- M; i% O3 PTheater戏剧 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- B0 u3 U0 j  c5 H
+ ^7 I, K8 K) f9 J8 m
Uncle Bob (2001) ................................"Josh"
1 r2 l8 U$ G" L: X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Director: Courtney Moorehead 1 B) @+ |4 L( C# O2 V
Playwright: Austin Pendleton ; F" {' {& D0 g, I* O2 P4 W5 n
Click for photos / f' j. a" x1 L5 d
Gale and co-star George Morfogen on "Jersey’s Talking" Part 1 (WMV zipped) qafone.co& G# L3 \! z8 n8 P
Jersey’s Talking Part 2 (WMV zipped) 7 A2 V) x7 U6 F
The Misanthrope % t8 `+ x8 n4 p% J0 B
Director: Sabin Epstein - A Noise Within
$ U7 L5 N% k& l, T1 ]3 ?Playwright: Molière 6 y% Y9 m( q) v
, Q9 y$ }# h2 f) C" F同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Director: Art Menke - A Noise Within 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 S9 R& C4 L! C/ H* B& s* r/ {
Playwright: William Shakespeare
4 M3 I( W2 t1 X, x' j, b3 h7 X以上资料主要来源于:
4 g" g9 d. A( Rhttp://www.imdb.com/ Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! ?2 m! p5 J+ _! _* u1 F- ?
" \! _- O6 X! u: }1 K2 Iqafone.cohttp://www.showcase.ca/queerasfolk/
: F; I# b6 N( _4 _4 b9 {4 R2 pQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站http://brian-kinney.net/   t- @- o& C! y0 o; K
http://www3.telus.net/~heatherj/ 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 K, v" m) q+ o5 c
8 K- F6 b1 l7 Q) X* w% W# S4 \Onewing提供的Gale 访谈! W9 n2 F/ m% J2 x" J7 H
The Life Of Brian——Gale Harold访谈
2 `+ u3 Y% y. d0 fQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站第一次试着翻译了一些,希望没有太多误解~Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 J; x  Z. W9 P) w
. I6 u# D% D/ m# r- k2 f7 D  AThe Life Of Brian
8 Y2 ~" m( I1 N+ o: h7 s- Z# aDNA, December, 2004
: M6 ?- K- L. L! |by Matthew Myers
' ?1 ~6 y' |" Q% J/ ^' ]$ K, a3 i35岁的Gale Harold正在享受他职业生涯中的休闲时光。他在QAF中饰演了一个充满反叛精神,性感的Brian Kinney。在Matthew Myers为DNA对他所作的访问中,发现了一个一个诙谐、幽默、迷人的,不同于Brian Kinney的他。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" z( s! G& @+ }4 b+ _
DNA:在QAF之外,你还有什么gay朋友吗?qafone.co1 O+ |% j% s- D4 F4 o# y9 Y0 z$ k
Gale Harold:我确实有一些,(笑)你能相信吗?: S3 G2 j+ z1 M4 y4 T9 T7 e
DNA:他们怎么认为你塑造的这个gay的角色? 9 R; r" B( Y& [3 o; j. Y9 T3 o) Q; O
Gale Harold:一些人比较认同,我认为,比较喜欢吧。很多人保留了他们的意见,其中的一些估计认为他很傻(hooey)。
5 e. Z* k- k* p% nDNA:这个词是很愚蠢的意思吗? 5 f- C) l4 X- h. S9 V+ ]2 A
Gale Harold:不,它更像一种类似于在乡里发现或者产生的词!一种美国50年代的说法。它并不是指愚蠢,“胡说”更加接近。
2 m# X  y0 n' NDNA:当你塑造Brian这个角色时,有以什么真人为原型吗?
# I0 K4 z  B, y$ ^, \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gale Harold:先开始的确有。一些人出现在我的脑里,但是他们并不完全符合Brian这个形象,所以我没有用他们。我并没有很多时间花在塑造这个角色上,但是实际情况还好,因为最后我以一个正常的人性方式来演Brian,而不是专门以一个gay的方式。
( P# h; x6 q' r! EDNA:你认为你身上有Brian的性格吗?
5 W, @+ z. h6 m' O0 T9 X& k3 A* A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gale Harold:我能够从他身上看到一些相同文化背景的东西。比如,美国是世界上最强大的国家,我们都有这种感觉。在这里,人们告诉你的和实际正在发生的事,基本一致,这样就造成了人们对于政治的冷漠。人们以一种自毁式的生活方式使自己感到自己的存在。那就是Brian的本质。
' W4 b! N6 b. C6 S" g4 SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站DNA:自从开始播出QAF后,你觉得自己是否对gay群体这样一个课题有了更加深刻的认识? qafone.co- U3 k1 \! W$ P. F
Gale Harold:我不把这个电视剧当作一个“课题”来看。这些故事来自编剧Russell T Davies,我觉得他们对此有一个更深刻的看法。对我来说,更重要的事是演员的体验而不是“课题”。但是我感觉自己看问题更深刻了。
$ P) d# R7 y" z4 y& K同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志DNA:作为一个straight演员,那些sex场面会不会是一个很奇怪的体验?尤其是第一场里的rimming。 - }8 a- w" J: [
Gale Harold:在高中我读了大量William Burroughs(William Burroughs,六十年代美国跨掉派的教父、大毒虫,也是裸体午餐的作者)的作品,所以那时候就知道这是什么啦!但是同时,只是知道并不意味着完全理解。无论是rimming……哦!管它是什么!我是说,演员如果不能对我们自己所作的事有个大体概念的话,更谈不上什么'gay' or 'straight'了吧?!简单的说,不,那只是在演戏。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 r( A7 b7 y# ]% T( G
8 h+ n, [/ V& h+ A! J' W+ D% VGale Harold:有一些人第一次见到rimming的场面,甚至是这个词,如果他们不知道rimming是什么的话,他们根本就不会明白what the f**k was going on。对一个没有经历过这样暴露的sex行为的straight来说,可能根本就不知道发生了什么事。但是他们知道:这两个人是在演一场sex的戏。
* q3 x8 P3 J+ j所以,说到sex的戏,作为一个演员,你只需要将你的精力和注意力放到任何发生的事情里。人们就会明白你在演什么,不管是什么程度上的。
& I5 i0 g! u4 C) R同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志DNA:所以你不认为这是一个障碍?
1 b# m6 w; k$ `3 D$ \/ m; c6 EQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Gale Harold:你是指作为一个straight演员却要演gay的sex戏?不,我不认为是障碍。实际上是挑战,那就是一个演员要做的。你接触某个人的皮肤,你必须完全忘掉自己的生活体验。很可能,最重要的是学习GAY的生活行为,应该是我在这部电视剧里最大得一个学习过程。就像渗透作用一样,因为无意中我在用Brian的皮肤体验事情呢。
; x* J* w, P2 Q1 D) h. MDNA:如果作为一个听众,你会暗示剧情怎么发展?
5 c2 g& a8 m& k- @Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Gale Harold:我知道剧情这个问题将被保守派慎重考虑,那些政权所有者和一些有特定信仰的人。我也知道正是这些人将把握剧情发展的命门,并且对其施加阻力。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ i" V: k. i$ b: c3 O% Z) j0 G: L
1 o5 \# `- k( Z8 `, e! Kqafone.co我不知道这个节目的将来会怎样——人们是会接受它?或者是有人来电要求拍摄更多的剧集,我不知道这个节目的播出是否会引起社会对同性恋的共识,以至于整个节目本身会被人们所喜爱。大多数的制作人员认为播出一不这样的电视剧的时机已经成熟,人们已经有了足够的心理承受力,另外本身同性恋得社区里,这个节目还有一个优势,那就是很多人看过原版的这个节目。
" r! B5 p9 U8 {  s% y) _DNA:你遇到过Aidan Gillen吗,那个在英国版本里面演Brian的人? + d# T( C% @. M: ?) X2 t7 y
Gale Harold:没有,虽然在不久前见过他。我没看见她,但是我的朋友在他正要离开时看到他了。我们觉得这很奇怪,我们在同一时间在同一地点。我觉得他很不错,希望有机会可以见到他。6 v7 }8 X. w8 u+ O# K. G
DNA:真实生活中有人误认为你是gay吗? Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 H; [' }! w! S# t5 q% x/ E
Gale Harold:有时会发生这类事情。曾经有女人把我和他们身边的男人拖在一起,然后一些人就朝我尖叫,他们甚至都不确定我是否是gay,但是他们就是尖叫。然后就有真的gay走过来对我说:“你实在太不像gay了,这真愚蠢!”或者“我简直不能相信竟然有人希望你是gay”。
; C# M) L5 _1 ?' y8 ]- F2 LQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站DNA:这会使你苦恼吗?考虑到你说你只是以一个常人来演,而不是gay。 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, M- `* t, ]6 w7 l" O; w3 @9 R9 [! x9 k
Gale Harold:我只是将他作为一个真实的人啊。但是我想我还比较喜欢这种180度转弯的态度。有些人就是不相信我是straight啊。( \; c7 P( `, N' D  a* O, v" g3 H. W
8 }0 _; f" E* S* Y9 N- ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Gale Harold:我觉得这事应该经常发生在电视人身上吧,不管你是谁,或者饰演的什么角色。如果你演了电视就会和一些人发生共振,如果你是个在gay片里经常光着身子的男一号,那你一定会有一些女性观众缘了,对吗?(笑)这是个有借口的幻想——一个什么事都有可能发生的游戏!
6 f1 M7 _8 K# j5 Nqafone.coDNA:如果QAF要演10年,你会一直出现吗? qafone.co* E/ [  d/ W$ q5 t
Gale Harold:哦,天呐!我想那会相当愚蠢吧——当了5年到10年的Brian,天知道他还会做什么?这是一个疯狂的问题,去问水晶球吧:)你会一直看10年吗?
+ Z1 X  S- G4 x0 vDNA:有可能啊。我喜欢长剧。 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 r4 T4 w" r) S/ x2 i# L
Gale Harold:(大笑)天!
8 N: v' G. ~6 @  ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站DNA:那可能是因为有一个gay演员在里面吧。
) s' ?9 T) V0 w; a8 }Gale Harold:我想这剧里有很多gay——他们只是不知道!
' {4 _) L: h) r+ U' nDNA:Brian是一个复杂的对感情十分克制的角色,你认为他会慢慢转变吗? qafone.co5 }& y: b# d$ @
Gale Harold:我完全希望这样,这样我就可以去认真对待我的牙齿了。(不懂)电视剧,从我至今的体验来看,有点像独立电影的经历,在这个里面没有太多的资金,你只能尽量快地完成。对我来说,这充满挑战、激情,甚至恐惧。
: l8 |. r7 `2 ^5 P. Y电视剧很随意,一些事发生了然后过去,就像天气。我希望如果我们想改变Brian,应该是不可逆转的,不仅仅是一瞬间。你时常看到Brian做的一些事,但是他并没有被真正放到那些必须彻底改变的形势当中去。你知道当一些人对你敞开胸怀时,那意味着你们再也回不去了。
7 ^% v  Z6 x9 `1 A$ i" }DNA:你曾经想象你会做Vanity Fair(名利场?)的封面人物吗? ; y/ q% w4 T6 Y0 f! ]. n! ~
Gale Harold:将我的头放在Carson Kressley的裙摆下?(笑)不,我从来没有做过这种梦。/ F: I8 R/ z: n) \% g
# U3 v+ @0 E% Zqafone.coGale Harold:我不知道你说的忙乱具体是指什么,但是,是的,一切都很好。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ ]. V7 O, w0 X$ f
DNA:你是否在一部名叫Fathers And Sons的电影里扮演一个回来跟垂死的父亲要钱的铺张浪费的儿子? + _/ O3 |( X* h, P4 a; l5 h
Gale Harold:这是一次美好的经历。父亲病得要死了,我的角色回来了,开始面对种种隐藏在那所房子周围的秘密。- W9 |2 ]; M' T) B) W  ~
* a+ g; v  b" q( Sqafone.coGale Harold:我很希望去!我曾经在那里度过8天的假,去过Surfer's Paradise 和 The Gold Coast,但是没有欣赏完整个国家。很希望能看看西海岸和印度洋,特别是领略一下墨尔本风光。
3 M( }2 X1 ^0 o
2 [9 D3 k0 i; M/ [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站原文:
2 G0 ]& w5 b7 Z" N' [, K5 NThe Life Of Brian - DNA, December, 2004
3 x( ?* [; _/ p, l- s0 Yby Matthew Myers
0 t1 q5 H$ d$ O# f5 \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志At 35, Gale Harold is enjoying the break-through role of his career. He plays Queer As Folk's rebellious, sexy Brian Kinney with a f**k-em-all attitude. Matthew Myers spoke to him for DNA and found him witty and charming in a most un-Brian-like way.4 x+ o7 p% M7 y4 ?  X
DNA: Outside Queer As Folk, do you have many gay friends?
9 d% T: ~  K4 Q( hGale Harold: I do as a matter of fact. [Laughs]Can you believe it?
2 W/ Y- n# j1 v: O3 {) R6 W同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志What do they think of your characterization of a gay man?
- h2 q  [: k- A) `% d" s" \Some of them approve and, I think, enjoy it. A lot of them are diplomatically reserved and some of them think it's hooey. $ C; M) H* v) J1 m% ?3 I
Does hooey mean silly?
8 |4 N4 z) k( F6 ENo, it's more like something you find on the farm and walk away from! It's one of those old '50s American words. It's not just silly, it's got a whiff of "bullshit" about it. qafone.co7 G1 G9 k2 F( @1 J# {! V0 a1 H/ k
When developing Brian's character, did you draw on any real-life people?
4 H- `9 m) H2 s( w+ lI did at first. I had some people in mind but they didn't really fit the over-all vision so I didn't use them. I didn't have a lot of time to spend on building the character and that was fine because in the end I just played him as Brian the human being, rather than Brian the gay man.
" s8 a9 o* Y1 k6 v; E同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Are there aspects of Brian's personality that you share? ) r- D# ?4 b: h. A
I can relate to the cultural things. Like, the United States is the most powerful country in the world and we have all this ideology shoved down our throats. In America the difference between what people are telling you and what's really going on is quite transparent. It creates a political indifference in people. People become reliant on self-destructive behaviour as way of feeling alive. That's true of Brian. * o2 i0 v  j3 X) O) n
Since starting Queer As Folk have you gained a greater understanding of the issues facing the gay community?
3 L, ^4 I8 D+ c$ G9 lI don't see the show as an "issues" show. These stories are adapted from ideas by Russell T Davies and I think they're more internalized and personal. It's more about the characters' experiences within the issues. I have come to deeper understanding of things, though. I think.
8 V3 A5 M: J/ A+ x6 t同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志As a straight actor, are the sex scenes a strange experience? Especially that first episode with the rimming.
* O$ N' k3 H( |! j5 I4 x  r2 l3 ]  E% BI read a lot of William Burroughs when I was in high school, so I had to figure out what that was a long time ago! But at the same time, just knowing what something is doesn't necessarily give you the scope to understand it completely. Whether it's rimming... or whatever! I mean, there wouldn't even be 'gay' or 'straight' if we didn't have the ability to conceptualize what we're doing. The short answer is no. I'm acting. I'm performing. : [3 t  z' j' u% o" z
Do you think the sex scenes are as racy as they're sometimes regarded? " y, F) @1 i7 x1 B" k
There are people who could watch the rimming scene for the first time and, even hearing the dialogue, if they didn't know what rimming was they wouldn't know what the f**k was going on. For a straight person who'd never had any kind of exposure to that kind of sexual activity, they would not know what the hell was happening. But they would know that two people were performing a sexual act.
+ p' V6 t1 _& ~/ S7 ?7 }4 ?% P4 dSo in terms of performing a sexual act, as an actor, you've just got to put your energy and your commitment into whatever is happening. People will understand that on whatever level they understand it and it will have meaning for them. : W4 I: W8 b+ ^) a
So it's not an obstacle? 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( `* l& d8 x, {3 m8 U
In terms of being a straight actor doing gay sex scenes? No, I don't think it's an obstacle. Actually it's a challenge. That's what actors do. You get to walk in someone else's skin. You get to be completely outside of your own experience. Probably that, more than anything, else has been the largest kind of learning curve for me. It's like osmosis because unconsciously I'm leaning things just by being in Brian's skin. 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ M+ ~' ?& B2 V1 L& e- x) n5 {
When you auditioned, did you have any inkling of where the show was going?
# d* j  f* N! _3 O+ ^/ bqafone.coI knew it would be considered controversial by conservatives, the far political right and certain types of religious people. I knew that it was going to push buttons with those people and that they were going to have a reaction to it. 2 D, P9 g3 Z/ I5 }
Let's face it, homosexuality has been misrepresented in a religious and political sense in this country for a long time. This relates to your earlier question about what I share with Brian. I think we both see the hypocrisy of the church and the state being blended together when it suits someone's political purposes. It's not what this country's about at all.
$ J! c0 I, `, \& u* CI had no idea where the show would go -- whether it would be a sustainable program or whether there would be a call for more episodes. I had no idea whether or not there would be any kind of critical response to it that would be favourable enough to give it some credence. I think most of us were thinking that the timing was good and that people were ready for it. And within some levels of the gay community it had the advantage of the original show having been before it.
3 N' W7 P9 l' e+ J1 A5 T. B- D4 WHave you met Aidan Gillen, who played the Brian character in the British series?
; ]& c# r8 C( W7 nQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I haven't, although I saw him in a restaurant once. I didn't actually see him, but my friends saw him as he was leaving. We all thought it was very weird that we were in the same place at the same time. I think he's great and I'd love to meet him. Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 n1 o# r- ^+ f5 ^
Do people mistake you as being gay in real life? qafone.co& t4 f6 h1 m; d# W3 }* G! {
That's happened a couple of times. I've had women try and hook me up with their guy friends and I've been cruised pretty heavily by people who I'm sure weren't speculating whether I was gay or not but were just cruising. Then there are the gay men who are just like, "You're so not gay, it's stupid" and "I can't believe anybody would think that you're gay!"
- O4 J, ]7 k4 u' B( n' yDoes that annoy you, considering what you said about playing him as a human being rather than as a gay human being?
' N4 j  \1 W$ `! p% B* cI just try to make him a real person. But I get like the full 180 degrees on that one. Some people don't believe I'm straight.
. j4 x' H0 W. `, KYou've developed a large female fan base, too. Does that seem strange?
6 @) s2 a3 O" C. O: P% t$ YI think that just happens with people who are on television, no matter who you are or what character you're playing. If you're on television you're going to resonate with people. If you're a top in a gay series and you're naked a lot you're definitely going to pick up some female fans, right? [Laughs], It's fantasy by subterfuge -- an anything-can-happen mind-game! $ i3 T' G) R- w3 i' n6 E3 ^
If Queer As Folk runs for ten years, can you see yourself in it for the long haul? 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 n) t8 ~' J9 B9 q
Oh God! I think that would be pretty silly -- to be Brian five or ten years from now. What could he possibly do? That's the crazy question, trying to read the crystal ball. Would you watch it in ten years?
; ~8 j" N! V1 B9 j5 sQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Probably. I stuck with Dynasty.
5 |; L! s/ e3 h6 `- IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站 [Laughs] Oh my God! 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 f7 w. w2 j* x; g- l/ d# d; K
That may have been because there was a gay character.
8 T5 {# a6 z# HQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I think there were a lot of gay characters in that show -- they just didn't know it! qafone.co$ D# p# X  a; O+ d/ L* b
Brian is a complex character with a very restrained emotional side. Do you think that side is going to be revealed? Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& w! d6 w2 h) P! {2 I6 {! [
I absolutely hope so. I hope that it happens in a way that I can really sink my teeth into. Television, in my experience so far, is like the independent film experiences I've had where you don't have a lot of money and you have to work really fast. For me, it would be challenging, exciting and even a little frightening to open him up.
, n, l$ b( x* g& |0 x( e1 m+ zTelevision is very episodic and things come and go like the weather. I hope that if we do get to open up Brian, it's done in way that's irrevocable, not just a glimpse. You get little glimpses of him every now and then, but he's never really put in a situation where he's forced to really open up. You know those moments when someone opens up to you in way that means you can never go back to how that relationship was before?
; i/ u! }1 W* s1 |7 W/ i" QDid you ever imagine you'd make the cover of Vanity Fair? ( t1 m' n6 n0 D2 V  ?5 F
With my head in Carson Kressley's lap? [Laughs] No, I never dreamed I'd do that!
% }( r2 H/ r" |% y. l8 fAre you now inundated with scripts and other film and TV offers?
* H& l1 |  o2 B  t+ _1 w& p' XQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I don't know if inundated is the exact term I'd use... but, yeah, it's been good. Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 U/ n) V& N$ j, B1 C( \
You're in a new film called Fathers And Sons in which you play the prodigal son who comes home to his dying father. Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. `. R% w& J6 D, E2 m
That was great experience. The father is very sick and about to die and my character goes back and deals with all the secrets that are lying around the house.
7 `. ]2 |: x/ n4 \6 V# {( ^同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Are we going to see you in Australia? 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: i0 L7 }  a8 D% `& R5 v
I'd love to come! I was there once on holiday for about eight days. I was in Surfer's Paradise and The Gold Coast but I haven't seen the whole country. I'd like to see the west coast and the Indian Ocean, and I'd especially like to check out Melbourne. ; q, e$ Z* Z# Z5 ~3 U
来自http://(爱生活,爱QAF)/interviews/200412_dna_gale.html% H$ Z" [$ R  R6 J" C. p/ t& c
. P0 T, ~( W# @4 b7 m/ d+ Hqafone.cogale的有趣访问qafone.co7 V( D; o$ Y- H4 V: z
0 F: L6 W2 q- ]( C' f: t* RHow DID Randy's butt taste, Gale? (randy的屁股的味道如何,gale?)
% K7 W7 k/ S* j: Q3 |  z* cGH: "Salty. He's a fairly hygenic person I would think. Not like saltines, more like a neck. A little cumin I guess." (咸的。我觉得它是个相当卫生的人。不是像咸饼干,更像颈部。我猜有点像小茴香子)cumin不知道翻译得对不对!
: c# `) w3 }7 s6 GHave you ever seduced a little, itty bitty young 'un like Justin, Gale? (你会迷上像justin那样的年轻小男孩吗?)
% i0 }5 ?' j( O. _! a& o$ ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站GH: "I don't know if I want to get into that. I've got to save something, you know? As far as I'm concerned that's not a yes or no question. There's so much more to be done, right? So much more life to live I don't want the boundaries to get all hard and fast." (我不知道如果我像搅进这种事情里面。你知道,我要有所保留。目前为止,我觉得这不仅是一个yes 或者 no 的问题。还有许多事将会发生,对吧?生活还很长,我不想这么快给自己一个严格的界限。)
* @$ ?3 o; f/ kWell, how about this question; are you a monogamist or sleaze? (这个问题怎么样,你是个一夫一妻制的人呢,还是个风流的人?)
( e; b: Z( M2 H% q+ Mqafone.coGH: (pause) "You think I'm going to answer that question after not telling any tidbits? I can't give that up, it's too early. I'm not playing my hand that soon, no way. I'm saving it. There's no f**king way. We'll talk again." (在没有告诉任何八卦新闻后,你认为我会回答这个问题吗?我不打算这么快就投降。我不会这么快就放手的,没门。我要留着它。绝对没们。我们以后在讲这个问题。)
5 P. w, p" T( {- A, CPeter Paige told me of the cast's "no f**king" rule. However, he did admit that extras have been getting busy during backroom scenes. Have you witnessed love and drama on the set? (Peter Paige 曾告诉我演员们没什么f**king规矩,他曾承认临时演员们在拍backroom的时候都很忙,拍的时候你有目睹过作爱的场景吗?)$ C3 i0 i+ @9 Y, @6 u, g# D
GH: "I've seen it, just be assured that any time there's a hot sexual environment; where there's smoke there's fire."(我见过,保证那里任何时候都是很火辣的性爱环境,吸烟的话会起火的---一点就着。)
: J4 t# ?, Z0 V1 h1 L* @; R5 pqafone.co本人的中文表达能力有限,不太会翻译,大体意思对,最好还是看英文,感觉比较正确!哪位翻译好的,可以重翻。, z- y* e) G+ S7 [/ e/ q1 G
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人

Randy Harrison (Justin) 简介+访谈(lecher提供)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; s8 P4 w4 i, d9 ^# q
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 u7 H" N2 j6 |; y( E. F
全名:Randolph C. Harrison0 g( I2 Y- k' F$ z9 {/ a
出生:1977-11-2% R6 f9 {+ e' R# O% R' {6 Q
身高:5尺8寸(6英尺是1.83m, 5尺8寸是1.73m)
) r' b9 W4 c) W% H# k! c/ X1 _体重:145磅qafone.co/ I: b8 }. p/ ^6 Z5 A/ ?
眼睛颜色:蓝色中带着一点绿5 P/ D1 a2 I# U0 J) \8 r
8 m* x+ W# s% N2 I; Bqafone.co出生地点:New Hampshire(英国的一个郡,10岁的时候搬到了佐治亚州的亚特兰大市郊区)% _* }5 G: @5 Q
艺术生涯:RANDY在位于亚特兰大郊区的离家很近的中学度过了他的少年时代。初中毕业后他进了一所私立的高中,继续他的求学生涯。这个学校有非常优良的艺术表演教育课程。RANDY从7岁就一直进行表演,在这里他接受了良好的教育。2000年3月毕业于辛辛那提大学的音乐学院,并获得了艺术学士学位。在音乐学院里RANDY参加了Hello Again,Shopping and F ucking,Children of Eden等的演出。RANDY还在辛辛那提的剧团和圣。路易丝的剧团表演。在那个时期他参加了1776,Grease,Anything Goes的演出。
: }# _0 G0 ]8 d( ~+ \7 H! `8 U/ B) ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站RANDY参加QAF的试镜一次是在纽约,另一次是在加州的洛杉机。他顺利的拿到了这个角色,然后就去了多伦多。在2000年7月开始了这个系列电视剧的拍摄。
' |) \1 s/ I( z) ^qafone.co [ Last edited by lecher on 2004-9-4 at 20:47 ]6 [, b+ Y" n) e( l
" |6 M" Y# O, i5 H1 w2 `4 oJustin Taylor 和 Randy Harrison(演员)资料
* }& T6 r, O( @) i- aqafone.coJustin Taylor
7 c" S# G; u. @qafone.co"I’m Coming Out," sing that, girlfriend, like diva Diana Ross. Justin, the new guy on the gay block. This talented young artist is hopelessly smitten with Brian and thinks Brian loves him.
9 S! c) |: k0 H! j# L3 f) L! K! X8 O: jqafone.coA naturally-gifted artist, Justin’s confidence has grown since he began attending art school. As he develops emotionally, Justin now yearns for more commitment from boyfriend Brian Kinney, which will be necessary if they’re relationship is to continue. With a successful comic burgeoning, it’s hard to believe this is the same guy who just three years earlier was the new kid on the block.
! y) O4 Y$ D4 z+ a) u' ?  kJustin was the inexperienced but eager seventeen-year-old on Liberty Avenue, Pittsberg’s gay village. He comes across Brian Kinney, a 30-year-old successful ad executive by day, sexual predator by night. Brian shows Justin the ropes to gay life, rather roughly, and eventually, Justin begins teaching the selfish, unapologetic Brian about what it means to be loved. Justin, in Queer As Folk’s first season, battles with his sexuality identity and unsupportive father. Justin’s ambition and determination, perhaps, are his most admirable qualities. He even fights to start a gay/straight alliance at his high school, not giving up when is denied his human right to do so. Even after a severe gay bashing by the arrogant, homophobic Chris Hobbs (Alec McClure), Justin survives and continues his plans with attending art school to become and artist in Season Two.
" B4 ^* @. x& h9 l% m2 L) U- b6 yJustin blooms into an intelligent, courageous, confident character by Queer As Folk’s second season. He gains his mother’s acceptance and respect for his sexual orientation and continues to try and break homophobic barriers in society. For example, he and Michael Novotny (Hal Sparks) decide to create a comic book, Rage, with a gay superhero. Despite the trouble he has with drawing from the gay bashing injury, Justin finds other creative outlets and impresses his art school teacher at the Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts with his determination. He demands more respect and equality from Brian in their relationship, and he proves his ability to get what he wants... when he wants. Brian’s sexual nature has certainly rubbed off on Justin, but he still continues to be the loving, respectable Sunshine the gang all know and love. 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 G* b2 j4 e3 P; e. a/ m: D
Season Three is sure to reveal more of Justin’s ability to overcome any obstacle with which he is faced.
( q5 i  e1 W% CFavorite Music:Moby, Fatboy Slim.
3 z5 o- m/ q( s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Pet Peeves: Hates that his mom goes through his stuff. Hates that his mom asks a lot of questions. Hates that he always has to tell his mom where he is. Hates that he has to go to the shrink with his mom. Hates that Brian keeps ditching him.
) A6 O+ g2 ?! SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Randy Harrison(演员) 1 N% C9 K* f4 t; R/ p
profile ( w) z- X% o: J8 R& X0 U& u: q
Full Name: Randolph C. Harrison
$ Q* a1 L( P! R& cqafone.coHeight: 5’ 8" (173 cm) 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ \# g, \$ F/ s( g
Weigh: 135 ) ~3 S2 E" G- U2 f/ t1 X
Birthday: 2 November, 1977
3 {& l' s  {  M4 G2 F0 t- l1 l2 i0 ZBirth city: New Hampshire, USA.
# U/ ?& B% R! D  q4 ?* AStar Sign: Scorpio Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 _- Q* `+ ~$ E' b' X( ]) F0 `
Biography 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  P9 M0 \% ]. a6 d) A0 T
Randy Harrison was born on November 2, 1977 in New Hampshire. When Randy was 11 years old he moved to Alpharetta. It’s a northern suburb of Atlanta, a 45-minute trip outside the city. A veteran of the stage, Randy has been acting since the age of seven, after seeing a play with his parents. In Alpharetta, Randy went to middle school near his home. After middle school, Randy attended a private high school, the shy teenager was not out to but a few close friends. The school has an excellent performing arts program. After highschool Randy attended the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts(BFA) in March of 2000. Audiences at CCM may remember him from his starring roles in "Hello Again," "Shopping and Fucking" and "Children of Eden." Randy has also appeared professionally in various theaters throughout the U.S.A. Some of his favorite performances have been in productions of "Violet" at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, "1776" at the St. Louis Municipal Theatre and "West Side Story" at the Forestburg Playhouse, as well as productions of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," "The Real Inspector Hound" and "A Cheever Evening." But showtime’s series Queer as Folk, was his television debut. His contract with Queer as Folk ends after season four. Randy had this to say about his post-qaf carrer.
0 M% M2 ~3 I% g; Y, p"I’m confident in my ability to maintain a career. I don’t know if it will be doing either independent films or plays in New England I sort have this p_w_picpath of myself sort of disappearing for a while and reemerging five to 10 years down the road again. We’ll see." Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" q) q2 C  k8 a6 S0 V
Films and Stagework... 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 u" ~' s5 a8 J" s$ A3 F; G
3 \2 J2 M* n' K8 Q. KBang, Bang, You’re Dead (2002) Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& h: m0 ?( ?5 |" [' B
Queer as Folk (2000 till present) 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 {  A/ |$ [9 e
TV Guest Appearances
1 P, X* n/ T  p. S3 @Larry King Live April 24, 2002 6 k  {" R6 j! T2 ]0 _
Stage work (not in chronological order)
; K: s) j; w3 k- B3 L  u9 O同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志"1776"
( d1 Y6 G: e: l, n- w: z( Hqafone.co"A Cheever Evening"
0 [" P4 }3 D( y% u# @; X"A Letter from Ethel Kennedy" playing "Casey" (2002)
1 w& b" g5 U8 U* _"A Midsummer Night’s Dream" 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 E- K; s& E* W/ T. }9 a
"Anything Goes"
- g( C7 X4 U0 H7 F! G9 e5 n"Babes in Arms" 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) C8 [* }% {* P9 L
"Children of Eden" playing "Abel"
8 t, q0 N4 S) @6 fqafone.co"Deviant" playing "Marshall" (2002)
. ~: w, i2 ~! H8 @" D# DQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站"Grease"
# W* O0 Q- J/ }. `"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" playing 5 ~. g/ U3 w! d! b+ r
"Benjamin" Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 z! }& e( j0 e& \3 ]2 R
) y5 {  A7 W3 p1 }& N6 e5 T6 {"Shopping and Fucking" playing "Robbie"
: p% `) p* W# I6 C4 d# H5 a"The Real Inmspector Hound" / N  g. \2 M& W! q& B% N& |
"Violet" playing "Billy Dean"
* b4 ]1 s- P/ f9 gQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站"West Side Story" playing "Action" ( j& k! y/ i$ d# C; b4 `
以上资料主要来源于: 8 P+ h# `5 J8 U. V* \; }5 a( B4 Z
' s8 a- _9 |) ~http://www.sho.com/queer/
8 S& b4 k/ f& m1 y4 Mhttp://www.showcase.ca/queerasfolk/
+ Y2 ]' D. I% ^# X! aqafone.cohttp://www.canihaveyou.com/babylon/
6 Q* M  Z9 w: K8 Rhttp://fans.papervixen.net/justin/
: Z! X0 Y  _, X% V( {. g2 F0 D4 ~- Ehttp://www.randy.330.ca/randy.htm
8 e- Q5 Y0 i$ J5 j2 e8 N8 e同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志http://fan.happily-bleeding.com/randy/
- j/ Y# f& n/ n5 m) N$ Ihttp://randys1fan.freehomepage.com
; @# |8 b/ \( v. rQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qqqq2046介绍的Randy访谈:
6 B! K) _6 N4 d( `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Q & A Randy Harrison answers a few questions: S, u7 I1 }& L) O: ~! _) [
' A( y0 c! T& G1 f* ^5 Y- F% q) hRANDY HARRISON
  s  `- q( t# D- z8 N' u* A, |( B% uqafone.coQ&A - 7/12/2004
; H" q6 [+ F$ u; `0 lqafone.co1. The first record I ever bought was... The Muppet's Sing Metal Machine Music) B' D2 F" l* [2 d1 s
2. My favorite place to be is... semi-consciousness" M  N+ S/ r0 F' }: u3 o; J
3. When I have some free time I like to... shoot squirrels% |! H) F. o7 E  b  E
4. When I'm feeling sporty I... shower
' n& L# Z% C4 c1 [5. When I turned 18 I... burnt an effigy of my former self
5 X4 s5 ~# K( L# W8 K( B5 b% e$ j6. Record I've currently been listening to... Electralane: The Power Out
2 N, Y% a) d/ u1 T/ }7. A movie that has moved me recently was... Winter LightQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 h$ [# x  v) V- R7 _' l
8. My biggest vice is... revealing too much of myself in online questionnairesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 G  W# L9 k# w, F7 N$ l
9. A song I know all the words to is... the entire album qafone.co( M, c( O: ^, f" ?4 N
10. The worst question I've ever been asked in an interview was... could you answer these questions as Justin?+ Y$ i& ]7 c6 g- j( |* n
11. The last concert I saw was... Gogol Bordello at Irving Plaza . N. R* N  Y0 L& P
12. My favorite quote is... "We knew the world generally sucked and we didn't want to be a part of it. We wanted to do something else, which amounts to not wanting to get up in the morning and have a real job." - Wayne Kramer/ L) x, q6 r2 r+ y8 n5 R1 W
3 O- H5 B5 j* ~; ~- M& h
QSAT: Randy Harrison (ringdeng提供)& A% c, l! G3 D9 l8 r! F
不知道大家看过了没有,原文地址在:http://www.gay.com/entertainment/interview.html?sernum=1742 y5 F6 ]/ l' B, p
QSAT: Randy HarrisonQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 D0 U4 U: l3 c5 T6 Z  ]4 }
Get to know your favorite queer and queer-friendly celebs by reading their responses to our queer aptitude test: the QSAT.- k8 O8 |  k+ ^3 f2 r- X. Q/ _! q  M" |" z
As the resident hot young thing on "Queer as Folk," openly gay Randy Harrison has more than his share of TV-watching admirers. Feeling his way through the confusing world of drugs and sex, struggling with less-than-understanding parents and desperately in love with the older Brian, Justin is a character young gay men everywhere can identify with. ; I' B0 x4 J# P  v
Randy recently performed off-Broadway in "A Letter from Ethel Kennedy," about a gay man trying to reconcile with, and say goodbye to, his parents. (He played a straight waiter, which proves he really can act!) He also appeared in the Showtime original movie "Bang Bang, You're Dead," playing against type as a (straight) maladjusted high school student seeking revenge against his tormentors.
. h! Q4 T. ?) b" S1 D5 L& dWhen did you first become aware of gay issues?- R$ Z& s( ~" S" [, a/ Y
Conception 7 j# l3 o/ D6 N
If you were to write /direct a same-sex love story, who would you visualize as the leads?
% a/ Q2 c7 T! T* f5 ^8 j7 E* cqafone.coEmmanuel Lewis and Harvey Keitelqafone.co: t/ q& ^# P9 W
What's your current favorite CD, book, writer, movie?0 X+ M, U" b# C9 T% E
Mick Harvey, "Pink Elephants"
$ f. k- _. N. M5 n$ F' U* S( MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Dennis Cooper, "Pastoralia" 4 u& f8 C# K3 W0 T3 o
9 _# I3 e1 J4 n8 s  Z5 a! K同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志How many degrees of separation are there between you and Kevin Bacon?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 G* n  W  X. ~7 t7 S$ Q7 f: Q
Zero. I saw him once on the Upper West Side.
# |$ ]" x/ l" W* R) X7 ^2 fFill in the blank: I am the _____ of my generation.
$ f% t. e0 T" N* w/ V( uqafone.coBLANK
; d, S$ B$ I; i+ b- r- o+ L# QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Fill in the blank: I always have ____ in my refrigerator.
0 b) @6 y; }$ E; H1 a" L6 Gqafone.coTonic water
) \: ^- ~, C3 DWho inspires you the most?* g  v, {1 G% a/ b
My parents 9 ]/ e: @0 K) W0 I  O% ?3 W
Tell us something nobody knows about you.
8 X+ B+ A: X6 M* l: f同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志No way!
- W! W' `2 `. y. ^7 c! JDescribe your ideal mate.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ _' V' l7 F( p! e9 Z/ D! p7 B
Embalmed2 \" T6 U5 e; g! T2 q
Who was your first celebrity crush?
7 s; W: w/ m6 Z; \$ X- T; eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The girl who played Oliver in the first play I was ever in ... hmmm. She had a cute bowl cut and looked dark and brooding with that ash smeared on her face.
5 F3 G: L* `: p4 zqafone.coSquelch or confirm (or start) a rumor about yourself.
% X. q3 X5 D/ ~) Z% V- G5 jQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站OK, that is me in that video, but I was 7 and really drunk and wasn't sure what he was doing. I just wanted to touch the puppy.
2 X# z) R2 B5 x2 S+ G. gThe last movie I cried at/laughed out loud at was:
# \7 C: B! C& V+ X' c5 S! d; DI cried during "The Crucible" on Broadway. I didn't cry during the movie version though, I think I fell asleep.
6 L, x- h0 ]3 d7 z6 ~3 j, EWhat's your biggest guilty pleasure?4 G7 x3 z8 Z8 _" C# y
Human companionship * x% p( F. q' `% z! A: ?: ~0 T
Would you appear nude in a movie?
: V6 g. F( v: i6 S* x5 iqafone.coNever. I think that's really trashy.
* w; U, Z( l- j* B" |Fill in the blank: In high school, I was ____.7 Y( N7 `/ A7 s+ @* ^
) S8 \2 _9 ]) _$ V+ F7 pWhat's your favorite getaway?
0 s7 z) Y  i2 S, W; a( p5 e8 b8 vXanax
5 _* }6 e/ c2 v; hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站下面是fluffy的翻译:qafone.co5 w% H3 @! a' s) w( B
When did you first become aware of gay issues?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: t* M' c8 x6 j- H: a* n  H, @
. A+ {4 w2 ^: V1 ^) m, ]/ @qafone.coConception (啥意思?)+ q; I8 v8 G, N0 f$ i4 Q0 }
If you were to write /direct a same-sex love story, who would you visualize as the leads?
' `4 g2 {3 f( yQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站如果要你写/导演一个同性的爱情故事,你会以谁作为主角同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: M# Q" b: a* H) g1 {+ W
Emmanuel Lewis and Harvey Keitel同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% H7 O$ [0 B$ d0 l1 Q+ V& v8 L( Y
(一个胖黑孩,一个政府官员样的老白爷爷,Randy你真幽默@@)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- j1 V8 e% {% s0 f3 j( o
What's your current favorite CD, book, writer, movie?
0 \9 w8 r3 i6 U2 {0 W4 o  O/ |你目前最爱的CD, 书,作家以及电影Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& ]2 j' L2 L7 ^( ~. w  S2 F
Mick Harvey, "Pink Elephants" (Mick Harvey翻唱Serge Gainsbourg的专辑,pink Elephants,里面的歌主要讲的是吸毒后的感觉)
( o1 i3 K$ L& Y, d& {& ^8 v. w同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Dennis Cooper, (Dennis Cooper被誉为是「美国最后一个逆德越轨作家」。一九五三年出生于美
) g& e. K9 E* Q: A& _& j同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志国加州帕沙第纳,是美国最重要的「酷儿核心」(Queercore)作家,作品曾被翻
1 H4 z5 Z- Q- L  A" M1 b/ n译成十二国文字。他的作品勇敢挑战同志政治正确,书写性虐待∕被虐(SM)、
4 l% p" V  f2 O/ F/ e& _7 J8 qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站恋物、跨性、同性谋杀、性暴力。《嬉戏》是丹尼斯.库伯黑暗小说五部曲(
; H# D. X$ d! y2 [- HCloser, Frisk, Try, Guide, Period)的第二部。其中,Closer一书曾获得% `, `( K7 d8 a  D  S5 q2 y
Ferro-Grumbley Award同志文学奖。因为库伯的黑暗虚无特色,他也被封为Blank
& I2 v! I# e! g; }  y# ^& X' Qqafone.coGeneration的代言人,或者新哥德派作家)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 @& _' c  H9 l
"Pastoralia" 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 ]' d/ K: }3 T# ]$ f' F1 N
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obido ... 29-2119202?v=glance
( p' B; I: ~3 ?% M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志自己看。。。
& G  _& _' }/ P"Baise-Moi" qafone.co$ X( C; q" v7 I* l1 {4 ?/ L
法国电影,中文名不写出来了,google能出来,这张碟很多地方有卖2 S8 E# v5 _5 i% g  ~: i, g
How many degrees of separation are there between you and Kevin Bacon?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# A- I9 u' i. ]2 i) {0 {0 T
你觉得和Kevin Bacon相比,你差他多少级或者你和他的差别在哪里?
; j; ~* D$ u8 c* [8 iZero. I saw him once on the Upper West Side.
  O% e+ H6 q( T! d  @+ w/ \零(没差),我有次在纽约上城的西边见过他
/ S0 K% g* K6 G- c& Oqafone.coFill in the blank: I am the _____ of my generation.' \7 ?- G! G3 _0 _
填空:我是我这代人里面的_____7 K" k' R( j$ T
* ]' W6 n- o% T/ D. I) U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志空白Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* S" V1 C+ y; H
Fill in the blank: I always have ____ in my refrigerator.
3 }" Z9 d' j; N5 ]4 J% M$ P我的冰箱里面永远有Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 c, B2 M$ `( m5 d) S) z% r
Tonic water
0 h% f: ^' \0 p汤力水
) |# t& F* S) @2 f( Q  p8 w" F同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Who inspires you the most?& C6 j: |; P/ \- a
谁最能启发激励你. n9 k1 n$ j, d% M9 x
My parents
. l7 U. @: F, h3 c  `我的父母' r+ e$ C7 S  P+ a4 c$ x. o
Tell us something nobody knows about you.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ P. @$ Q! Y' p
8 l  U, |7 A9 f, _5 c9 nNo way! 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 N7 M# C% _( O/ y2 r- b
没门儿" {% i# Q8 z- r2 u8 y  L: y
Describe your ideal mate.
, o# R/ J* d5 z1 D! c% T1 xQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站描绘一下你的理想伴侣1 a: A+ T" `/ M6 T
) Y* U6 w! Q% a* e% ^7 c1 V(尸体防腐剂)
, j# |3 y4 K& ^7 Qqafone.coWho was your first celebrity crush?
, [; k$ U1 |0 x4 [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站谁是你第一个迷上的名人qafone.co, M4 Z" D9 q0 I7 D0 o% {% ^* M
The girl who played Oliver in the first play I was ever in ... hmmm. She had a cute bowl cut and looked dark and brooding with that ash smeared on her face.
9 T$ ]& Q& R$ G8 Z! ]9 e4 D9 W我第一次参与的戏剧里面那个演Oliver的女孩,她又个可爱的冬菇头(发型),看起来黑黑的,脸上都是淡淡的斑点
3 g- `  p# ^6 @, l1 ZSquelch or confirm (or start) a rumor about yourself.
4 _$ c* v7 M# i- ^( ~澄清,证实(或者引起)一些关于你自己的传言
' m) w& ~4 {2 ]8 Z5 Z; oQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站OK, that is me in that video, but I was 7 and really drunk and wasn't sure what he was doing. I just wanted to touch the puppy.
; y7 P6 [; A7 ?' V+ L& n# r8 @好啦,在那个录影带的是我,不过我才7岁而且醉的够可以的,不知道自己在干啥。我只是想摸摸那只小狗$ [$ @8 B4 h8 w1 T
7 b1 L  G) }! N% [/ }qafone.coThe last movie I cried at/laughed out loud at was:qafone.co) j  v- L7 `$ E" ~9 i7 F
最近一部我在看得过程中哭了或者大笑的电影同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ B+ K, ?- ?1 R7 F6 @
I cried during "The Crucible" on Broadway. I didn't cry during the movie version though, I think I fell asleep. - X5 X* m8 @7 |6 p  G0 ^
我在看百老汇版本的“The Crucible”时候哭了,但是我在看电影版本的时候没有,我想我当时睡着了qafone.co0 ~2 m0 j+ [# T+ L: B" |4 u& j; q
The Crucible的介绍:! _3 }7 b$ m# T& D
http://uschools.com:8000/Members ... ought/848128210676/
! ?+ b+ V$ E2 CWhat's your biggest guilty pleasure?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! l) ~1 Q5 E0 {4 |9 t( R8 w& Y
你最大的带有负罪感的快乐是什么qafone.co4 c  G$ n3 Q7 m% U
Human companionship 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ ]" u! n' @/ a) J( n
人类的陪伴& p1 v4 A5 D; Z. k: K7 a9 i
Would you appear nude in a movie?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, v# m: s) \7 a4 o# N' c0 i9 ~. J
" S8 c1 b( g8 b7 z, J) z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Never. I think that's really trashy.
6 F" b2 J) v  r0 _* I: A不会,我觉得那没有什么意义同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) ]/ S& s! O" g2 L: k* ]
Fill in the blank: In high school, I was ____.
# m: H5 @8 O) B6 d8 G3 P. C在高中做填空题的时候我
# q4 l7 o3 {" Y8 i/ s$ EBored
- R# N# g  n/ I% d( n同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 q! U0 Q: I' T4 u2 B: ?  n
What's your favorite getaway?
1 q' U! X% z$ {- X' A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志你最喜欢的逃避方式% @$ X% t% _- n& o" D0 v
Xanax+ o% x4 k* x  P8 b( P/ A
# x1 O& {% o, p9 L
下面是引用fluffy于2005-05-22 22:41发表的5.18 第5季首映上QAF演员的访问内容概括翻译:6 P6 e* E1 j( I( F
5 l7 L- O4 A. W0 ]同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 }8 N9 U9 j' c* J
图片加视频看下面的帖子同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 ]8 `  |4 K* k2 i' F8 d' A1 y
/ h; n+ R8 v* k
http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/read.php?tid=7807&fpage=1同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. K' J7 i% a5 m0 z5 E$ d$ z

3 J; K2 d+ w4 ]Peter (Emmett): 主持人问他对于大家要看的QAF是最后一季什么感觉和他希望别人怎么样记住他对于QAF的参与,Peter说参加这个剧的拍摄是一种荣幸,他非常高兴和这些出色的团队合作,对于这是最后一季,他说他们在一个月之前已经拍完了,他已经在心态上调整过来了。对于参演QAF,他认为自己做对了,并且会为此自豪直到生命的最后一天。对于Fans,他衷心的感谢,谢谢fans一直陪伴他们,一起参与这个旅程。如果没有fans他们什么都不是。并且说到有一天在街上被一个16岁的孩子截住,那个孩子告诉他因为他,自己对家里人出柜了,这令Peter非常感动。qafone.co. W9 B1 d3 x& Z% u$ D$ j* Z
qafone.co4 x) a1 ]( b1 P
Ron Cowen(监制),他希望通过这部电视剧改变人们的观念,把同志当成平常人而非同志,另外他知道这部电视剧改变了很多人的生活,让很多年轻的同志勇于站起来,维护自己的权利和尊严,他认为没有比这样更有意义。接下来他和Lipman会去写舞台剧. ^+ l, z0 i- ^
/ L' z9 G7 ?6 k; K. w( M0 }6 y
Randy (全文转载)
& @- Y! [/ z; ]& d2 t5 x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
, `$ t2 f+ p, J& Y' r- g) y2 u0 M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志主持人:对于来到最后一季的首映有什么感觉# N  Q, ~& M7 m, G1 T7 w5 H

3 V7 v) v; ^4 R9 M; DRandy: 我在想已经结束了,我不知道,太多感受难以精确感知和区分 (Randy很喜欢“differentiate”这个词,这已经是第三次我在他的访问里面听到他用这个词),我正在和所有的cast说再见,我不知道是否还有机会所有人这样聚在一起,嗯,我很兴奋 (兴奋个啥啊,这孩子就是摇滚听多了)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* e' ~6 G" I1 s. Z2 F

+ ]1 f& ^+ L+ N( w" A主持人:你对fans有什么想说的
* D* E5 a" z! s: M7 D同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: D; D7 F  t" E% y, _Randy:享受最后一季,我希望这一季能满足你们,因为你们能得到的就这么多了
' o) J6 }" E# s5 k& U* Aqafone.co; u$ E0 j% i4 k7 m; R0 W! V
# O# l4 v7 ^) Z2 l- c, d3 K) L
9 c+ a5 A0 f% e% a% S6 dqafone.coRandy:没有,没有正式的,事实上你在网上找到的绝大部分东西都不是真的Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( n3 R/ j  y5 H6 C0 v  {+ e

' T# C8 x1 R, L7 }主持人:真的吗?, v% v, X2 ]% w, i9 ?, S
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, w; @8 |  v" s5 S* {) n% h
Randy: 是啊,你知道,就是很多,嗯,对阿
5 A& D! d" k, WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
$ z3 k& Y' f+ T  _7 ~; M0 a' n同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志主持人(逼问),嗯,很多,什么
3 I: ~2 p" b, F% R. X3 c) J% E" h  FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
* S: u3 I$ ]/ n$ l% A& S$ t$ [: I+ B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Randy (招架不住):就是那些人从很多不正确的途径累积到的一些信息(指那些fans的网站)
0 w" t$ l5 b4 \: k; b2 }/ ~
1 [; h- R0 `  P9 H主持人:作为这个团队的一部分,你学到什么,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 m6 f- k% @, Q+ H9 n
% u" F+ Y! A" g* t  c2 x; h* f% A. r
Randy: 哦,(正准备好好说一下)
# W2 v+ }4 j7 G: o5 }5 \9 x6 L! ~1 i, i4 H! X9 [
主持人:主要的东西(main theme) qafone.co/ R8 B7 _! V  H1 v8 U% W5 w0 C, g

* @2 W$ i7 q: K7 s3 h5 ], N$ GRandy: 不行,我没有办法总结出什么(主要的东西),很多的小事情,反而不是什么大事同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 u4 a/ E* J; a! M5 V! Y

8 `9 ~6 Q7 H: s  l$ a主持人:作为全世界男女同志里面最性感的人之一有什么感觉,我不知道你是否会对这个称号感到受宠若惊
; u9 b6 L* W$ |3 e9 I. |% W
4 H6 R0 U7 ~9 ]9 B$ pRandy(笑靥如花):坦白说,我没有感觉,我,我不知道这个(称号是不是真的),不过既然你这样说(主持人:come on)这不是你在日常生活中可以感觉到的,或者真的会注意的,(当你每天)和朋友在一起或者去工作qafone.co! q; ^4 q. h- m; o
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% k+ m8 v/ X* B3 h; a- {
主持人:你(和Brian)是全世界最红的一对gay relationship7 e. u# Q6 l3 @" |

4 V# t: d3 a; NRandy: 是吗?或者吧
, X' [/ }% u; Z
3 {6 F- z& @  q9 c# W主持人:说出一对比你们更受欢迎的
3 e8 k5 l2 f+ Y
& {0 |  T8 ?  }7 x; u8 Aqafone.coRandy: 我不知道,我不知道
, _1 _  o3 J: C3 R& k同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
1 z9 s3 J9 Q: @( h主持人:就是拉,说出(荧幕)情侣里面比你们更可爱的两个人qafone.co' I6 v" z+ O% {. X3 B; M

- R# w- s1 Y% T% z# sQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Randy: 我们不是,我是说,嗯,我是说(开始语无伦次); ~' e% E. k% v! ]8 B+ p9 e

4 g$ [  b8 i* N7 w: R主持人:你就接受(这个说法)吧" o; w! u/ V3 i; w" i
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 o  A, ^- b8 _6 r: B2 h
Randy (笑)4 d' J: E2 W3 `" a' v% q6 z* H) C$ i
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. s6 _. U8 b) N
主持人:谢谢你(给人们)带来的这些改变,我们很期待这最后一季0 r' O' w- I4 H5 C9 h  A$ y; K: W
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 A; h8 b+ v# x. A& {2 F: Y# b
Randy: 谢谢,好好享受,this is a good one
, a& U3 _$ q/ U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志 qafone.co8 N* z! E0 |" t0 D5 i) e6 n
. O+ [$ A: I& Y! m9 `0 T
Michelle (Mel) 她超激动的谢谢fans
6 z6 }& t/ }) \9 c5 v0 q4 ?
' G& N: K* ~0 t7 Y2 zSharon: (Deb): 主持人很激动地赞扬了一下Sharon, 弄得Sharon不得不安慰的拍拍他的脸,基本上Sharon就说了他这个角色做得很好其中很重要的原因是因为她自己也有一个非常出色的,爱她的妈妈,她说她对于要和大家分别觉得很难过,还透露出cast私底下会在一起玩牌,Sharon 接下来会在NBC新喜剧叫 Thick and Thin里面扮演一个妈妈的角色
& r8 v  g! H( dqafone.co
+ h3 u( u' @# G( D) iScott (Ted) 他希望fans都记住他在第一季里面说的关于上帝创造人们的那一段话(那段话原文看下面),他认为这段话正正说明了QAF的精神,他希望fans都能从这精神里面受益,另外他非常诚挚的谢谢fans, 一直支持和激励他们完成QAF,他觉得没有fans就没有今天的QAF(他对fans说的话很真诚,喜欢他一把)8 g% {: p- G% T0 M6 B! C' K4 `
3 e, a& Y/ ^" R- f- o
Hal(Michael):他谢谢fans一直以来对于QAF的大量关注和支持,fans的关注让QAF一直保持它的真实度。7 V% w$ _9 f/ R" u5 X& T4 e7 _) k
# g9 g- j9 @$ W5 n4 D) T) d! J
有的J/R fans会对于他在接受访问里面没有表现出太多伤感觉得失落,关于这点我有点自己的看法,聪明敏感如他,我想基本上很早开始应该有心态上的调整,而且他在QAF里面每一分钟的表演都是高质量的,他也说过他是热爱QAF,珍惜过去这5年的经验,他做了他能为Justin做得最好的工作,我想这已经足够了。反而作为fans, 我很开心看到他在心态上已经move on了,也很喜欢他能毫不做作的表现出自己的感受,反正无论如何,只要他开心就好了。
  r; i: q* R7 L, {  h( c' N.......
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


Hal Spark (Michael) 访谈(medusa_eve提供)qafone.co' a- ~& R5 I- v8 K

6 h4 A6 E) T7 M+ X0 A暂时还没有Hal 的简介,因为他的网站www.halsparks.com有丰富的资源(英文网站,可能需要代理)。以下是medusa-eve网友提供的详细访谈。& x2 B6 ?6 N) b/ j3 s
/ ^6 Q% b3 P! U3 r. a- _: m4 c
* S# L  Y# a3 |) b, J  |$ N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志目前共有9个Q&A,我先翻译了第一个。后面的漫漫贴。, v( J7 k3 r5 L* ?. ^+ J: W
+ F4 j5 m& Y* Q* f" O/ n( [9 c1 h以下内容英文原文刊登于2003年12月06日
+ @3 S. w9 Z* @6 B$ _/ WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
/ @6 w, w6 C0 S8 j% P* S1、他是佛教徒
* z2 n8 O$ R5 g8 l5 [4 Y) [; V8 j: h1 z. `" H
5 V7 F2 q$ |  r, v( O7 u7 T% R8 m+ M- \
3、有人要他推荐阅读的书,他推荐了拿破仑·希尔的《思考致富》,这本书中国有的.他还推荐了一个女作家Marianne Williamson写的书《回归于爱》,是本畅销书.最后一本,就是大家都知道的《达芬奇密码》,这本书在中国也很畅销 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. v$ \; c: {# i* V

2 }+ W' Q/ {2 J  g- Y3 g4、在所有QAF演员中,就他和fan最亲近了,那是因为他觉得,他的老板不是导演不是制片人,而是观众,观众是他的老板,甚至他希望是他的朋友同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* o8 d+ q2 ^8 K) J/ c+ r

6 a) |1 o4 J: e+ W% Z5、他说他从fans那里得到了对自己目前所从事的事业的认同感,感觉可以更放心得去做,另外感受到了责任、爱,同时希望观众可以从他那里得到爱
  |2 o6 r5 F7 p& y% U/ r( j! TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
/ S! A- O- _7 i: j/ L/ _! q# |qafone.co他好像说他有偶遇过一个fans,让他觉得很幸运
/ G2 y% n% [4 I: _同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 n0 ^3 z' Y6 \$ Z* E
: ?# _1 r5 Y1 Q答案是:切罗基族(北美易洛魁人的一支)人,带一点Crow.(Crow是什么族我没查到)
0 K# ]9 c& c# n  K9 Y: vQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co: P1 \4 e6 w1 B+ o* Z4 Y) O; _2 y
  u3 y( a$ f# c" z
: k: l! {  q4 ^! @7 e. T: Oqafone.co8、大家还记得有一张照片他穿的T-Shirt上印着猴子吗?有人就问他穿这个图案的衣服,是因为一种信仰呢?还是仅仅因为他是个动物爱好者同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 [" s2 V) f- C4 L/ l
他说:我就是一个猴子。我们都是。千万不要忘了这一点。再说,我非常非常尊敬灵长类动物。他们有力量、权威感、高贵、有才能qafone.co; G; l* `' m/ J- ^

! v; z  }, c3 i+ _) Z7 P) x: e9、有人问hal在表演或演唱的时候会不会怯场' z* Z( N8 X0 z
2 {) B7 n" t$ G同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: ?3 l7 a- B4 Z2 O10、hal又要演习又要唱歌,还忙于很多其他工作或兴趣,有人问他如何安排如此繁忙的人生。3 X# ]4 Z2 N0 N- s$ Z
2 ~% L1 J  S$ i+ m# K
  V, r! W( [9 I* H$ Mhal:“朋友方面,我很令人惊异,和朋友们几个月不曾见面的情况下,当我回到他们身边,和他们在一起的感觉就好像我从来不曾离开过。找女朋友么……那是另一个故事”& E' h7 L$ u( P$ Y! a; i
( {, F# \# a' F- {& S& b
& F2 e$ {, T( [/ vhal说他可以去为着角色做很多创造,但他选择“不”,原因很简单:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# Y, ]1 S5 g$ }0 T2 p6 ?
' c( K; T& n, K# ?: y7 X2)更多的是,这是一个挑战+ Q' ^% z  F- Y7 ^  k8 g- |, P& B
3)我已经有足够的素材(曲表演michael),难道要我去写另一个系列的剧目?这个工作量就太大啦。; l% C% O" A* ^% C

2 t) l" L' x/ `# L3 t3 e12、michael已经放弃了他想和Brian在一起的梦想了吗?
2 q8 T6 R  ~0 P! ~2 n9 f, M/ khal:我不知道
8 l/ k+ Y* V" D# s& Q8 rqafone.co6 R2 ^) O( y  d3 [  E, b2 \
13、如果M和B做爱,会使他们失去现有的友谊还是会开始另一个美妙的故事?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& v6 a" E; j- c. l# {* h8 m
hal:我认为那会让所有事情变得混乱……暂时地qafone.co7 B7 j4 \1 D( y0 k0 I
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ p& ^" x! a; a* ^
14、maichael是不是令Brian更成熟了?2 ?- e! r- }3 e9 h
hal:这个问题你问错人了。(笑): Y, E3 T/ u5 Q" w( R" B
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 N6 Z# y4 z- z5 o# G+ D0 X
15、你认为他们到最后应该在一起吗?) X" u) V' s4 ~+ W1 R
hal:他们一直都在一起啊,只是并没有用其他人所想的那种方式在一起。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 I1 \, D: L4 ~* y* a
- |' |7 A+ V: G5 k# Y
3 {4 L2 j8 i& m) d) C; [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal说那一晚几乎可以说是他将自己杀死了15次。那是自残。在michael的意识里,那是不得不去做的。michael知道那是一个绝境,他将要去做会杀死自己。要表演他,可以很容易去想象他那种想要变强、借助一点力量但同时自己又那么害怕且感到无助的心情。那样去想就让hal泪流不断了。关键心情就是“不得不”。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: D* O7 b0 V, C5 B

5 V! A$ J% G# R17、hal计划在2004年春天或初夏的时候,为“拯救音乐”基金搞一个迷你巡回演出(纽约、波士顿、巴尔的摩、匹兹堡,等等),所得收益全部捐献给当地学校的音乐教育项目。6 M" D2 \" h, L. J! y3 D
qafone.co; A) `2 a+ N" v. O" n
18、关于出专辑,他说:“二月……?”(笑)——不明白hal到底是什么意思,当然可以肯定的是,这个2月是指2004年2月.. G8 M: a* s9 d; c7 @) Q% n
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0 o4 @; t  Q0 l- @! Y" T. |! m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Hal Spark 的问答——中文翻译 02
2 e! Z; M7 }/ Iqafone.co+ O( C1 O  J! T( |
以下部分的问答,我尽量逐字逐句的翻译同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 `+ c" a$ d; E' b
# b. u* u* p% N/ V, b( s( }+ W' B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- M( V8 d* c. `5 q* n
# s9 R8 ]4 E  Cqafone.cohal:我的零食。我们很亲密。
/ {8 M- i2 I: N' `
1 h% R0 @3 F  y+ g# j+ S, f8 ?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2、在拍摄QAF时的最有趣的经历
( g6 |" M$ h2 m% I, j/ a3 Bqafone.cohal:也许……当我们见面时你亲自问我再告诉你吧。
' P$ {+ s) g' ?7 Rqafone.co
2 p2 c" d% d6 k, yQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3、什么事情是你很想去完成但却一直没有机会去做的?
0 m, a+ F' M) Ehal:我有四页纸那么长的目标,太多了,无法一一列出,其中一个是,我想作为文化大使到中国去。也许那时候Clark是总统了。) O  J: Q+ l, J7 ^5 R  v+ B! m, h

3 [+ O7 x* i: eqafone.co4、在接下来的24小时内,若没什么大碍的话,你将要做什么?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ y  Q  m9 q- @5 Y6 G+ |/ w6 [
hal:我要练习一些疯狂的中国功夫诀窍。qafone.co1 O' i7 V/ h. c, s$ G3 c% I6 J

# i# n* Z5 j  J- P同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5、你有过为了买音乐会门票而露营扎寨过吗?
4 V* o. a( ?( J7 a: `6 F& X+ jqafone.cohal:Oh Yeah. (这个大家都看得懂,翻译了反而没有兴奋的语气了)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" c2 F' [& @# M0 H& e: _) F

5 \; N# a$ @( t3 a% O1 n) v- b  u6、如果是,是为了哪场音乐会?
7 l( ^! h( s' P同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal: Kiss. "The Asylum"巡演。虽然我只得到了一个很蹩脚的位置,:0P 但我还是感觉很棒。 (翻译到这个的时候,我兴奋死了,hal真有眼光啊,哈哈,Kiss是我超级喜欢的乐队啊,哦呵呵呵。ps. “:0P”这个表情不是我加的,是hal自己打的,真可爱。)
3 D3 ^1 n( ]" b
/ I5 ?. }5 R* K5 x# M& lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7、什么迷信是你非常依赖的?9 M* l/ C9 K# a* P5 ]: i
hal:这要看我对迷信的定义了。有些人说风水、基督教、伏都教或者印度教是迷信。我认为真实要远远超出人们所信仰的。我的迷信就是总是把马桶盖关上以防房子里的能量随着下水道溜走... (这个表情也是hal自己打的)# @$ |7 x! c. g7 R- d

2 ^- a) y& o) E8 t/ S8、你最想念孩提时代的什么事情?
; K3 {, S" ~# r, h8 d" T* a$ zQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站hal:能够装在旅行箱里...这样旅行要便宜多了。事实上,我在很多方面仍然还是一个小孩。有那么多的人失去了好奇心以及他们对事物的惊奇感了啊。我很努力地维持着自我。, ?! \/ p' O& t* Z6 d
" V+ I* p  o1 n1 |! a
5 E: X) k/ R2 ^7 _
# I9 A. A8 D$ X$ B( y
[原创]Hal Sparks的问答——中文翻译03
) q; z: z9 R! ^" g# TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
+ s& s  H5 N3 q3 ~  ^% ~0 {同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志一下英文原文刊登于2003年12月6日同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  L% y0 Q8 g$ K2 ?- r
7 M) P9 B/ D5 u6 `, R; \0 m5 l! U" ]7 q) N9 q
1、关于风水,你使用那种传统帽子或黑帽吗?+ c1 ]1 h* F$ k# p1 `! O/ }
hal:我用黑帽。我发觉它很方便于现代生活。其实我只是在决定我的新房子的方位和设计装修时才会用它。(句子最后他写了Hen Fu! 我不明白是什么意思,应该是拼音,可我拼不出来)' y- y$ d0 }" {: M3 [7 f4 j
# V) V, i3 p! B! F& O/ Z) L) O
2、你是在几岁,怎么开始习武的?: v5 ?8 @6 M. {1 Y7 a6 o& s
hal:我在肯塔基州开始学习Kempo空手道。8岁。进高中后,我在芝加哥学跆拳道。这两样都极大的锻炼了我的肉体,但却无法满足我的精神需要(哲学感悟方面)。当我在洛杉矶开始学习中国功夫后,我才真正开始成长为一个武术家。做任何事情的精神是,不要害怕做一个初学者。每一项艺术都能给我们一些启示。但首先是你必须是以谦卑的初学者姿态去面对它,以学到所有这项艺术所能交给你的。(ps. Kempo是日文,指“功法”,指涉的就是以身体观建构的一套实践方法)(pps.第一句原文是studying Kempo karate in Kentucky,hal声明不是要开kkk,也就是三k党的玩笑)
) G6 S' c9 ]0 V; Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, U5 Q$ _0 ?, g- Q9 a
- }4 \, V0 z2 xhal:就像学习一门外语一样,武术的运作和策略锻炼改造了你的大脑运作。使你解决问题或接受挑战时变得更具创造性。讽刺的是,大多数人相信武术就是教你去打架,去迎面反击、正面冲突。这与武术的本质正相反。只要问问任何一个上过合气道、中国功夫、或Hapkido(朝鲜武术,一种司仪艺术)学习班的人,就会知道战斗的胜利在于将对手的力量返还回去,而不只是以力克力。这一点会深深地影响你如何处理在其他工作中、人际关系上、周围环境和紧急事件中产生的困难。(ps. Hapkido是朝鲜武术,一种司仪艺术)3 @) m, p" n4 J- g
  B8 ]3 d5 Y- f" m1 s
4、你的人生最高目标是什么?) N1 b: `8 o0 d$ c
hal:认知自我。成为我所能成为的最好的人。其他目标都在这个原则下。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ m9 [* G" L8 C  S: |
0 x( N  x' ]3 |2 O1 F* ~
5、你是素食主义者吗?7 h7 X) I9 U4 p* |$ r+ ^# l% L
5 `% O1 M) O; h* b
1 D2 J* y7 U* v- ~% y+ y! D6、你最喜欢你身上哪一个部分?为什么?
. G- }+ p" {5 S% I$ T9 V7 XQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站hal:我的舌头。它给我带来麻烦也为我解决麻烦。其实真正的问题应该是:你最喜欢我身上的哪一个部分。(笑)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( |. l) R! ?) X+ {+ }0 m0 l6 g3 H
1 X; Y5 ~2 R0 w# p2 g. i+ ~
7、你最近在听些什么?3 D5 z5 a4 a5 z7 o8 x
hal:(ps. 艺人和专辑名字我就不翻译了)
1 n% _1 e/ a! W! V3 [/ T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志W.A.S.P. - the last command . [% `5 ^- [5 N# B  t& }* u( d4 |
Black Label Society - The Blessed Hellride
3 R/ L. Y; v" O& g4 ?9 }E'nuff Z'Nuff - Strength 5 ]5 m/ e! a. R, A
The Darkness - Permission to Land
/ x; \8 w! Y" n' [1 R8 I% w; kMichael Moore - 他为“愚蠢的白人”的出版所作的演讲,我是付钱给KPFK才得到的,这段演讲很有趣且激动人心。: s( y( R  ~* I) q# U5 w- c
" E8 ~& R1 G* {- c
8、受欢迎的艺人似乎总能得到大量的礼物。你认为呢?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: W. @4 U/ r" n1 N
hal:这取决于不同的艺人。我可以给你举一个例子。你们中的一些人也许直到我是一个多么狂热的King's X粉丝。他们的一首歌“I'll never be the same”使我能够不再羞怯沉默,尤其是在如何与女孩子接触方面。要不是这首歌,我都不知道如何获得这两个于我的人生如此重要的组成部分。现在我有钱了,所有我想做的就是买礼物给他们等。我知道我永远不能够给与他们一个礼物,能够相当于当初他们所给与我的,但我还是尽量努力着。他们给予了我无限馈赠……我能做的至少是记住他们的生日。另外当然有一些艺人是性情古怪的,我曾经看到过他们扔掉那些礼物。那让我唾弃。
' s, z0 @' G( V6 ]/ K" k
; n2 u( d7 c, ^/ {4 H. _( q  uqafone.co9、你会怎么处理你得到的礼物?
6 d6 h4 `# e. U$ d2 sqafone.cohal:如果合适,我会穿戴它们。如果它们很漂亮,我会放在房间里。但有一点要注意,出于安全原因,我不会吃任何粉丝们送给我的食物。有一次我告诉一位保安,我和多么多的粉丝们接触过,他整个人都傻了。从那以后,我就尽量做到他说的“起码不要吃任何东西”。(不过我的胃会发牢骚)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ Z; f6 Q; W/ w! S
' T& y2 E# j, W  E2 n
- j) z8 t; H  E; a4 Q5 K* A7 Ghal:我是用一种名叫电视机的装置。
8 J; E7 B; x3 \& [- O6 QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 j0 o7 O( K9 X# c, O
# ?! ]3 N% |# |0 v7 R5 c同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:嗯,有的。我参加了一个希望在同性恋群体以及在这个世界上的所有其他人中,真正产生一些争议、做出一些改变的演出,而且这个演出希望能够在这两个群体建立起一座沟通与爱的桥梁。然而,我们却被误解,被称为憎恨同性恋者。这是为什么呀!7 _# t+ x6 [  ~5 I: L4 T1 j% r
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 _8 R. W+ o2 c' Z4 m7 r
12、你最喜欢的一个词Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* g. |# ^2 e, s% x+ K
7 t+ {7 f! s1 K
- J( T* A* {7 M9 ^7 v# S13、你最不喜欢的一个词qafone.co) I- g- `3 j% a9 }* Q9 \% F9 L/ F
7 p: S& W, u' \) d, [
  ?# _1 |& o! j: j# w7 S9 m4 B+ gqafone.co14、除了表演,你还想从事什么?
$ @4 E! e2 y; L& F, O9 _( T0 p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:作家、音乐家、歌手、戏剧演员……哦,稍等,我已经都做了这些了……(那么)老师?
+ ]( z  `3 Q9 [9 x/ l2 z5 P, @同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
% K$ @8 Z9 d9 e3 o4 x( k15、你最不想从事什么?
3 y* e' Z7 Z8 o  ^' H, x4 u$ J0 J4 W同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:炸弹搜寻犬
& X1 l9 b& q6 O( v
+ m0 Y, G& A5 o7 D( B16、你最喜欢用的诅咒词
) ~' f7 s. c7 A2 K) ]1 }" Fhal: C*nt——我并不用它,但它确实是为一个还具有效果的词。 (ps. 谁来告诉我C*nt到底是什么意思呢?)
' U6 ~/ u( a% P同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 G" q9 L- r0 e3 O- ?
% T) ~" N8 R+ t! \7 ohal:小孩的笑声
3 [' e: o) ]4 eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# I9 v$ L$ ?+ m/ a6 c" n: v
18、你最讨厌什么声音?* ?1 k' B$ v! m' k( m2 w7 `
hal:悲伤; Y. V: f! ~; \* J. p
' S/ v! A/ a% o4 s1 W
, d( b  v) L! r7 ]: J# G同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:名单太巨大了,可能会使服务器超负荷的,不过……生活、爱情、真相、小说、美好的事物、真理、恶作剧和嬉戏…哦…还有女孩…
$ Q% p, Z' g* X9 U+ \) x4 }9 _& L2 n; k& n9 j! i+ ~
20、什么令你沮丧,不愉快?3 d# n2 Y& [, D& |0 ~/ d! U  S
hal:无名怒火和抱怨qafone.co- y, Y$ U* t9 |2 [
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 s5 x: `) ?1 G/ U' e9 y8 |3 q( {
+ m5 u1 n8 |! c) l' r! W2 [( I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:qafone.co1 \& U; |9 B) g6 Y) c
这有点难,那就让我们假设我已经被接纳入天国(笑)qafone.co$ @: n+ P' i0 H
* O$ z9 V" ^0 O; j6 B! R- h% eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站或者“家伙!你太可爱了!奥,见鬼!Hal Sparks!嘿!”: R! N) _9 |3 \
& o1 C; l/ ^) F1 l; b0 A. |5 H8 a4 w2 \& @9 I3 T
! s8 ~- g8 H% \9 q  F  Bhal:我很高兴得告诉你,这是一个很难回答的问题。第一季里的生日;第二季里的Ben的浴室;第三季里的扎针的戏,这些只是那些令观众印象深刻的场景中的一小部分。他们确实令人印象深刻,而且第四季里还有很多感人的场景。5 h: ~& k! q( J% W3 Q3 U# s$ _
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: o- e. b& G9 A0 t" Z# h0 L; p
23、什么是最难去表演的?3 D2 `) p) P9 Z" H% _% K
( p: m$ H# l, O0 D8 K: t' y( c( \, E8 Q
* G( Z& O. w; S# R, t7 s, U! dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站hal:还没有: ^) ~5 o; P$ H
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ }+ }- J2 E5 H8 ^7 j
25、QAF 309中,Debbie在计划一场政治集会时,问Michael,“你站在哪一边?你的朋友?你的家人?你的社交圈?还是他?”只要是看过的观众,都可以确定没有听到Michael回答。是否可以假设这是一个反问句?或者我们会从其他方面得到Michael的回答?你认为Michael会如何回答?; [& Q( K  [$ r3 `* x. L& b, |1 T! _! Z
hal:这是一个反问句。Debbie是在刺激Michael。我认为Michael最好的特性就在于,他相信大多数时候,人们的行为总是出于一个好的原因。他假定你的本意最初是好的,没有什么真正的哪一边。- K+ b/ z! d! ]

; E! X! |) Y8 \' t- `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志26、你怎么认为Debbie对michael说brian的方式,尤其是告诉michel,Brian永远也不会爱他? 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 b& n% _6 U6 m( f2 J5 r
hal觉得Debbie的方式介于爱和残忍之间,其实那没有任何帮助,但很重要的是,她揭示了两人必须去面对的困难和挑战。也许这也是反映了作者和他的双亲之间的关系。  w* z' T" O. w& N
qafone.co1 q' D& ]4 O0 F+ q6 R( |6 d
27、hal很高兴在现实生活中他有一位好母亲。至于Debbie和Michael的关系,他觉得他们之间还存在着一种对峙的关系,这种关系揭示了一种隐含的主流冲突,尤其当M是一个gay,而D那么努力去肯定gay。再者,这也可以理解为一种“独生子女综合症”、“缺乏父爱”和“同龄群功能障碍”的综合。qafone.co1 p. ]0 B; I* Z' ]
: c2 v4 |  J8 L
28、除了Hal's Lair,你还会去其它论坛看别人对角色和演员的正负面评价吗?3 u: H! E1 I. v- a
Hal说他会到处去看看别人的话、别人觉得他应该是怎样怎样的,那很有趣,但他不会去看其他演员的评论,那样会很奇怪,好像间谍似的,他也不会去看人们对于角色的观点。他觉得最好还是由自己做决定要如何塑造角色,而不是见风转舵,把大家的意见或抱怨什么的拼拼凑凑。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! r6 J/ \1 j1 O" o% k/ S

. V: F$ f! c* h4 t* GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站29、在QAF中和那样一群优秀的演员合作,感觉如何?
1 z- g( M4 k, t/ N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:那是极具挑战性的。在你的周围聚集了天才,使得挑战的门槛更高了。每个人都有自己独特鲜明的个性和方法。我一直在学习中。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) U  q0 \$ {) U6 p1 z% m

# `4 g8 K) Z2 O( |% i* O. f30、在第一季你和Tracy的一段谈话中提到了年轻时去看Kiss演唱会的事情,后来又在第二季的Gus生日会上,对Debbie说精致面粉和蔗糖是对身体最不好的食材,.唔……这些听起来很耳熟啊!我的问题就是,你是否将自己的特性融合到了角色中,还是说这纯粹是一种巧合?
& `7 B( o3 R' @9 u( {9 ?) [! P( Pqafone.cohal:我觉得最初编剧总是会试图把我们身上的某些部分融合到角色上去,那样可以使我们更快的适应角色。后来我告诉他们我宁愿让Michael仅仅是变得更像他自己(而非我)。所以不久之后,他更多地去跳舞泡吧,以次反驳他是一个忠实的Kiss迷。1 }. k' T6 X2 P4 w4 Q# K# C9 I9 b
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. C1 _* X5 A/ D4 s9 v# a7 F  e  O
31、当Brian说“I know your secret identity”时,意思是否是“I know you want me”?能说说你对当时发生的事情的想法吗?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 s) K+ I% M( J, l# L6 D4 M
hal:我认为他是在说"I know you want me."当然我想他当时很惊讶于Michael的反应。
9 \5 q  x: m% TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; Z( |5 W# N+ N* Q9 {) c3 X+ h# N
& i4 ?+ e. {8 t  g% k% \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal: The Hal Sparks Band (Hal的乐队方面)——一本书,标题暂定为《明智的蠢驴》;新的一季——我爱90年代6 r" P8 ]4 p/ l

# b: K6 S( r" v- w( j# \3 D: ]+ w后面问了为什么第四季延期播出,原因无非是Showtime的种种考虑。我们也没必要了解了。
% w2 k- o7 c+ J" w同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
2 f" @/ e6 i, _" B& s, {Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 h7 `5 O  {# ]2 {6 J4 y3 R+ e5 ^
( I9 S2 h3 R  ?& e
[原创]Hal Sparks的问答——中文翻译04
+ M! d4 z! d- f& t) e3 \4 ]. Q% s( K' H
一下英文原文刊登于2003年12月6日9 F7 w2 B4 x2 H
8 I+ u+ H, r3 V  b  F' F1 x* F
1、能说说你的家庭吗?" C4 ?/ N5 F6 U3 a
hal:当然能但我不会说,因为以下两点:1)他们的隐私 2)我的隐私qafone.co4 [* `/ I* u0 c6 l- M
2 l/ q1 F5 s6 V, l
2、你名字的中间那部分是怎么来的? (p.s.Hal的全名是Hal Harry Magee Sparks)9 T/ Q) l, ^, ^' w" W
hal:对此我完全没有概念Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# z) i! C" w0 z, V

1 }! }! K) _9 n; p3、你有刺青吗?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' w5 G1 @( g* |  ~3 o& z, \
hal:没有。我并不讨厌它,但是当有表演需要的时候,要能够一直遮盖它们是一件很麻烦的事情。我本来想在后脑勺的头发下面刺一个,当然,如果我要剃光头发演一个角色的话……那会使我看上去像那种14世纪的愚蠢犯人,他们以绝食抗议并且在后脑勺刺“如果你能看到这个……就放我出去!”同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- Z# J' m: t: N2 r4 F

7 L. r1 z/ f$ Q7 z1 J- E4、你有宠物吗?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 _; y4 f7 _4 V8 t5 O
hal:没有,我差点就会有一个SONY AIBO。知道吗?就是那种机器狗。但当我和Tom Selleck以及Gene Simmons租了“Runaway”后就决定不要SONY AIBO了。
7 o* ?2 m8 L* k9 n9 s" JQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 O3 U9 l$ U' y& ~- B/ d! q
5、你年轻时在芝加哥的时候,是一个人呢,还是和家人或朋友在一起?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ O4 Q; q; m; O1 L5 m7 G4 y4 _
hal:我和我爸爸一起住,虽然他常常要因公出差。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 n2 V& u; T3 W  S5 m3 N" g
. p, Q; g/ L. |- \  E* Z( P0 _
/ ]  `/ G" X6 r* A# ~$ SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站hal:那么假设我在读书吧,我想这个问题最重要的应该是问我在放学后4点到10点之间是什么样子的。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# h3 }3 w: ?/ G( H, O

" Y2 ?  j  S  k7、是好学生吗?还是差生?
# u. i4 C& t- O3 B6 |同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:我想自从我开始表演生涯,我就是个局外人了,我是一个有着超常才能的局外人。8 Z0 T4 o! z9 Y+ B9 y
qafone.co+ {: ^! i7 B% r
( a$ l4 r) V. X  d+ q. s. _qafone.cohal:但愿我能说那只是一种标准化合理化的方法论,但当我全心投入后就不得不承认,我是从那里获得重生了:0)..... 我是认真的:0)5 C) X8 _' q4 Q1 Q  e& u/ ?2 r
) }5 b" d$ S% h/ f& C" o
2 V& @9 G: b# m% P2 j9 L: V6 Ehal:红色! q: D0 L+ K: i. M( |

* n. C$ _7 u; n  b' Y) k6 A9 j10、你的t-shirt中,最喜欢哪一件?
* X+ w! ~  s- \4 a0 s! pqafone.cohal:厄……很难说……我在亚特兰大穿的那件有一排猴子的?或者是我从爸爸那里得到的一件Butchertown酒吧的T恤?或者是我15岁时买的原版“第二城市”T恤,现在还能穿,只有一、点、点、紧而已。
. f% w- w1 D* _9 Y& E: pqafone.co
: Y" y9 y% F. i* Q* D11、Vegemite的味道怎样?
- b2 Y& z' P3 }$ l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:有点像落水狗的气味。哦!恶心!; F+ Y: A; ]2 J9 F! D& e* s
+ U0 B3 @2 Q+ o7 BQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, k7 o* n+ S$ l! O8 D
12、对你影响最大的一本书是什么?qafone.co6 d" o0 n, B* {3 `
* |, }9 s! k% n9 _0 I+ a% Q5 N
, _0 e% p3 ~) Z' R6 r# w13、我在一篇文章里看到你说你不相信蓝色眼睛的人(或者只是女人?)。为什么?5 W+ U! G) t4 h& R4 `
hal:那只是曾经的一个笑话,完全不必当真。在那次访谈中,我正坐在我当时的女朋友旁边……原话是:“谁?任何人?对!金发碧眼的女人!”那只是一句玩笑。我知道那很无聊。不过我是以人品来辨人的。8 r7 e/ P% }! K; r& `! R
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" s! K$ N% L% {  s$ D) D% _
  z# V& c% j6 N/ whal:我上过3堂很糟糕的吉他课,一点用处也没有。我在高中的戏剧班时上过声乐课(不是歌唱课——我没被唱诗班入取)。就这些。我个人认为每个人都有与生俱来的歌唱能力。只是在成长过程中,父母和老师总是不断地对我们说“闭嘴”和“安静”,使我们不再能打开嗓子了。我只很率性地去挑战这种情况,唱歌其实不难的。一开始我也迷茫过,但时间和纵情使我不断变好。
! `# c" k: @( ?3 X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, a8 M$ J1 }' {6 A7 q* m/ N; ^; W
15、你怎么开始学习作网页的(ok,这只是一个电脑菜鸟的问题...大笑)?你第一次做这个的时候是为了什么?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 }2 a5 d3 }1 w" n( g! U
hal:我只是在有了电脑后必须去知道如何使用而已。我开始是为了做一个关于Marianne Williamson的网页。我一听说可以就买了我的URL并且决定用Hal Sparks.com作为我的在线简历。这样我就不用随身携带我的照片和简历了,也可以在任何地方编辑我的名片和发送电邮。0 g# M5 }' H8 A. o; \% j
(p.s.Marianne Williamson是一个畅销书女作家,hal向大家推荐过她的一本书《回归与爱》)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 R7 Q2 M, X3 ^4 E/ d' d
' w" ^# f. z5 ~* [& O( L# J
16、你最喜欢什么?喜剧?演戏?音乐?或者是什么我们还不知道的。; ^% ]  x( g  f# u: |
hal:苹果和猫,宝贝!苹果和猫。(p.s.这时候hal估计在贼笑)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 h  s+ y/ i) x  [8 f5 r
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. o2 j5 _0 P, }. }
" f6 ]5 ~8 y4 [hal:是的!
% }, z  z0 t% n" }5 R3 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. s/ n, j" ?& U
18、你是刻意改掉它的,还是说只是在芝加哥生活的时候自然发生的?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: L3 m2 i2 u* x: W9 g3 o
hal:在成长过程中,我一直在不断塑造我的嗓音和个性,所以口音并不是很难改变的。我会改掉这个口音是因为模仿我在芝加哥和上学时遇到的人。  r& S" f, E# {7 U
+ j# [# E/ B5 H& p' ?% v
19、你是何时、如何知道佛教的?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( _% S2 _6 y- Q( n* W: V; p
- C2 [: Q0 c' M( ?qafone.co
4 @( U* u" [: {4 c/ i5 L3 C20、你循道已经多久了?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ D- G, Y: V. n5 U
5 [3 J1 }6 n% |, j# a% k& tqafone.co
: e, d& Q2 q, K5 W' m! {( o同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志21、在演戏档期之间,你做过什么日常工作吗?如果有,是什么?
5 @+ v9 J8 P) c* F- Y. K/ q. Z+ B7 ahal:我做过的唯一一个非娱乐圈的工作就是做Marianne的网站,以及做一些电脑的技术维护和数据测试工作。可是我没有干很久,因为做演员收入好多了,比饿死好。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% C/ m. J) `& s& n

: @: s5 A# m8 l$ o8 H同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志22、武术以外你还喜欢别的体育项目吗?观看或自己玩。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; ~8 t1 V9 w+ |& P  r
hal:我曾经玩越野摩托。# _, f# g" c% ]7 G

, |" A( m1 H& }- tqafone.co23、如果你遇到了瓶中精灵,他(她)给你三个愿望,你会许什么?
7 S+ L4 e) U) V" X1 J% N2 p! ?+ Rhal:我会告诉他把愿望给其他人吧。我真地相信,万事要靠自己的艰苦工作得来。我不希望生活被利益动机驱使……当然,如果她很辣的话,我会问她……你知道……让这个世界更加和平美好……:0)
: ]9 G0 H* \1 C  m9 e5 W3 q( W* V. M( ?- e' Y/ o$ p
3 O3 V% _& Z/ a& f" n5 N* hhal:看两本叫做《Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life》或者《Feng Shui for Dummies》的书吧。他们很不错!还有,最快捷的方法是……移动你房子里的27件东西……画、家具什么的,赶快!27件!
) A. q9 v) r/ I! s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" t' n3 A, q8 r) k. @1 h5 N
25、你有什么偶像或精神支柱吗?如果有,是谁或者是什么?为什么?qafone.co0 L% k8 ^- b. L8 L
hal:我没有什么特定的偶像,因为没有一个人能够对你人生的方方面面都做出榜样。我看某一些人的演唱,有选择的学习他们的特色;Zakk Wylde的练习时刻表和他对于技巧的运用让我很吃惊;我喜欢Michael Palin的喜剧精神;我努力充实我的写作,希望能够像Jennifer Saunders那样维持高品质;我从Prince写的上千首歌中找到我的写歌灵感;我的喜剧风格结合了Steve Martin和George Carlin;我采用Tony Robbin的“激发个人潜能”和“迈向成功”的理论体系;Marilu Henner和Andrew Weil则驱使我吃健康食物并关心身体……我还可以继续说下去。我很幸运的是我还从来没有崇拜过某个人的缺陷。& M& k) T. h: G. i! I; m, p

7 Z3 n4 r0 o! r) ^% nQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站26、我们都知道你喜欢Kiss(乐队)和一些早期金属乐队,但是有什么比较新的乐队是你喜欢的吗?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 D9 U7 S5 S! z" \
hal:我喜欢Incubus, Hoobastank, Black Label Society, 一些Manson的歌, 一些Korn的歌, Linkin Park (第一张专辑), Foo Fighters...
# s6 |/ ~7 y# N5 R/ ]. RQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站(p.s.亲爱的hal,我们太有共同语言了,哈哈哈哈……)' ?9 U7 f% m3 n/ [0 E5 K

" ]9 Z" a. F* x6 I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志27、哪首歌是你听了无数遍都听不厌的?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ G6 f+ c: |& |7 u  j9 c
hal: King's X的Summerland。
% P% |. |/ u. Z( I2 G: ^; O" @Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co- W7 ]0 E# F8 y. n* }. p
) ]8 C' x6 y* m' @1 H5 {hal: Me, Myself and I……任何可以替代的……好吧,好吧……我的Bull's eye Les Paul,我的G5,和我的硬盘驱动备份。
4 m7 ?* h: {) M* i" @qafone.co(p.s.Bull's eye是靶心的意思,但到底这个Bull's eye Les Paul是什么,我就不知道了,还有G5我猜大概就是苹果机的那个处理器吧)
# Z7 i( \7 {" {3 v( U- YQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
0 m  b1 t$ V+ \' @/ Y. k5 s7 f9 f& T  UQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站29、如果你能够回到历史中去,你会选择哪个年代?为什么?
1 u. }" u# }4 r" g) N+ I/ vqafone.cohal:文艺复兴时期。因为在那里,没有人会问我我更喜欢什么,演戏、音乐、喜剧还是武术。
. o0 h( X7 ^3 y- iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站(p.s.看来hal已经被这个问题问到吐血了)
7 u  |$ P, t" Q' b2 n  N' b) t8 q+ {: }4 a: D
! W7 \$ c5 T1 R* `hal:我曾经在朋友的派对上玩吉他时,被一位名叫Kim的女孩吸引住了,那时就好像我们早就相知的样子。后来我们交往了5年……现在我们不在一起了,但我仍然爱她,如同我第一次见到她时那么地爱她。所以……是的……我相信。
6 c$ M* w* V' Z% A& G& ^Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 W  N, d  D3 F* T6 Q
31、你是早起的人还是夜猫子?1 O- F/ N  G# e
hal:讨厌的是,我都是。: j2 j7 r- ]  m8 S0 [

7 {- D/ ?" H1 {Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站32、在Viper Room的演出很有趣吗?9 z2 C/ W! a: Y$ F! J
3 O2 \: Z" \& v5 n同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志qafone.co9 g: I9 S' y) ^) b7 J% {! j
33、很显然众多女性迷恋着你。你还在期待什么?你对此有什么想法?老实回答!Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  w% ~7 G: F2 ~5 C) V% ?8 z
8 n$ U% i0 G" D. S  i3 |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
$ ?1 e, e- P# W) A, ~/ }. z& W4 b# ]$ n34、我爱那首你在The Wayne Brady Show上唱的歌,在我看来,是对某种超乎想象的爱情的美丽描述,萦绕脑际。那首歌的名字是?
9 X: j9 G4 o! Shal: Satellites.(人造卫星)
9 ?& d5 p& ]* p# K$ w* oqafone.co
( k7 N  c+ V4 M2 }8 v35、那时你自己写的还是和乐队一起写的?
- G. e1 O) }8 L7 _+ g# @! }同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:我拍摄"Bleacher Bums" 时,在拖车房里用我带去的acoustic写出来的。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 H+ e  C9 F& i7 |- m  I/ W
(p.s. acoustic是一种非电子乐器,在这里我们就理解为非电吉他吧,hal应该是弹吉他的)& V: n, b; H/ t7 H' Z" |

$ X; F% T/ G* D. |+ g0 t% n! TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站36、这是根据你自己的经历写的,还是你所希望得到的?
" u7 ^8 V# ]: E8 j) z7 X+ oqafone.cohal:这首歌表达的是面对某个很特别的人时,一种很忐忑的心情。在这首歌中“Satellites(人造卫星)”是指孩子。我正在寻找一位可以和我共有孩子的女人,当然我完全不知道她是否愿意遇见到我。
0 w( u# J( e# a+ x* Y: @2 W"Wading in a sea of friends and my words remain unsaid Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. T0 D: i* w: X: U0 X5 N
and brighter days, 9 steps away, if I can stay out of my head" (p.s.《Satellites》的歌词)
: z8 I. u, A$ c( `; |3 B5 r7 g( T" o, V/ F; z+ i$ X4 R
: O7 [- f  M6 A* dqafone.cohal:镜头拍摄我的时候,我正和一个在吃三明治的角色助理读那场在医院屋顶上的戏。qafone.co0 Z; Z7 }* |4 Z# {
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 P4 a, S9 j& ~: p$ Q) ?( u
38、如果你是超人,你希望你的超能力是什么?qafone.co9 a1 v: b9 I+ J0 r. D8 U0 B
hal:隐身。(眨眼..)qafone.co% h& j4 {7 ]; j- \/ J  ~% @+ q
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. M  g+ {- Z) c" X8 m2 E5 K) C  y! _

: }! _( c. f8 i9 m' o% N39、那你觉得你穿紧身衣会好看吗?; @2 ]/ u9 t$ k  i& h5 X9 k: w% a
9 a4 b7 B! t8 d8 u& S* I1 n( \
$ h# |2 ~( u9 i( e1 z2 `6 \, F40、当你读第一个剧情的剧本时,你是马上就进入角色了,还是说只不过跟着后来的剧情走而已?同样的,你是本来就非常了解你的那个角色,还是说你只是不得不试着去了解他?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' t4 e) G8 w1 I3 f. X
+ p; ]/ z3 k# O3 G8 ^! L$ m# a
, r+ q' \$ V' }$ wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站41、Debbie收留了Justin后,Michael和她的关系是否起了变化?
, T8 P. B+ h; n0 b; U" X& G! {! \hal:是的,尽管如此,她依然常常打击我。
# B/ [* ]8 J+ GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( c1 i1 @1 P. e) ~; l) |
! j0 G# X+ b1 d% O  phal:就好像Justin得到了胡萝卜,而Michael得到的是棍棒。
& \1 X- a  x( r) k% |% i  Tqafone.co(p.s.这里我解释一下,这句话就用了政治用语,意思就是说,Debbie对Justin是温柔慈爱的,而对自己的儿子Micheal反而是严厉的。我们经常把美国对待其他国家的那种软硬兼施的态度戏称为胡萝卜和大棒政策,其所要得到的最终目的是相同的)7 I4 f# Q" E& q2 q2 M
qafone.co2 b1 X3 V9 o' R, Q. V& y5 Q+ H: b
43、如果在现实生活中,你有一个像Brian这样的朋友,他还会是你的朋友吗?或者你会立刻和他绝交?7 s- S/ q% O0 L  K3 z% y
hal:我还从未和这样的人打过交道。+ I$ ^( t7 U" S. g: I% w- ?
8 x. X( H- Q! y7 b: U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志hal:是的,Marianne Williamson正在Today教堂里做讲座,我打算在这一季结束之前去看她。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, i0 T# g* C# K5 c3 E: P5 T
(p.s.第四次看见Marianne Williamson这个名字了,hal还真是喜欢她啊,有机会我也把她的书找来看看)$ b7 I- Y9 z" J- E0 r. [
+ ~- @1 ]3 i4 ^7 r  ^       看他講述這一段經驗時,整個臉都亮起來了。/ G# W0 u6 E# Q8 n
8 V7 z! w" Y) _6 n1 V4 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站              这书的背景有点怪啊……达芬奇是个GAY啊,怎么会崇拜女性哪?5 t! k" j" F* X2 m1 p* g
medusa_eve:我看过那次访谈,他还说了一句座右铭,用中文说的,就是大家都知道的“梅花香自苦寒来,宝剑锋从磨砺出”qafone.co+ [5 O, A6 F% o7 x% E, T7 g9 R$ i7 `
下面是引用pioneer于2005-01-03 01:46发表的hal演的电影:) I5 m' ~+ `5 y* i- j  A( Z
  hal以前的一部电影,难得是比较主要的角色,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, r1 `; T, n, k, K' Y
http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw/new ... 047/20040507020317/Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 z. x- P& B+ Y3 W1 ?6 y' Z
上有的介绍.& @% K4 j* Z( b' `) x3 L
不好买到啊....戴着眼镜很可爱的..........同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 y: K6 G! U" |5 o# }. i
* c" \7 F; ]4 Z9 O5 g( F7 E还是配角,演警察,预告里可以看的到他.......
8 Q- m  \$ ?. O$ l6 C1 i
下面是引用mikeyqaf于2005-06-12 16:52发表的HAL的片a brilliant movie! <Lightning Bug >萤火虫DVD开始发售:
9 s0 K1 |$ S: w+ w3 e[http://www.amazon.com/exec/obido ... ?v=glance&s=dvdQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 Y7 B! m! F9 t6 R5 j- f3 N: s1 R
 3 G8 Z( t/ P1 [& _7 v1 y2 `9 W
Hal Sparks(soon to be ex-Michael,"Queer as Folk")plays the local town deputy and is quite good....and very funny
$ A+ m# m" g6 k' D9 b: @4 J目前好象还没有下载,不太清楚.希望可以早点看到.喜剧的恐怖片.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 Z( a/ L4 w4 L6 C; `* h8 c; x' z

& {+ l! _' v5 I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志以下内容由模棱两可提供0 G# ^$ r& p2 Q$ g3 D& p
我本来是打算找Talk Soup的消息的,不过由于我知识的缺陷(不了解脱口秀之类的东西、不了解Hal)和技能的拙劣(英语水平太低、搜索能力差、懒)我找到的内容并不多,不过我在IMDB上发现Hal在Lightning Bug中插了一角,所以我开始搜索了Lightning Bug的相关消息。
- O/ L0 M. c0 Q3 t2 i3 k同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363768/同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  M0 F+ w& P7 C# |4 x% ]
以上是IMDB的介绍,可以看出Hal演出的角色应该不是路人甲乙丙。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 ~7 K+ Y. z# Z+ |3 ]
http://www.lightningbugthemovie.com/同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- A  b9 q& q: n, z
7 D% z: L4 |$ D; k: v' N$ zhttp://www.lightningbugthemovie.com/lb_cast.html
3 [8 E( u0 d0 N" }) O& ?这是cast
$ m$ i  F7 I2 L+ _qafone.cohttp://www.lightningbugthemovie.com/lb_hal_sparks.html- q; e6 g2 t9 Z
这是Hal4 U- Q4 X8 _, \' y3 E
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ M4 }* ?6 @* V2 E, K& S
4 ^% S4 v. w4 B9 Q) e) P+ t
从trailer上看,Hal演得应该是个警察。trailer可以在官方网站上下载,时间不长,不过Hal的镜头也就一两个。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" ~- `" S' d6 s! v
http://www.impdb.com/movie/21764.aspxqafone.co/ ^% j- n, c( E
这是电影的中文资料qafone.co) Z7 {  Y; X5 H5 {+ }. @+ U7 L
下面是两个关于Hal主持Tolk Soup的一点资料。
, m! Q7 U9 i) [7 f- b, m" HQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站http://talkshows.about.com/library/weekly/aa071299.htm' j3 w, `; K& y9 h+ O
http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,274%7C59218%7C1%7C,00.htmlqafone.co) e( S; X9 T$ `- k
我看了一些别的评论,感觉上由于Hal之前的主持John Henson太成功了,Hale在Talk Soup的主持路上走得比较辛苦,我想关于Hal与Talk Soup的故事,很多人都知道的比我多,我特别的希望QQ Hal社群的朋友能来介绍一下,你们经常在一起谈Hal吧?所以我相信你们一定知道的更多。
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


Peter Paige (Emmett) 简介(echolee11提供)
# ?6 {" l! R7 X* M6 u% F
& S) b+ t* k: P3 I8 M! q7 q3 M) G3 Dhttp://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/ser ... d-26363/moduleid-387 c5 F; V- e& F+ x( O9 p0 \
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, h9 C8 [) Z( O1 \' p  a
/ w8 O; @5 C% ?1 d1 IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
3 ~1 R' b: [& ^* B4 x$ Nqafone.coBirthday: April 10, 1968qafone.co1 E- d% ?/ Q2 o+ R
Birth Place: West Hartford, Connecticut, USAqafone.co2 L6 F! T' G9 p% {
Birth Name: Peter Paige
- E; O  G& j' B+ x! b
0 y, p7 P. L# u9 W( CBiography: qafone.co% s/ V: e0 x: x/ z. V) h- W
Peter Paige is an accomplished actor, director, and playwright who has worked on countless theatrical productions in New York and at regional theaters around the country, not to mention numerous television and film projects. Paige lived in seven different states before graduating from high school. Started acting at age six and continued to pursue acting, writing, and directing throughout his middle and high school career. Paige attended Boston University's prestigious School of Theatre Arts on full scholarship, spending twelve to fifteen hours a day in the university's classical theatre conservatory. After graduating summa cum laude from BU, Paige moved to New York. He toured the country performing Moliere's "Tartuffe" (in two languages!), and began leaving New York to perform at theatres around the country. Paige eventually relocated to Portland, Oregon, where he worked for two years on the city's Equity stages and was was discovered by his current manager, who immediately saw the potential and brought Paige to Los Angeles. Paige's first audition in LA landed him a hilarious guest spot on "Suddenly Susan," as Neil Pomeratz, the nervous undertaker. He has also appeared on "Caroline in the City," "MTV'S Undressed," "Time of Your Life," "Movie Stars," and "Will and Grace," among others. Hobbies/interests/likes include politics, sushi, watching tennis, and contemporary art.
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


Scott Lowell (Ted) 简介(tonizh提供)
- G, `5 d  c- G8 t3 f2 x  A: J( s6 p5 m) p; G1 [5 R1 @7 B# N5 g: b
以下英文简介来自他的主页 http://www.scottlowell.com/
9 ^- J) s, x) ^* E1 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站我暂时没时间翻译,请大家先读。
2 B) \7 R4 N" I7 Q4 o0 h0 a% Bqafone.co
+ |# h) e& k$ H* HQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站BIOGRAPHYqafone.co2 r9 f# P+ }) W3 C, \
* B" f5 O% c; q. O" E. i

0 ^# ~# q# n4 D3 M4 r5 @Scott Lowell is best known for his role as Ted in Showtime抯 popular and critically acclaimed Queer As Folk. The groundbreaking and provocative series which examines the lives of a group of gay and lesbian friends, will bow its fifth and final season in May 2005.
# F/ n* w+ r/ g# L
" P! N3 G& O' X: O4 B% c% b* cQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Scott was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Connecticut. He majored in theater at Connecticut College and also studied acting at the National Theatre Institute. He shortly moved to Chicago where over the course of a decade, he immersed himself in the local theater, including performances at the famed Steppenwolf and The Goodman. He also landed his first TV role in Chicago on Early Edition.
- p0 }+ P$ W$ a' v9 uqafone.co0 L7 n  |% P8 S. E  W' z3 }. {8 z& P: ?
Scott is no stranger to the small screen however. His television credits include appearances on Frasier, Caroline in the City, and a number of successful commercial campaigns for such companies as Nike, Lexus, Budget Rent-A-Car, and Payday candy bars.
# i( S( e- b2 q3 Z+ lqafone.co1 ~; C- G1 \  p8 k: L# I
On the feature front, Scott has most recently co-starred in On the Edge for Showtime. He also appeared in such feature films as The Debtors, Damned If You Do, Ladies from LA, Love Bites (Sundance 1999) and Opus 27 in which he played a young Ludwig von Beethoven.qafone.co: v: H9 M( @7 w/ O) k1 a$ G! K2 T

6 g1 D7 s- f3 M4 I0 ~- jScott抯 stage credits include productions of Present Laughter, Assassins, Twelfth Night, Laughter on the 23rd Floor and the world premiere production of Steve Martin抯 Picasso at the Lapin Agile.qafone.co: m8 F7 l" o7 @: A, C
, Y2 D# f4 N" O/ j0 p+ I% V- k0 U
In his spare time, Scott enjoys tennis, cycling, and cooking and also plays the french horn. He is an avid reader and writer and recently penned a full-length play about John Wilkes Booth. He is also wildly fascinated with Elvis Costello and the NBA. Scott currently resides in Los Angeles.' d* v& W$ |9 ?# k+ k5 p

- F6 Z+ _4 w: T9 o# L9 ~qafone.co今天下载了一段第一季结束后Scott Lowell(Ted)在加拿大一个电台的访谈节目。他非常风趣,谈了很多自己的事。看了我才知道他是从小被收养的,养父母的亲生女儿,也就是Scott的姐姐,是Lesbian,所以他说这样的家庭气氛让他很容易融入QAF的演出。后来他找到了自己的亲生父母,但是他没细谈。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 w* n  }* L$ i* G6 j; n7 ^+ Z
他还出演过几个电视广告,大多是比较幽默的。qafone.co0 r" Y1 k" l) Y9 k* l
下面是引用fluffy于2005-05-22 22:42发表的:
* r, Y" |; N7 t! _. xQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站关于Ted说的那段话 (114)qafone.co  B* P2 E0 p$ R: U% @* l

' n% @# _( v5 R: I* m% l5 q$ Sqafone.coBecause he made you in his image. y/ @9 e  T9 s" S
( B1 C7 D& V+ g" ?3 ?* g$ UQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Since God is love and God won’t make a mistake4 N% t  d! P( E3 K
% x/ z, A" K! G2 _5 |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Then you must be exactly the way he wants you to be, the way he intend you to be And that goes to every person, every plant, every mountain, every grain of sand, every song, every tear and every faggot) j; P- i2 }2 k+ z
所以我们一定是他想我们成为的样子,那个他希望我们成为的样子,对于每个人,每株植物,每座山,每粒沙,每首歌,每滴眼泪和每个同志,都没有例外Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( ]# T9 X; }! ], p, W1 Q
We are all his and he loves us all
$ U9 @4 e. Q7 t9 @! _Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站我们都是他的,他爱我们所有人Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 V. p! z( w; T
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


Chris Potter (David) 简介(qafchina提供)
2 D2 s- f" ~" C8 l$ I$ }: N# v& d姓名:Chris Potter ( ?* l- r# D2 s
出生*: 1960年8月23*
: J8 t- G% y8 e: N7 Sqafone.co出生地: 加拿大,安大略,多伦多
( }, s& w$ o+ _/ u  f同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志出生名: Christopher Jay Potter7 a+ p- K, D6 `- q$ \/ E% {- {

* n9 p. U* B. B1 iqafone.co简介
; q3 p8 G' X0 L5 M# o/ K9 S
: u' [+ U- U6 ~8 L& ~加拿大出生的演员Chris Potter,在未被Martha Henry挖掘前曾在保险公司工作,被发现后出演了加拿大的大片《Suffering Fools》。在那以后,他花了三年的时间成为了加拿大电视连续剧《Material World》的主演之一,后来又出现在华纳兄弟的电影《Kung Fu: The Legend Continues》里面。Chris Potter又数次参与了全明星组织的名人慈善曲棍球活动。他也出了一张个人专辑《Tourmaline》。目前他已结婚并确实四个孩子的父亲。qafone.co) G( z0 J3 K# `5 D1 F! L7 u3 V  L( S/ k

6 r0 M3 v- a! [, d7 v作品5 s0 r$ F( N, \3 H0 L+ w) i5 C
qafone.co8 l3 [" v9 z! \+ L
5 J! k/ x4 t7 p1 @, X7 BQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 i, `# {$ B% p% }9 h& I0 {* @9 q
Wild Card (2003) - Dan Lennox
6 z$ Y+ B: S2 ]1 h( L& m9 G% eKung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993) - Detective Peter Caine
; \' d" M% V& z4 x; W3 m4 v6 SSilk Stalkings (1991) - Sergeant Tom Ryan (1996-1999)
# ]' C) g2 l1 {, ?5 k
1 g) I( K5 W5 t6 t客串
3 ?/ x& Q' E$ A5 dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
6 g9 Z- d6 L8 hLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Mr. Rice - Head (2004)
+ ?0 F) A5 m) E7 w- uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Andromeda - Able LaDrone - The Right Horse (2003)2 \2 N. q2 V7 w* }- r+ o
Touched by an Angel - Michael - Angels Anonymous (2001)
% a% a8 `- S/ X/ J+ g3 S+ n/ ^5 s. AQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Will & Grace - Michael - Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back (2000)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 i5 w9 R9 X! b0 n9 s6 n! \6 ?1 O' ~
The Outer Limits - Captain Turner/T'nar - Stranded (1999); P- |5 s0 d7 L; N( `8 h6 X
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years - Frank - Providence (1995)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; _' q' F" E$ q3 i# g- y
Counterstrike - Billy - The Three Tramps (1992)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- L8 l- E0 @' ]6 k% V+ e& ~
The Hidden Room - Dan - Let Death Do Us Part (1991)
" Z, q8 t6 ~, c1 A2 |6 uqafone.coWar of the Worlds - Farmer - The Walls of Jericho (1988)3 W' m5 f2 f  v! R4 P- `: p
Katts and Dog - Griff Lewis - Fatal Obsession (0)
: z+ |6 W% ?7 U+ n+ kqafone.coPolice File - Hemion+ m5 e- `% ^! O7 u6 [. ~
Spider-Man - Gambit [Season 2 Addition]- F% n' K2 U1 Y- A+ V' R* L" D9 h- k
Street Legal - Grant Simon - The Confession
- ]; p! X4 L  @* e1 ^2 n* X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Top Cops - Henry Bunch - Rocky Bridges : u2 k4 ?7 i2 _
Top Cops - Mike Eubanks - Mike Eubanks and Robert Kurowski
- V. h7 @+ [6 i8 L! b; ]% _Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Top Cops - William Freeman - William Freeman 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 I9 ^7 ^$ ^0 |- z7 r
Top Cops - Gary Galletta - Snidersich
' H( Q! Z; n( v- S" Y  x5 dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Top Cops - Dave Driscoll - Dave Driscoll and Robert Cea
! N8 t1 `0 _6 ]$ H! h$ r9 HTop Cops - Wally Crabtree - Betty Jane Hendricks and Wally Crabtree
$ q0 Z' ?% E; V0 ~qafone.coqafone.co* ^" i2 {: _2 i2 b( T
0 L2 j! l) }- J. N! ~( _/ dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
* D$ b3 n- M" T/ Y' A- |Astronauts - Sam Ryan
1 A; G8 D  ~/ O& N% Dqafone.coMaterial World - Tim- \" {' G% V$ C+ n9 z
Queer as Folk - Dr. David Cameron* |# ~) U2 i& j; \
X-Men - Gambit/ Remy LeBeau (1992-1996)qafone.co- D8 u( N% ]* h3 c9 {

9 L. S" j0 e/ u+ L4 {, }  x1 I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志电影/电视剧等# |; p' T0 C/ L; T2 ]7 y

+ ^" U; f  V8 i2 JQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The Pacifier (2005) - Captain Bill Fawcett
* i9 u% ?) q" ]& B1 ^* z$ lOpen House (2003) - David Morrow
( ^1 r7 p4 u2 l# Q4 [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Rush Of Fear (2003) - Sam Bryant
  {  C$ R. z+ ?/ G& |2 H. N' T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Spymate (2003) - Mike Muggins, f2 F- e4 k2 T5 H# I1 ]" U
A Wrinkle in Time (2003) - Dr. Jack Murray
. ^/ e) i' h! t6 qFinal Jeopardy (2001) - Jed Seigel
1 d9 _6 B- h6 x' {1 ?1 HRocket's Red Glare (2000) - Tom Young: F2 I! S5 L1 W7 d! f( P  x; t
The Shrink is In (2000) - Jonathon
& z. _% Q6 j4 j* BThe Waiting Game (1998) - Adrian Seville
, z0 \0 F; t! B: r/ iArachnid - Valentine& ]0 t+ r" N; v# s- e
2 [) u# t, G. r  b) B
QAFChina翻译整理qafone.co8 w9 H9 {- a3 |, f; `1 A
; z4 t4 `6 U7 `) g* t+ \" m

$ |) X8 {+ I! c8 w. p/ \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站以下是网友wangers提供的中文资料:7 K# j8 _& H. q. O& Q" o% k  t
* K1 U) S2 z# u" ?
Chris Potter(David) 简介. N  H' I0 I: z6 `, Q/ _

6 k" `5 I/ E2 A0 y  nQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Chris Potter简介
  \# H3 F; @% R( h/ AQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- V8 u1 ~6 Y0 }: `& l# V! u2 Y/ A  t; ^
) r- f" l. H( EChristopher Jay Potter
" s/ _* u6 l2 p3 Kqafone.co, @8 [! b) E6 {, r" ^7 W& |" J
绰号 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ f2 b* q5 c$ s. C5 X4 S1 r
Cricket & V& C0 `) _+ C
CJ Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 p: G& ?8 e6 y* e
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( v1 n# m8 @& j1 v' {& v
2 \$ |- k: J" D/ N9 B* w0 gqafone.co6英尺2英寸 (1.88 米)
" o3 o, B+ H" m* n( x& V5 r6 |qafone.co
; N2 R. F2 y/ [主要经历
9 k# J" w2 C3 ^* H4 [4 Q" P& _
& A& H1 y% x- ~# c2 `9 M- T# d' RPotter出生在加拿大的多伦多。早在学生时代,他就发现了自己对戏剧的热爱,但当时并未考虑将其作为职业来从事。最终,他成为了一名股票经纪人,在欧洲、加拿大工作,并在业余剧团的戏剧作品里扮演角色,继续其对戏剧的热爱。他在业余剧团的演出,引起了加拿大最著名的女演员之一 - Martha Henry的注意,并邀请Potter在加拿大版的Biloxi Blues里担任角色。Potter在该剧中的表演引起了剧烈的反响,并在一个月之内,赢得了在加拿大广播公司的电视系列剧Material World(1990)担任主角的机会,并从此开始了其职业演员的生涯。
- F  X; I6 u  b/ n; Z5 T2 C0 a
4 N$ S9 U. [' ?% A. ]7 p6 uqafone.coPotter因在两部电视系列长剧中担任主角,并以两个不同的角色同时出现在电视荧屏上,而为人所知。他在1993年上映的Kung Fu: The Legend Continues,中扮演David Carradine的儿子,父子二人携手与犯罪分子战斗。该剧共上映了四季。与此同时,Potter还在USA Network的系列剧Silk Stalkings担任主角,扮演一名善于打斗的警官。此外,他还在该剧中担任分集导演。该剧共上映了三年。
5 P: N* z* F7 u( h2 s" N
- h0 e4 B: m3 J0 O7 T4 [4 x; R# hPotter其他的一些作品还包括哥伦比亚广播公司的Open House(电影)、 Rush of Fear(电影),美国广播公司的The Big House(2001) (电视) 和Astronauts(2002) (电影), Andromeda — USA Network 的电视电影,The Waiting Game(1998) (电视)。此外,他还为福克斯公司的动画片X-Men (1992) 中的Gambit担任配音,并在Will & Grace担任客串嘉宾。
- s: b: Q% R. G8 f+ q' bQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( }( p+ ~4 @& U+ w
作为一名前卫的演员,Potter还在由Showtime公司制作的,引起广泛争议的热播电视连续剧Queer as Folk(2000)第一季中扮演David Cameron医生一角。他的近期作品还包括米拉麦克斯公司的电影Spymate(2004),以及美国广播公司的迷你系列剧A Wrinkle in Time(2003)等。
5 }1 i- V' v& H8 z+ \qafone.co
) @: d5 S' g; @4 t* A2001年,因其在独立电影Rocket's Red Glare中的出色表演,Potter在纽约国际独立电影及电视节上,获得最佳男主角奖。
* \/ e1 L3 w# h& `+ i* @8 i3 T" E% C. ^. `
音乐一直是Potter生命中的一个重要部分。最开始,他是作为音乐人及歌手开始他的娱乐生涯的。他经常为朋友及家人创作并表演自己的作品。并发行了同名CD:Chris Potter(MAG Records唱片公司)。. L$ L) Z0 t  ]/ Z" I
* ]: _( w# G. c! u; J8 Y
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


9 Q! h0 h8 f% X$ Y0 u6 l# b4 h% c1 }6 b( m4 \
我把论坛中有关其他演员的零星资料贴做了以下索引,供大家查找:1 ^+ r* U: i9 e  s
以后有更新我再放上来同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ I/ n0 s! h: R+ n7 q# r4 \4 n
qafone.co+ j6 j2 F7 k' a* i# Z$ K' W
Fabrizio Filippo (小提琴手Ethan Gold) http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/read.php?tid=3006
' C2 D/ x& k1 \* h. s2 ?
  L6 L4 ?; f% `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Matt Battaglia (球星Drew Boyd)http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/read.php?tid=2412&toread=1&fpage=7
/ `; O9 R+ w0 y5 D7 x" F5 SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ `$ h  k+ X2 ~& Z( B  y
Thea Gill (Lindsay) http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/read.php?tid=28225 j  q1 y$ K' e, _  ~, a& J
6 J& R" y, `$ C( E5 T
Harris Allan (Hunter) : http://www.harrishideaway.com/ (谢谢brijus提醒。)
  @2 e, O3 c  U. ?4 W3 ~2 UQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Harris Allan新公开的个人email: harrisfriendmail@gmail.comqafone.co" S; X8 w% x# G; Z! z) @
7 B3 S+ L+ m$ }& r

. Z8 j' n$ |  ]$ g" Q/ a) s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Ben(  mikeyqaf提供 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: t) A0 n" u% `
About Robert:
* O( N& X* v# t, T% b+ H3 g5 XQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Birth Name: Robert Gonzalez
: ?. ]8 D4 H# d: E8 R* F( WBirthday: July 13, 1968
8 |) ?; Z' K+ J0 D+ A6 I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Birth Place: Tampa, Florida
! E- Y! \, s! L2 e4 n3 R" R5 L8 K同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# U, @# b! K! `. L* k
IMDb Mini Biography:Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 Z" |* V8 N+ {1 b) K4 k
Robert Gant continues to emerge as one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors. Gant began acting in television commercials at the age of ten in his home state of Florida. At the age of eleven, he performed a soft-shoe routine with Bob Hope as part of Hope's USO tour. Following high school, Gant headed to the University of Pennsylvania and then on to Georgetown Law School. While studying law, he never gave up on his true passion, acting, and performed in numerous theatrical productions. Interestingly, it was his career as an attorney that brought him to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world's largest law firm. In a twist of fate, four months after his relocation, the Los Angeles office was closed. Taking that as an omen, he made the decision to focus all of his time on his acting and has been working ever since. Robert currently plays Professor Ben Bruckner on the hit television series "Queer As Folk." Robert currently resides in Los Angeles.qafone.co8 w# I2 w6 z- _

3 c* S- m& j0 }0 Wqafone.coTV Tome Biography:
0 K/ P  m# J* J; w" B/ m* KIn just a few years, actor Robert Gant has gone from real-life Ivy Leaguer and barrister-in-training to portraying the Good Humor Man, a sexy handyman, the all-around nice guy, an offbeat high school vice principal...and most recently, a professor of literature and gay studies.
3 h, z% w/ y- B+ E; p# ~( ]1 _; X: `( v$ Q0 S0 r+ r( m
A native of Tampa, Gant began acting and performing at a young age. He appeared in a national TV commercial for Cheerios cereal in the fifth grade and did a soft-shoe routine at age 11 with legendary comedian Bob Hope as part of a USO show. In high school, Robert ("Bobby") was involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. He sang in a barbershop quartet, appeared in the school's theatrical productions (including "Grease"), and played football.
: o- P" _* {% W! u
& x5 F7 t1 b+ D( O/ _Gant remained active in theatrical and musical endeavors in college but had his eyes set on becoming an attorney. He studied pre-law at the University of Pennsylvania, earning his undergrad degree in 1990. He received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, in 1993 and took a job in Los Angeles with a law firm.
+ U$ B) c! o' Eqafone.co
8 D- G1 [/ R' C3 ~When the LA branch of the firm closed in 1994, Gant remained in California to pursue an acting career. At first, he landed small roles and guest appearances on several television programs, including "My So-Called Life," "Step by Step," "Melrose Place," "Friends," and "Ellen." In 1996, Robert was selected from a pool of more than 500 applicants to reprise the role of the Good Humor Man; he donned a white suit and black bow tie, drove a Good Humor ice cream truck, and sang and danced in a series of commercials for the Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Company. He also appeared in commercials for Coors Light beer, Saturn cars, and Hanes underwear (with Michael Jordan).
. n% H2 D& f: \2 h/ K. @( wqafone.co5 m0 n' C! G  f( _/ N3 @
Robert later had recurring guest star roles on "Caroline in the City," as Caroline's (Lea Thompson's) boyfriend Trevor, and on "Popular," as Vice Principal (and then Principal) Calvin Krupps of Kennedy (as in "Jackie O") High School. In Spring 2002, he joined the cast of "Queer as Folk" as Ben Bruckner, a professor of literature and gay studies who develops a romantic relationship with one of the show's main characters, Michael (played by Hal Sparks). Gant's film credits include "Cityscrapes: Los Angeles," "Jane Street," "The Contract," "Teaching Mrs. Tingle*," "Fits and Starts" (scheduled for a 2002 release), and the TV movie, "Bitter Vengeance."Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* i, A" \( ?7 Q; V0 |4 C/ d

; D- v: F5 N$ @# I3 GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Sources: The Tampa Tribune, Sequel: Georgetown University Theatre-Interested Alumni, IMDb, Bloomberg Business News, Penn Alumni pages, Variety *Although Robert's scenes in "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" were cut from the film, he is listed as "Professor" in the rolling cast credits at the end of the movie.
! l2 I/ [( k6 P7 NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
/ L* B& k9 h8 S$ \3 N5 G! G, U* O
下面是引用tonizh于2005-02-25 10:29发表的Robert Grant(Ben)新短片-在线观看:: S& ]7 r' G, d; I& ^
  Robert Grant (Ben)的黑白喜剧短片 Billy's Dad is a Fudge-Packer.
6 _2 b  c( L# F; X; h同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志只找到一个片断,很清楚。(需要内嵌Quicktime Player.)/ U# w1 d5 k( w# T6 X* p% M
http://www.gay.com/content/movie ... inment/movies/posma
( N# i4 ?1 G  b  H& K' w8 _同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 f" F( L9 Q" s# |: ~" ]
剧情:Billy为了完成家庭作业,开始观察周围的世界。长大后会是什么样?他会和爸爸一样成为一个笨蛋(fudge-packer)吗?当我们需要接受其他人的时候,事实会是我们想得那样吗?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' a) f# H! N5 W5 [

6 Y9 _/ G6 e9 X2 }2 Q2 Lqafone.cofudge就是棕色的蛋糕一类甜点,很像大便,fudge-packer就是粪桶的意思。Robert Grant就是扮演这个粪桶爸爸。
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


Harris Allan(Hunter) 的FANS网地址7 O( O, Q: {$ Z" p5 v( f. ?
下面是引用tonizh于2005-02-25 10:23发表的:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ N3 `2 b6 {# u+ j8 o4 Q
  帮你搜到了。用google搜的时候用双引号把Harris Allan引起来,这样就会组合搜索,姓名不会分开。然后加上queer as folk或者他的乐队名square9等。例如: "harris allan" queer as folk,搜索就行了,几秒钟搞定。+ G6 T/ {6 u- F  W; W
8 O* @5 ]2 z9 q% Z2 }
他的论坛,东西很全  http://www.harrishideaway.com/7 S  q) A' q( g& L9 Z4 C
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4 U- y6 j$ I1 ?- K3 `3 G
" G4 t3 J0 m$ f8 P7 mBlake(brijus提供)
' D# u$ d8 Q8 `0 m& ?! U7 y  eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& k% j. ^  ?9 _8 c) e' p
Dean Armstrong
& N; _7 G1 O. G% @/ c同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Born in 1974, Dean Armstrong is one of many Canadians involved in Queer As Folk USA (set in Pittsburgh, filmed in Toronto).
# h" w0 S6 p0 y# [$ o) YGraduated from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) in 1997; Dean majored in Drama. He has also starred in the American Broadway production of RENT. # x8 V; T( x5 K8 D; A0 J
Though his character of Blake was only seen in Season 1, many fans have been asking for him to return.
0 a5 E+ ~) H4 O) G4 X1 q; B5 Tqafone.coBiography for
2 G! q; \2 G6 ?3 ]& q' }# g8 M) r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Dean ArmstrongQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! l5 ?& }! {- q; v6 _( B; D

( q5 E* v0 S: t& GMini biography
4 u2 I$ J& i; H8 {' `; \: dDean Armstrong's professional acting career began almost seven years ago. A native of Toronto, Canada, Dean has been featured in many stage productions, TV shows, and commercials in both Canada and the U.S., most notably in the Broadway production of Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning musical, 'Rent', and in the critically-acclaimed recurring role of "Blake" on Showtime's "Queer as Folk" (2000). Dean is currently celebrating his fifth year as School Director of the Players Workshops Theatre School in Toronto. He has collaborated with actors, directors, producers, casting directors and students of all ages in various educational forums and theatre settings in both Canada and the U.S., including Young People's Theatre, the Drama Workshop, the Bishop Strachan Summer Arts Workshop, and the Scarborough Music Camp, as well as numerous theatre, public, and private schools province-wide. Dean is a graduate of Queen's University at Kingston and holds an Honors Degree in Dramatic Art and a Degree in Higher Education.
4 b( F- {3 J3 W- W
! ^1 H+ V  ^7 ~' C同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志他还有自己的站哦:
2 P" W: e$ s& v3 M! ~7 c( Whttp://www.dean-armstrong.com/7 E5 j% O- ^  F$ \. S, f4 @

& `" S/ v) p+ [! b以下资料由会员sancky520提供:
. J7 j+ ]! j2 w8 }! T5 E
1 @& i1 y* Z' O3 Y% K. X) Z- c; \$ s# W0 W, i) Y2 o
姓名:Dean Armstrong
: ~. |. O# D1 e' o) C0 ^8 B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志生日:1973年4月24" R0 d! J8 `! H* E
) q& X( d6 z; C! U  lDEAN在过去的10年里一直作为一个演员活跃在加拿大和美国的荧屏与舞台上,代表作品QAF中的BLAKE即让他褒受好评。他的其他电影及电视作品包括《遗传歌剧院》,客串出演《爱你到死》,《完美圣诞节》,《72小时》,〈新闻中心〉,〈DOC〉,《泰星来客》,《一生两次》。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: \7 e7 T; H/ [" `; f- @

" W* {6 b" P5 D! Q7 Z7 eqafone.co代表作:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ S& ^" E3 R- [
Repo! The Genetic Opera 遗传歌剧院 (2008) .... Male Victim ( z  B; k" l  A9 Z& ?
Triple Sensation (2007) TV mini-series .... Host/Self
$ f2 [$ Y8 [( p6 E, C! D6 OTil Death Do Us Par 爱你到死t.... Jason (1 episode, 2007)
2 n9 W) I6 v8 s. b9 zCar Keys Murder (2007) TV episode .... Jason
8 E( I$ W( j) {# Q+ Y) AQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站72 Hours: True Crime.... Campbell / ... (2 episodes, 2004-2006)
8 o& \$ |. o! w6 b5 I% bFrenzy (2006) TV episode .... Jordan Reardon
8 Q% e. g2 ]- J- X# F' o# ]2 M5 n- JThrill Krill (2004) TV episode .... Campbell
* L: S  ~0 C. w; |( X+ [3 lRecipe for a Perfect Christmas (2005) (TV) .... Reynard
* l! k7 M6 h6 n, o, z' m/ V& G. LQueer as Folk .... Blake Wyzecki (14 episodes, 2000-2005)! G# a  R, m4 @7 K* A2 v$ p% S
    - Episode #5.13 (2005) TV episode .... Blake Wyzeckiqafone.co& W0 ~3 [. I5 Q, K
    - Episode #4.7 (2004) TV episode .... Blake Wyzecki8 n. |& X- v0 r7 e/ x
    - Episode #4.6 (2004) TV episode .... Blake Wyzecki
) b" W. @1 U( x& S0 k6 I    - Episode #4.3 (2004) TV episode .... Blake Wyzeckiqafone.co% L( w& H2 c9 i- d
    - Episode #4.2 (2004) TV episode .... Blake Wyzecki
- e: ~% j; s  Uqafone.co      (9 more)
. s1 ?+ k! v6 C' m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志The Newsroom .... Bob Walker (1 episode, 2005)0 K( X3 _" Q" B1 M# J# D/ }
Latent Homosexual Tendencies (2005) TV episode .... Bob Walker同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& i2 ~( {) l$ p2 b* _2 y% h
Doc .... Scotty Redfield (1 episode, 2003)
) j4 T' o$ |! O' B9 H( Z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志The Checkered Flag (2003) TV episode .... Scotty Redfield
. b( N- h1 n  P( ?0 a1 R同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Earth: Final Conflict .... Hotel Volunteer (1 episode, 1999)2 A  u! s- {( E' N# D( Y
Crackdown (1999) TV episode .... Hotel VolunteerQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* B1 w5 s5 Q3 f6 G; ^7 O
Twice in a Lifetime.... Bruce Bennett (1 episode, 1999)2 L" J4 Z- L" ?/ M
Ashes to Ashes (1999) TV episode .... Bruce Bennett
4 g, w5 \+ h$ M$ x8 Gqafone.coqafone.co# t, S. q4 f; ?) {8 Z; z' k4 E. k
Miscellaneous Crew:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ u: T2 Q" {. ~$ a/ s
The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico (2005) (acting coach: Matt Murphy)
& `  u* k9 m3 ~: v* B5 |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站... aka La vie trépidante de Guy Terrifico (Canada: French title)
* b8 m& ~) E9 oqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& c, h8 P. t, s5 R3 s( l
/ f1 V9 l! y0 U1 u同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志"Triple Sensation: Inspiration & Performance" (2009) TV series .... Himself - Host
! c0 B5 G( b2 f' _0 sqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. g! i* H3 b+ p2 G4 o
6 V2 f9 r1 X6 H' aqafone.co
. w" O4 j5 U5 ~: E2 [( t  t
, L* H3 z# X' j9 G& B. x8 Z$ H' [9 @( _5 w* o, F
. T/ v, y2 t/ ~$ J; Oqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 B8 P* M9 s5 z5 o: f% D

8 H6 q: q- M4 i以下资料由diudiuboy提供:
8 O+ n5 I$ A. e% B$ m. v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
7 m# \( p# P' j3 Z  o0 a/ L- c
8 w4 W" _, _: R1 n  ?" d" y, ^
: v0 U; M2 [; R6 {& t! M' @/ S  Z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
' \" T* F! I, K. _同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志帅吗?这就是Matt Battaglia,
% J/ c" J% S  `6 Y8 J7 f$ O1965年9月25日出生于美国弗罗里达州,再过两个月就要40岁了。像吗?No, absolutely not.
1 }, b) _" ~) c! ?0 ?% \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
' p# n1 d$ {" d, @Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站在之前第4季中他的表演部分就很是让我倾心。关键是人太帅,身材太好。一个劲儿地觉得晃眼,外加流口水。。。。汗。。。这次在第5季再次出场更是因为剧情的美好转机而使得大家,尤其是喜欢Em的大家欣喜和激动。
  h/ W  H+ {( k; h; D5 m4 tqafone.co: f3 W' d* T4 }) ~' B
看过Friends的朋友也许会记得,应该是在第2或者第3季。有一集是讲菲比(Phoebe)劈腿,同时找了两个男朋友。这两个男朋友就是帅哥Matt和Robert Gant(Ben的扮演者)两人一起客串的。看当年的Ben的肌肉已经够发达,不过体形还是没有现在好。Matt扮演的那个帅哥是个救火队员。(天,让人流鼻血的职业,尤其是这种帅哥做救火队员。。。一会儿点把火烧房子去。。。)当时的演技还是一般的,不过那天回顾Friends看到他还是兴奋不已。Robert也比那个时候帅好多好多。
1 G% D/ P; N1 ]
2 @* f, |3 X& |  r$ vqafone.coMatt是他们家四个孩子当中最小的一个。他之前还是NFL打球,是个专业橄榄球运动员呢!!怪不得身材这般诱人。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' ?9 C7 ]. o( C
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 k% ^2 O: j1 n. \" y8 E. D
' W$ p! g( r$ Y  d! o' g: sQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
; Y$ J' e! q2 r/ ?& q$ R2 WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站>>这里是imdb的资料库链接:
& h: D% T% x8 ]4 R1 A$ Y0 [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0061307/% k0 C3 U7 w$ L5 B9 ?0 M" I; f1 @

( i: i! P! D4 Z# A; V% H# ~Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站>>官方网站:& T* {+ @0 n( h# T
http://www.mattbattaglia.net/Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 O3 `6 Z9 L5 @! M9 g
qafone.co& ~$ W# P; I  _0 i* v
>>电影《西班牙女佣》EMULE下载页面(Matt是主演之一):同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; m+ L3 r" [& P: o8 F, b1 F
/ i0 B2 |' J4 [% t# W, I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
  O! q# d) C& b4 T( y( m+ X' o$ i4 Y+ v>>电影《不死潜龙》EMULE下载页面(Matt是主演之一):qafone.co1 m! x5 W* B2 [/ I3 ]6 R
http://bbs.leobbs.com/cgi-bin/topic.cgi?forum=99&topic=468&replynum=last#bottomqafone.co$ E3 P) A" W  T5 C( ^

; O3 I9 Y2 J7 @' w" c. w谢谢tuuuuu纠正问题
# x) {. c1 {/ y  g) g3 X: f# i" Q; n/ z( O( G- v9 l

( F: L! W. g7 |qafone.co" ^) H7 ?, I1 v8 W/ o. z. P; x6 i
下面是引用mxxm:# t& n8 X3 S' C$ v7 q
5 V- M% f/ d+ h7 J- U, M
可以到這裡看看︰Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* y# A% q8 [8 w: d
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0061307/& q9 D0 C, y) n/ w0 {# r* {$ g
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( C4 R9 @. L. J/ N
他的官方網站︰/ {5 Q3 `* P8 r) Y7 X0 W' q+ e
: _! k; y; Z7 m/ S. ~Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 r5 Z/ n; t8 K% ^, O( u

: e0 s+ b  u) ]' ]7 G' D: xQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 a3 ]/ M9 B  O$ Q/ V$ K; `+ A

8 s- x( g0 S- q# L; GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站以下内容由tonizh提供同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( }, r3 F* H# y# \1 r
qafone.co9 X6 a5 y, S. b4 y, e1 b# D
Brett Keller导演扮演者的资料
; S3 g* \4 `" Q  qqafone.co- D1 m( @# p2 w+ b9 ^/ s
那个演员的名字是:Mike Shara  
0 u5 b% I) @! G/ ^8 G# e剧中人物--那个导演的名字是Brett Keller。Justin叫他Brett.qafone.co6 ]1 j; A% G& [, b* L4 G

4 c2 h& l7 v( s$ @2 `QAF所有参演演员按每集分类:(点击集数查看对应角色)
  y6 ]7 K6 R" Y5 O' V* Y* j" qhttp://www.tvtome.com/QueerasFolk_US/eplist.html
/ {% n3 R7 _1 d/ D. q( {) }Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
2 J( [, J$ H, NQAF所有参演演员的名单按firstname分类:/ d+ c7 {; Q" i: o1 V
http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/ser ... 3177/Queer_as_Folk/
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


, D; W7 b7 @) G" W& T4 R) dHal Sparks (Michael) 的留言:% r) I. \* q$ n  Z: `3 f
6 y0 M8 X: B# g  L1 n9 }* S
  From Hal's Lair ( http://www.halslair.com/index.php )7 ?1 Z8 G" C2 a3 r

8 n: z5 _. X6 y4 J3 X# I$ zQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Hi All,- d6 C1 E" |4 p1 P% c# g0 z5 T
) b$ w7 g; m; B/ B) ?- x  y  F
The QAF season is winding to a close and there are officially 8 work days left in the episode, the season... the show. These last days are both challenging from a production standpoint and emotionally as well. Each day it seems we are saying goodbye to a set or a location or an actor we have worked with for a long time. The final read-thru was a sweet experience and I'm sure you will all enjoy the last episode very much.qafone.co1 G$ _' A$ x4 {% B

! q6 c  L5 P5 d/ V/ wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站When all is said and done and the show has wrapped and aired I'm sure I'll have more to say about the show and the experience, but I wanted to say (while I'm in this ridiculously melancholy mood ).. Thank you to all the fans of the show. Your love for the show and your appreciation of the work we've done is really what has made this such a special experience on a personal level.qafone.co6 c! k" d) q" v( }0 {6 R2 m
- u+ ~* R+ S2 P+ \9 N; D& K; W
We'll talk again soon.
6 E+ m: R" x) n& x9 C1 Oqafone.co
5 v3 ~  C' K! F( p& `7 }1 M. o8 Eqafone.coBig Love,, j3 X: g4 J; u, Z1 ~, J6 E( d
- G, w4 v+ s( ~' D6 H
Hal+ E* N8 N( y' Q+ N/ C; F0 ?4 L

( I8 H: P3 r. `- X* Z3 Vqafone.co( moose不負責任翻譯 )3 _( V: r0 v9 k7 H/ |

8 Q- |7 h: k; q# O, M4 P3 IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Hi Allqafone.co& U2 b; n& ]) d" L3 {

' A5 y& a8 s& e8 rQAF拍攝季節將接近尾聲,只剩下8天,這一集、這一季……還有整齣節目都將結束。這些最後的日子,對我在拍攝效率及情感上都是不小的挑戰。每一天,我們都好像在對熟悉的攝影棚、拍攝地及共事很久的演員們說再見。最後一次的讀劇本是一次甜美的體驗,而我也確定你們都將會非常享受最後一集。
: @+ s6 {, X& _/ x- z5 V$ H8 V& U( k; x( {/ r! v
當一切都結束,劇集開始在電視上播放時,我一定會談更多關於這個節目的事情和我的經驗。但現在我想說(雖然荒謬地心情如此憂鬱 ),謝謝你們,謝謝這個節目的所有影迷。你們對這個節目的愛,以及對我們努力成果的欣賞,是我能有如此特別經驗的最大原因。# F4 k2 @" g# C  P7 k: W: L

6 m) A" y5 h% s. {# m2 s8 sqafone.coWe'll talk again soon. qafone.co6 G! c( s6 w: J$ @

7 d$ t- M2 R! _- h3 x: n5 E同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Big Love,
9 _* Q( L! z. D6 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ n) s1 f( ~2 `. n3 w! d5 ~
* a, e- I( [4 F0 BQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# Y8 R# q$ F! I! a
' {, d0 {. X, Y! }$ e2 I

# h- V3 f, h$ ^5 |$ L9 V* c4 pQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站唉,我也感傷起來了....
! Q% K  q/ R% r! m+ H- P) A, l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志這個小人頭()是Hal自己貼的呢,微笑地擦眼淚,跟我的心情一樣。
" o6 v' ^3 }9 t; R' r6 [" A
" e: v( N+ G, o/ w% Z2 WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
5 V; o/ K# Z7 {( @4 J: w5 g( \9 Z3 B* e! z9 r- s6 ?
]brijus提供的Peter Paige (Emmett) 的留言:6 O/ e* ~9 ~8 j- ~! {9 `
我 (tonizh)来给大家简单翻译一下
& o8 U% q3 d; D+ H, r$ L& Y3 B4 E* ~
qafone.co1 I/ a. a) O; d2 m* u
& ?: }# {/ k5 ~; Y, e$ I! tqafone.co7 h9 M4 T5 s7 _
March 11, 2005qafone.co* D1 `, u3 \$ r& _  z: N* G
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, H% l! N' Z$ S
hello, all -" s3 H; [! p2 M- Q( L2 k! N
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* k9 E# J- B# K2 R- ^4 x; O; `* f  T
we've entered the final week of shooting for QAF - something that once seemed so far away.
; c3 B  n# B1 r; @+ ~& |8 |同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, [: L, F8 ?7 e9 m2 J
i need to take a moment to thank everyone -
! ]8 t2 D9 X5 z/ p! G  V) h- P同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 c2 N; s. P8 u2 ^( G0 M5 P9 d
my fellow cast, who have taught me more than they'll ever know, Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) K0 L& n/ y, ~( x7 g8 }& k2 c2 E
the executive producers, who saw fit to let me be a part of this truly ground-breaking series,
, v' v3 I% ~6 N- d! HQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站the writers, who helped create these flawed, original, sexualized gay characters,+ L& e6 n0 A( \2 r
the extraordianary crew, who are really at the heart of the experience for me, , G) A$ b' u1 o$ ]7 f) J; \) `# b
the background players, who show up day after day with little reward, but without whom we couldn't create the show, # i+ T+ r& |0 m2 q$ I0 l
everyone at showtime, who enabled us to put this unique show on the air,
9 i2 u1 D3 ^+ D& |5 jand of course the fans, who have reflected back the joy and power of telling these stories.8 F" u; W6 `; _, c- {$ M9 \

5 |) }; L3 p- ?/ Y# Xthis experience has changed me in more ways than i can describe. suffice it to say, i came to this show a boy, but i leave a man. QAF has enabled me to navigate the world differently, as a person who belongs here, not a scared, apologetic soul searching for his place. it may sound overstated, but i will never forget the gifts i have been given because i was a part of this series.
# i8 t5 H: K' o$ ?4 Eqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 {; ?  I- o0 A! T& x( @* @) p; M
but still, life must go on. we're almost finished with SAY UNCLE - the post-production, that is. we're composing the score and mixing the sound and finalizing the special effects (you didn't think we'd have special effects, did you?). the film is coming together beautifully, and i can't wait to get it out into the world.
9 q4 e3 h  C' ?$ s$ g% b9 v& c) s3 z" @# Y, G6 d- V& H9 N+ w; b
i've also started writing the next film i'd like to direct - i'm collaborating with canadian actor/playwright damien atkins - and am out there pitching a couple of ideas for tv series. so we'll see what comes to fruition first.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 j3 _1 ~  F) g: f( T! @

- a- p" v( W) N$ b3 H; RQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站thank you all for your support over the years, but don't stop coming around just because QAF is ending its run. there's so much more to come, i promise...
& Y3 T4 I3 C" N8 T- _1 J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
1 j7 D7 q* K, m4 m. P, l" I# @take care of yourselves,5 y) G/ g) B6 |9 ^2 d, ^
1 _. i& Y6 L( ]* C* H
xoxo* F' I% @/ g8 f- b/ ]( E
/ ], j: w8 Q; c* n9 ~& H1 P# Z! m, M. f% a6 ?: f

. p- S& K+ E) T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志我们一进入最后一周的拍摄,以前还不觉得时间这么快就过去了。
, K0 P8 a$ _+ I5 ?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
2 ^- f% F1 s, H( C8 T6 @7 RQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站感谢大家。
9 \0 w. U- W! @: q! f; N! ?8 NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
) y: _  p$ b" _0 ^( M5 V7 n5 uqafone.co我的演员同事们都是我的学习榜样,给予我很大启发。感谢制作人让我参演这个破天荒的电视剧。感谢编剧创造了这些活生生原汁原味的同性恋人物。感谢拍摄组和配角演员们。感谢Showtime电视台播出这套电视剧。当然还要感谢fans回馈的欢乐和力量。% ]0 L6 z) l6 ~/ X$ }

! L$ d" G% l6 [, _& q9 J* b这些经历给我的人生带来极大变化,难以形容。QAF改变了我看世界的眼光,我不再是一个受惊吓又怀有歉意的寻找家园的人。也许我说得有点过头吧,但是我永远不会忘记这套电视剧对赋予我的东西。
* P. P- C4 ~. \  i
: L$ V" @* }, V" U- G; oQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站生活在继续。我们在进行Say Uncle的后期制作,配乐,做声效(你不知道我们用了特技吧?)影片看起来棒极了,我都等不及了。( l# E( s- J. R5 p* v7 n

8 @  q1 v1 g8 z. n, G我已经开始编剧下一部我自己要导演的影片。和加拿大演员兼编剧Damien Atkins合作。还在考虑拍电视连续剧。
) }4 y- a; C+ E) F4 ~* v! {) i( f$ Y; |  z5 W3 K/ J
. c+ G3 p- A4 @! t, X/ [, q, D
, z& X$ v* i+ M0 a( _保重,* @. O( `$ x  ?- k8 T$ @/ R
qafone.co" f5 m) [  D" m8 K% j: P6 x
kiss kiss' l: |2 P, o  V0 T# e
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


下面是引用tonizh于2004-12-23 12:32发表的QAF在一个社会调查中的位置:Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% [. d9 v1 z5 b* j
这个网页上有个某大学某机构对于影视作品对GL社区表达精确度的调查。qafone.co: \2 I' ^9 \9 W
- k0 N# _' J4 Q4 d大概2000个被访问者都是queer, 他们的答案是:
& N7 u, K8 K/ EQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Brian Kinney是所有同志题材电视剧里最不真实最不准确的人物。答案几乎一边倒。
, P. b) o% G2 g3 N6 ]qafone.co但是,QAF是最受欢迎的电视剧,其次是Will&Grace.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 X& @$ P5 v" p& _5 n
Emmett Honeycut是所有同志电视剧里配角中最真实,表达最准确的人物
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人




5 Z* L; S# l2 U9 w2 Q: aqafone.co
$ T8 u; n( E" A/ {9 Q9 h' }Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Gale Harold 的影片《Wake》(2003)
+ y, c' C7 I- T/ \+ k最近发现Gale的电影Wake有发行DVD, 阵容挺强的片子。Kyle这个角色是专门为Gale写的。主页有图: http://www.m4our.com/wake/
! a& y# q0 h7 _$ ?6 Z& D$ C同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志影片简介:
1 P$ N: D; U) I9 Y2 U大概是讲四个兄弟在老房子里重聚的故事,有比较超验的情节。据说Gale的表演十分出色。
1 G) K; g" t1 G5 lAlone in his family’s decaying, long-deserted homestead, Sebastian (Martin Landau), confronts the blank page, a writer struggling to tell a tale. “...Each room, every hallway harbors the same shadows as when my brothers and I were young. And in each and every shadow, the same unchanging deceptions...” Is what we are experiencing what really happened? Does it exist only in Sebastian’s memory, or is it a fiction?
% Z2 E- l; j. w7 [# N( h- ]: D6 ~* P) _! `qafone.co
, v/ y: o8 l) ]7 A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志In the film, “WAKE”, the fateful reunion of four brothers quickly dissolves into a night of drinking, deceit, perversions, and death. They don’t realize until it is too late that the party they are having is, in fact, a wake.# k# w4 C3 M! U+ b

! U& r4 p  n3 W3 R1 XThe writing and directorial debut of Henry LeRoy Finch, “WAKE” is a performance vehicle in the literary spirit of the great American playwrights; O’Neill, Albee, and Shepard. Shot entirely on location in and around Bath, Maine in a house that was originally built in 1745, the film has a visual authenticity that is palpable. “WAKE” presents powerful performances captured with innovative technology.qafone.co( @& R0 M5 N. X

2 P& i( ~" f& n; w5 g8 g- lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The gifted cast includes: Gale Harold (”Queer as Folk”) as Kyle, Blake Gibbons (“Hollywood Homicide”) as Raymond, Dihlon McManne (“Prospect”) as Sebastian, John Winthrop Philbrick (“Stephen King’s The Langoliers”) as Jack, Rainer Judd (“Reunion”) as Dusty, newcomer Dusty Paik as April, and Oscar-winner Martin Landau (“Crimes and Misdemeanors”), (“Ed Wood”) as Older Sebastian.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- b$ q9 P' K$ n, {

4 G+ n7 C: h) c; G% `1 t: wNic Harcourt, musical director of National Public Radio station KCRW and host of the internationally acclaimed show “Morning Becomes Eclectic” has brought his invaluable expertise and talent to bear on the project as music supervisor. Chris Anderson has composed the score with Henry LeRoy Finch. Three-time Grammy-nominated sound engineer/record producer Joe DiGiorgi has mixed the film. Included in the film’s varied and moving score are original songs written and performed by up and coming American folksinger/songwriter Ramsay Midwood.
3 o! f' M9 C1 P# v4 ]
- }* V; i. @9 Y3 e5 y5 i8 Lqafone.co“Wake” is written and directed by Henry LeRoy Finch and produced by Susan Landau Finch. Executive producers are Michael C. Donaldson and Margaret Rockwell. Patrick Kelly is the director of photography, Gus Carpenter edited the film, Eric Matheson is the production designer and Szuszana Megyesi served as costume designer. Matthew Clark’s multiple roles as ”artist in residence“ include art director, stills photographer/videographer, titles and graphic designer.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' N# G2 W; l; z5 J! @

2 J0 M$ h4 Z9 q8 Uwildwell films is committed to commercially viable, maverick projects with “A” level cast and scripts of exceptional literary quality. Through the cultivation of cutting edge concepts, Wildwell Films is dedicated to producing movies with a fiercely independent flair.
; i/ y; l- W% |/ t: Y) J9 |qafone.coqafone.co+ ?+ d! c; l: d$ e" v. T$ N
Gale Harold和Michelle Clunie主演的电影The Unseen(2005)
  Y; L! u" P: dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
  c  l2 g5 o1 r7 h2 P# ?+ K 到这里看预告片:http://www.theunseen2005.com/trailer.htm
, z  }$ g: C9 s0 d5 W7 X/ l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
. ^9 x! {" q9 P5 `) K! \' h. p: d/ A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志"The Unseen" and "Love & Suicide"- K, w) u9 y+ P9 A- Y
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- {' G- w1 P; X* E; ~4 N! |. A
For filmmakers, inspiration can come in unlikely ways. In the case of writer/director Lisa France (known for her debut film, "Anne B. Real," which was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards), it happened through a chance meeting with Hollywood stylist Phillip Bloch. "He had this movie idea," France recalls. "So we talked about a couple of plots and I got along great with him and the film came along through that."Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 q5 |$ O6 J2 u' a3 C6 b3 j0 x- ^
# T& ]% i0 I, W! |( q4 V, g
The two came together on an idea loosely based on the racially charged 1965 film "A Patch of Blue" in which Sidney Poitier befriends a blind white girl played by Shelley Winters. Intrigued in telling a story about "someone who's blind and knows about racism but has never seen it," says France, "The Unseen" follows Roy (Steve Harris from TV's "The Practice") and Harold (Gale Harold from TV's "Queer as Folk"), two interracial friends who reconnect after having not spoken for years (Bloch, who's also on board as producer, plays Roy's blind younger brother). Set in Atlanta, Georgia, France knew from the beginning she wanted to place the story in the south. "I think the location is a character as racism is not only born but at least in the south still alive, so doing it in Georgia was important."
7 x( I( W7 d. d# l5 Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 Y5 q6 q; g. t/ C1 j5 _. U2 P" _% q5 l: |
Shot in 20 days last June, DP Jim Hunter shot the film on HD and it was cut by editor Noel Dowd. Composer Dean Parker is currently finishing the score. The film also stars Catherine Dent (TV's "The Shield") and Judah Friedlander ("American Splendor"). France plans to submit the film to Sundance.* ^+ p7 J, L! [* V
3 o& O+ j: O; R( m: [  B# T
But that's not all she's submitting. The winter before shooting began on "The Unseen," France, with a crew of six, went to Cuba to shoot "Love & Suicide." How did an American crew shoot a feature in Cuba? Easy, she submitted "Anne B. Real" into the Havana International Film Festival. "We went down there for the festival, totally legal," France recalls. "We walked in with a camera, we couldn't have a boom out because that would be obvious. We shot in hotels and in bars and in the streets. We just couldn't shoot any government officials. We literally had to hide the camera.", c( i+ \, N$ Q7 m- E
qafone.co2 b* }5 C6 {, `: z
The film follows a man's (Kamar De Los Reyes) journey to Cuba to commit suicide. Using a Panasonic 24p camera, France and company, thought by the festival to be the cast and crew of "Anne B. Real," ran around Havana for ten days shooting the film. "The day the festival was over we were gone," she says.
: B; V/ r+ C1 {) I& y* ]8 RQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ o% w" b5 h' `( B3 X) B+ a/ D
Demian Lichtenstein, who shares producing credit with Luis Moro on both films, shot "Love & Suicide." Duane Wandles executive produced both films.
* a; u" H% I: S' ]9 a0 Y/ n: QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; w& T2 ^7 M* Y6 t" H, e
[ For more information, please visit: http://www.theunseen2005.com. ]
* q2 |# |6 \& _5 r4 `1 v- C$ [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: k! p( S# U5 M4 ZGale 新片《Life on the Ledge》预告片+官方主页
/ H7 k2 l; c% l- B* }. L  g  Gale在其中扮演一个土匪一类的坏人 Chaz。qafone.co3 v: R9 q3 N+ h! S9 D. v+ S

/ F! @: V- M4 N7 c看预告片(需要Quicktime插件):http://75films.com/lifeontheledgemain.html% {9 x8 v7 J7 Z/ R  l

& ]/ N  J& f2 ^/ m6 R2 f同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志图片:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0415119/photogallery% c* m, k! N3 z2 ]
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 w$ J6 B. @* a3 z8 A. ^( F6 O* h
1 R2 z# E; j" M
2 F' I# W' w+ e" q' y" B" x( D故事梗概:
( C; s$ L2 u% W4 J: k1 a- j Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ S+ g# \: m0 ]. }% C8 [
Life on the Ledge (2004)qafone.co2 u! B3 M& I5 }5 H; R1 g) {5 g

7 M; ^8 R2 J, Q! iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Brian Leib (Lewis Helfer), a thirty-two year old, ritualistic neurotic recluse who lives with his paranoid parents (Tovah Feldshuh, Mark Blum), only leaves his house to see his psychiatrist. His days are kept as simple as the loaf of bread he makes every morning; the first slice his breakfast, the last slice his dessert--this gives him a "sense of closure for the day." On the verge of jumping he finds a tumor on his neck. Through this new found bad news he gets the strength to talk to Claire (Melissa Sagemiller), another patient of his psychiatrist's. Claire, a beautiful stripper with a badly stained childhood lets her male guard down and lets Brian in. In order to protect Claire, Brian gets involved with a motley crew of gangsters (Gale Harold, David Thornton, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Smokey), faces his fears and gains the will to live... but is it too late?
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


8 O6 v$ A! F# M4 v. [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) R9 `  g8 s/ _: M5 S
Randy 新舞台剧 Equus  `1 [) D  d/ E- Q% s
qafone.co+ r4 C: n, E; Q6 ~% u
Theater News  May 25, 2005
3 M1 g* ^* l' d" ]qafone.co  H5 C. }3 v8 }# w7 |9 ?: M
Hold Your Horses! Randy Harrison Cast in Berskhire Theater Festival's Equus
) @4 J9 d; z* F  \& y! ]& B7 i' \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 G8 s! q% G- b- C0 x0 v- d
Queer As Folk star Randy Harrison will play Alan Strang in the Berkshire Theater Festival's upcoming production of Peter Shaffer's Equus, which will run July 12-23. His co-stars will be Victor Slezak as Dr. Martin Dysart and Roberta Maxwell -- who played Jill Mason in the original Broadway production -- as Hester Salamon. Scott Schwartz (Bat Boy) will direct.
8 m: Q& e+ y; E/ H! O* kEquus concerns Alan Strang, a young man who inexplicably blinds six horses one night. In the mental hospital to which he is later confined, he meets Dr. Dysart, who tries to unravel the mystery behind this violent act. The original Broadway production of Equus won the 1975 Tony Award for Best Play.
# Y0 @/ _0 Q5 e0 U/ R& E* V5 u同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: f$ T5 Z5 P. L8 CHarrison, who plays Justin Taylor on the Showtime series Queer As Folk, was seen on Broadway last summer as Boq in Wicked. In 2002, he appeared in the MCC production of A Letter from Ethel Kennedy with Jay Goede and Anita Gillette. Slezak's Broadway credits include Any Given Day, Garden District, and The Graduate; earlier this year, he starred as Carl Jung in the Primary Stages revival of Sabina. Maxwell's Broadway credits range from the original 1968 production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to the 1996 Roundabout Theatre Company revival of Summer and Smoke; more recently, she has appeared Off-Broadway in The Persians for the National Actors Theater, The Carpetbagger's Children at Lincoln Center, and Richard III at the Public Theater.
% F2 R0 q; y  S" c& S: j5 b* k同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 z: Z$ Y0 q: E( ?
1 b$ x: d6 u6 F" S6 J, y9 {1 m
  {/ A' A. y+ h& a3 X" G. Qqafone.co9 i, p* D/ g% {$ ~
* V. w* ~5 q! Y0 x, {  F' s5 ~7 B8 tqafone.co
# a$ P; n+ z! N  A. GPerter Shaffer的著名戏剧Equus《马》/《恋马狂》是一部震撼人心的经典佳作,曾在1975年获得托尼最佳剧本奖,Randy饰演的第二男主角Alan Strang,是一个异端青年,他戳瞎6匹马的眼睛后被送进了精神病院,心理医生Martin Dysart为Alan分析治疗,经过种种挫折,最终发现病因并治愈这名青年。全剧抽丝剥茧如侦探小说般,自医生与病人首次会面,逐步回溯以往,展现病人的个性、家庭及悲剧发生的主因。
, a, b! L" S. O, l2 K9 y7 n# W7 Q* b' e6 R9 c
Alan极度爱马,甚至将马当成神祗崇拜, 他夜半裸体骑马在郊外狂奔,既是他独创的敬神仪式,也是一种性欲的发泄,他之所以刺瞎马眼,是因为他不愿让他的“神”/“爱人”眼看他与女友在马厩里做爱(众马环视之下),无法完成男性“庄严”之任务。
, g8 y+ f/ }7 k$ n
5 t/ Y; v  Y7 Y$ n+ zEquus不仅探讨一些人与社会的问题,最突出的就是性--巴岱伊的色情哲学(眼睛),还可被视为对尼采和杜斯妥也夫斯基的解读(父与子、马和神编织交错的网络)。; I. j/ ]" m- c1 h( _! g0 U2 ]6 C
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: y+ z; Q; ?8 B! E) k9 `
  S3 f4 e- @. F) U很大胆的一部戏,演员赤身裸体上阵,但这种尺度对于Randy来说,应该还算驾轻就熟。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, \' e6 s' l+ H. v. A

, Y' b% K/ d+ W' _, u8 f  B重点是,只要他能做着开心的事,我就开心〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜55555555〜〜〜〜〜〜〜Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" o1 }# V! Q+ f! B6 u% K/ k4 `" I
qafone.co; n  _( V) p8 x# n# k# x

4 N) z/ }0 V: y2 f; b+ A% z% B以下内容又emmacute提供:
# _7 ^6 a0 O$ `4 I3 b! F5 eqafone.coQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 F0 o7 E0 \# m0 Y
Randy即将演出的舞台剧-EQUUS同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, m! s% P1 J* q4 A4 ~+ b2 r
qafone.co6 l8 k, p8 a& Y) P. S2 U3 k! T
1 `) P9 z# v5 I- Kqafone.co作者 Peter Shaffer
3 ?( j1 {9 v+ l8 Z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志    Peter Shaffer 于1926年出生在利物浦,他的双胞胎兄弟Anthony Shaffer也是一个戏剧作家。他在St. Paul's schhool,London and Trinity College, Cambridge接受教育。1944-47年间,他是一个煤矿工人,之后1951-54年,他在纽约生活并且是纽约市公众图书馆馆员。同时, 他为Truth杂志写文学评论,也为Time 和Tide写音乐评论。他著名的戏剧有 Five Finger Exercise, Royal and White Liars, Battle of the Shrivings,The Private Ear和The Public Eye.- h" K5 A- z/ S% R# R' w  b
2 n6 {0 i4 }0 T, j/ O- Z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志On weekend over two years ago, I was driving with a friend through bleak countryside. We passed a stable. Suddendly he was reminded by it of an alarming crime which he had heard about recently at a dinner party in London. He knew only one horrible detail, and his complete mention of it could barely have lasted a minute-but it was enough to arouse in me an intense fascination.
: N+ O8 T; L7 f; `' Y0 W" }0 P: S* dqafone.coThe act had been committed several years before by a highly disturbed young man. It had deeply shocked a local bench of mafistrates. It lacked, finally, any coherent explanation.
; `$ W' X7 R) C2 L5 a4 z2 F5 aA few months later my friend died. I could not verify what he had said, or ask him to expland it. He had given me no name, no place, and no time. I don't think he knew them. All I possed was his report of a dreadful event, and the feeling it engendered in me. I knew very strongly that i wanted to interpret it in some entirely personal way. I had to create a mental world in which the deed could be made comprehensible.
2 e' w/ V+ ]" Z& s$ oqafone.coEvery person and incident in Equus is of my own invention, save the crime itself: and even that I modified to accord with what i feel to be acceptable theatrical proportion. I am grateful now that i have never received confirmed details of the real story, since my concern has been more and more with a different kind of exploration.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ t3 P8 _* }3 Q' z6 o
I have been lucky, in doing final work on the play, to have enjoyed the advice and expert comment of a distinguished child psychiatrist.Through him I have tried to keep things real in a more naturalistic sense. I have also come to perceive that psychiatrists are an immensely varied breed, professing immensly varied methods and techniques. Martin Dysart is simply one doctor in one hospital. I must take reponsibility for him, as i do for his patient.qafone.co) W/ Q9 B; B/ g# s1 m/ ~5 ^
qafone.co* W  Q. v# e4 J. D. v) |
刚刚把他的这个戏剧读完了, 不长短短67页, 却是非常有意思的说( _9 z( b* Q3 _6 l6 G$ z
剧中不但是体现了一个压抑少年心理扭曲的过程 也体现了当时社会的黑暗面
+ I. [4 A8 I( @17岁少年Alan Strang(Randy演的角色)生活在一个普通的英国家庭qafone.co: i. n( q" B8 b
父母和睦,表面上并没有什么qafone.co! t. T+ a5 d+ p/ T" }! \/ b" |
但是过于严谨的父亲 竟然不允许家里有电视机- \) B* o8 O. ~# F0 p8 T' ^
痴迷与上帝信仰的母亲 不停得对ALAN讲他不明白的圣经,
5 _2 I& M' L( \( bQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站也不觉得自己的儿子不去上学有什么不妥
; p4 t  C7 h! X( {  p* S0 z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志这样的家庭造就了一个连自己名字也不会写,没有朋友的Alan Strang
) E; P& O! Q. a0 z+ J4 eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, o( n: ]/ [& [( x( m, l: g: _
没有朋友确深受母亲的影响 有了自己的信仰--EquusQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 n9 M7 b% Q* u' a8 y6 U
他把马儿当成了他的神 爱人 唯一懂他的人; a6 M) r  E% t% V& ?/ a, C) a
他对于现实世界没有任何真实的感觉 他就象是个幽灵般的生存着
5 ?; ^# p9 Z: P2 S每三个星期 他都会赤裸的骑着马在黑暗中真正的活. e' V+ J4 ~. N! V* M/ o( Q/ d6 M
( w( ^. ?7 j% a9 t( u2 Cqafone.co就在他和他女友在马厩中做爱之后qafone.co) F; e2 T: @# _  H0 r4 q4 X
他的极端信仰到了极点Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* ?1 q4 t# o3 g( d& f2 R
他戳瞎了6匹马的眼睛1 u& ~% [$ p9 a8 Y% V
+ p; l! C6 N9 d7 b% ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站不再要他
( q# N7 C4 Q1 }# Z% Zqafone.co
) O$ Y3 `, M, ~$ j4 d$ }他的心理医生Martin Dysart小心翼翼的接近他% d& R( c& f: y5 z$ x
他从Alan的身上看到一个囚困的自己5 f" A0 E' M  \, K3 P
他妒忌ALAN 的勇气--勇气去享用至少三个星期一次的活着的感觉qafone.co! f) L" k6 S9 Z5 z* h# }; T
( S0 y  S+ z' ]# Y7 N  N; lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站他也同时理解ALAN
7 B. P- a! o' G8 o5 ?" U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志理解他的信仰 明白ALAN希望自己把他从无尽的恶梦中拯救出来
$ y: z* P# U% |  Y6 C' \, @3 mQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# _, g7 C% l' U( I7 H9 g
这是一个充满了矛盾和黑暗的戏剧 很期待RANDY的演出
& \; h4 R3 k3 H) {" C剧中的医生提出了一个问题 偶觉得也是这个剧想要问我们这个社会的问题
+ o: T/ p2 L9 H* x: G& t'Normal? What is Normal?'
7 U/ ]4 {2 ?0 K1 I是啊 什么是正常呢 不同就是不正常吗. u. U! S3 q: G" k: t
有一句话我很喜欢 Heterosexual is not normal, it is just common.
! V& [+ S. H8 C# H* Y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志异性恋不是正常, 它只是普遍吧了。
' T8 e9 X7 D; Y7 P5 S6 s8 v7 e  M人是很复杂的动物 有思想
" M! ~4 o/ ?7 C* `qafone.co每个人都有自己的评判准则
4 S7 U) `, H( ]; w$ a! ~$ aqafone.co所以在你评断某人某事时 也想想你是否也不在别人的准则里呢$ |5 r/ T+ T  X

' j# Q/ R: {3 t" |5 R以下内容由cookiesumin提供 " B) a) @  T, ^" ~! U5 C

; y2 M3 e# c! p" ?qafone.coRandy在2001的showtime访谈中提到他想演得剧目和角色:6 g7 C2 R6 O6 X9 q6 H
Is there a traditional or classic role that you would like to play in the future?
! w- G* d1 z( F2 P0 K6 wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co/ ?9 ]5 J% m+ y
Randy Harrison: There are tons of great roles I’d love to play. Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet,” Prince Arthur in “King John,” Alan Strang in “Equus.” There are so many phenomenal roles out there, and so much great writing.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 j3 n$ |$ W7 x% t& G8 J& H

# W' g- h$ a3 L以下内容由pippi提供 / y- t; g! a2 L/ d0 K. W
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: F" g2 m  `, E1 _! M
) H( A# q+ l* A2 r: C' |qafone.cohttp://www.berkshiretheatre.org/gallery/album05
: A* W& V5 x/ m; V/ e# Rqafone.co
9 Y: q! Q5 k6 T- E5 V8 |2 o这是我最喜欢的一张:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- [# ~' C3 l4 b1 h7 Z
% ?7 H) }! D8 i& W9 D* ^4 K* ^# p

" m& `) d! n8 J8 [5 A以下内容由qqqq2046提供
9 G2 ^! J4 `! }7 @) MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 I) j! s' M) h0 l
一些关于Randy在Equus中的新闻qafone.co  `1 r- p7 d1 Q3 B: f) V" A
0 W9 C1 {! T* ]: X) N0 Q- v
2005 Jeff Citations Hail Parade, Equus, This Happy Breed, Upper Room, Streetcar and More
. m% Z0 ^# Z" k. vBy Kenneth Jones
& S! B& O8 O5 w' L: m  v14 Jun 2005
, j# G! L3 c/ P3 _0 @9 p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志http://www.playbill.com/news/article/93523.html0 _/ T4 }: K5 d, Q# z9 o
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ X2 B2 p  @  k7 x( s, O
Randy Harrison and Victor Slezak Head Cast of Berkshire Fest Equus, July 12-23
" }* f' d( `% s8 aBy Robert SimonsonQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ ~! l/ f4 h# W
12 Jul 2005 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! i0 |/ Q% J. W8 i2 A1 O; L
$ @: g& s& m+ t5 p, V& B
1 }7 {* f& f! n8 n6 p; |& t1 m3 B. W同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
5 Y1 j% ~: `  @$ J0 Y4 JEquus
" U, O- f/ \- j, I$ n( a. f, bqafone.cohttp://www.playbill.com/events/event_detail/6208.html0 M- l) b, m8 ~3 [$ Y) k
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) ]  x. f+ X7 j
Hold Your Horses! Randy Harrison Cast in Berskhire Theater Festival's Equus
6 ?9 [' d5 O$ _) R3 ?$ Hqafone.coBy: Brian Scott Lipton  }9 @9 @' r( {% h% t
Brian&Justin 我永恒的爱人


feiqiqi provides: Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: }- t& T' w, g7 s! a% Z5 F
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( O% ]- i) b1 T  O9 m  h) S
[介绍] S5新人物 -  罗西欧唐纳(新餐厅服务员)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 V+ t0 i8 q" n$ I+ _2 k

. M5 a4 J4 y2 bQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Rosie O'Donnell   罗西 欧唐纳  }$ _& ?" U/ t% y& ~4 ~

+ Y& y) W4 C/ ^0 Q- q1 lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站美国脱口秀节目主持人、喜剧演员、制作人
* Q; m3 |* c% X2 G同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% j8 O8 r8 s5 @, V7 f
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" u* ?% r9 z! S+ m

1 g7 ^. i( ?: f* B& a提起脱口秀,许多人脑袋里想到的第一个名字,多半是“脱口秀女王”奥普拉温佛瑞。奥普拉确实是这个世界上最有名的脱口秀主持人,但是这并不表示他的其他同行们就因此而显得不值一提。4 Q2 Q; g# g6 \: W! ^( j- B4 a

3 y3 M' g/ x9 i& k事实上,要成为一个站得住脚跟的脱口秀主持人,你就必须得有独特的个性魅力和鲜明的主持定位,比如曾经主持《罗西 欧唐纳的节目》的主持人罗西欧唐纳——能用自己的名字作为节目的招牌,当然是个不简单的家伙。
+ w3 C8 o( _; P. q4 T. Y( i3 f  nqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" I1 `6 Y8 |4 f3 U$ K/ |( S
* U; u) {! k& \( y' [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
; |  E" R4 {- k) s- F) C: H# {1 {9 [他开始在一些电影里充当那个站在大明星身后并负责逗弄观众发笑的人,像是《西雅图夜未眠》等等。在电影圈里打拼了多年后,她才终于凭借自己的演出资历在百老汇名剧《火爆浪子》里谋得一个二号女主角的位置,终于圆了自己一个梦。
0 A7 x9 T/ i0 ^Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) s. m6 [7 v0 t
90年代初期,罗西终于找到了属于自己的舞台:脱口秀。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 c/ z+ P6 o8 p. u% n- D

1 i' X2 H: p' Z$ V罗西并不漂亮,甚至还挺胖,但是这正好拉近了她和观众的距离。她在节目里大聊自己也喜欢吃“垃圾食品”,和观众一起分享自己生活里的糗事——在现今,这似乎已经成了脱口秀节目招揽观众的杀手锏了,而我们也知道,相貌漂亮的人如果这么说反而会有自我炫耀的嫌疑——相貌平平有时倒也有相貌平平的好处呢。( x+ M8 n$ n( \1 m/ i- o% }) C; K, I
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 |; R) h. g4 Y) y" h8 i( d
罗西的另一招杀手锏是爱憎分明。她的脱口秀节目被她当成了表达自我的好地方,虽然这时常招来“节目里个人观点太强”的批评,但是罗西在意的是,她可以利用节目的影响力来推广自己最关心的儿童福利事业,并为最心爱的戏剧出点力。qafone.co8 E% q5 n% o& f5 R8 [6 ~

; M: G; B  m; F( jqafone.co1997年,当美国各大电视台因为播放百老汇的“托尼奖”发奖仪式收视率底而都不愿意实况转播时,罗西发起了“拯救百老汇”的行动;他毛遂自荐做起了那一年的“托尼奖”主持人,并花了一星期的时间在他自己的节目里宣传百老汇的剧目,使那一年“托尼奖”收视率达到了10年来最高点。为此,那一年她被美国《时代》杂志评为了“25位在美国最有影响力的人”之一。
( B$ g" I1 o- d  e( H  u
& y  A  e. E, _9 L$ l2 M她反对出售枪支的政策,并因此辞去了K-MART的代言人身份,哪怕失去一大笔广告收入也无所谓,因为这个连锁店兼做售枪生意。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 }  {  c0 I0 n6 \+ q
% o& W% X5 z, T5 T* ]- Z$ D
8 ?& W6 O4 E" x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' |( J) y3 q3 l3 l/ D2 K
) n( i: p2 B5 E. G2 H0 [qafone.coQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 {' r8 a& _6 p4 g% w3 r7 p- v
# C+ _' u* y. F3 Q
+ K& _9 N! {0 S5 [& C% h3 D她从未刻意隐瞒过自己的同性恋倾向,在ABC电视新闻节目中接受采访并回答关于同性恋生活感受时,她回答说:“最为一个同性恋者,在生活上要比异性恋艰难许多。作为母亲,如果我有能力为孩子们选择性取向,我宁愿自己的孩子长大都是异性恋,这样他们的生活会容易一些。但是,反过来说, 如果世上有一种药,吃了就能从同性恋变成异性恋,我也决不会去尝试。因为我就是我,同性恋是我无法否认的一部分。
; r, K( D" y' E/ O9 _1 ]4 Q2 h- B. gqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- {/ |5 L- \6 f
---摘自《都市丽人》2004年12月同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- x) v' R2 J& L
7 d6 X) i( L! Q7 O1 X: m
0 x* z& ]$ N. J( Q( f& bQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站希望大家喜欢她。。。/ x# Z, Q) S# e3 V  T, a( F
我就是喜欢她的坦率。。。。。1 @9 e/ y# b1 ~/ w& c, {7 @1 l. w- ]6 `
1 k; e) i( g! u) d [s:198]


Randy Harrison (Justin)、Peter Paige (Emmett)、Robert Gonzalez(Ben)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 L! f& Z! b* g
以及Jack Weatherall (Vic Grassi)
5 r4 Y+ \! S  d9 v# g. C4 I! Fqafone.co在现实生活中是gay
好好学习 天天向上


Drew扮演者Matt Battaglia主演的新片Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 }' ]+ s8 k) {" ]

) X/ W/ o. a" g3 s$ `" S& uqafone.co中文名称:战争之势Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) m3 R) J. y/ y3 S& e% \! M
英文名称:Tides of War
6 V! d! V0 q' `6 D0 a0 _qafone.co别名:USS Poseidon Phantom Below,海底魅影8 {5 K" f* r' A8 ?
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 Y/ r4 D. ]% |* D/ L3 i* h
/ I0 E  M- o/ O: @2 Y- `% `3 L9 _- u4 t- A
电影导演:Brian Trenchard-Smith
7 h" X# k" T' Z/ {: w# J7 n) i同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: b! A( v! B4 E" ]2 H6 }& o电影演员:主  演 Todd Babcock .... Agent Winters
; c8 s7 w$ w& `3 w- p, P       Matt Battaglia .... Chief of the Boat Dizzy Malone
, q( m% O- J3 L0 L同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志      Steve Boatright .... Weapons Officer
! O- E! {; H. c) h5 R7 {: n      Gene DeFrancis .... Petty Officer Savage . G; }4 K7 z9 T  m: i. e8 t% N' [" E
       Mark Deklin .... Captain Galasso Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ |5 a  X* C2 a
       Catherine Dent .... Lieutenant Claire Trifoli qafone.co6 C* q) S: b* g  U8 x) g
      Mike Doyle .... Lieutenant Commander Tom Palatonio # {4 j1 S; S. z$ N$ X: a2 |4 K
      Eileen Grubba .... Rebecca Malone
4 _! m' G/ k% n& g; }) d* }qafone.co      Eitan Kramer .... Petty Officer Buckley - ^& ~4 B3 a' W& Z# v
      Eric Lee .... Sonar Supervisor Battaglia
7 @9 `# e2 J" b8 }3 F" |, v" p       Adrian Paul .... Cmdr Frank Habley qafone.co$ O/ H* O* w. I2 ]7 }
      Eyal Podell .... Petty Officer Murray ) s0 n1 j9 j( _  D, A$ N- h
      Mark Sanderson .... Lieutenant Roperto
$ C) C7 a- P6 Wqafone.co      Mathew St. Patrick .... Lieutenant Commander Steven Barker
/ M6 N- S' |! P+ C; q6 ^      Kent McCord .... Vice Admiral Sommerville 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( L, U/ C" d$ B$ t- n  c
" f5 n' p& C2 g, @+ C; F( p1 S
8 k( |- y$ n' C3 c/ eqafone.co语言:英语, ?) Y8 u8 t" W
) M3 Y' B7 p& O3 M9 b

4 B& t% ~" ^% T- c: @) Y, [; |2 f简  介 
4 X# Q; ]8 R& }! f& U# s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 u+ s, |) v* K: M1 m# G


Gale Harold的最新剧集(2006年8月)
$ ]# m- U5 K2 BQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站[url=http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/viewthread ... page%3D1&page=1]http://www.qaf.cn/bbs/viewthread ... page%3D1&page=1[/url]
" t3 n" L+ Y$ b) B6 A, {( ~) Y9 Xqafone.co
0 }) r) @3 e. R同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Peter Paige的最新电影
& R( u0 E7 [& z- w! {% {qafone.co◆原  名:Say Uncle ' S% f# i$ X  ~7 N$ Z
◆译  名:全职叔叔/服输# o! R8 u4 b9 _
◆导  演:Peter Paige
9 N: g5 `" Y) Q# v7 |" y◆演  员:梅勒尼·莱恩斯基 Melanie Lynskey .... Susan
' t4 l0 ?; r6 S' w! dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站      Kathy Najimy .... Maggie / g9 F7 I% i' _5 s
      罗伯特·布兰奇 Robert Blanche .... Phil Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% N5 ]  \( C8 x( G3 x2 r! U
      加布里艾尔·尤尼恩 Gabrielle Union .... E8 _1 d, B! C+ }5 Y$ i5 h
◆类  型:喜剧/剧情
. _7 U  [, ]' y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志◆片  长:90分钟2 d' L+ l( O  ?% s/ Q  E
◆上  映:2005年( _: \) {0 \3 D! T' T- u* u$ \; n: e
◆国  家:美国1 z& M+ {6 Z% b( l' U
◆语  言:英语Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# ?8 H3 T; n2 d8 m* p
◆链  接:
  _+ r( p! W" Chttp://us.imdb.com/title/tt0401385/
1 p( G5 Z7 m. \) s& ?◆评  分:6.2 (65 votes)
1 s* z$ S$ t+ E9 @0 LQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站◆简  介:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- k+ X3 \% H1 W4 x- K/ u$ J
当孩子们看见Paul,他们看见了最好的玩伴;而当Maggie看见Paul,她见到的只有——危险。Paul,一个十足的大孩子,孩子们都能和他玩得十分尽兴,但是,他总是粗枝大叶,随随便便就做出危险举动~~对于家长来说,这到底是好还是不好。同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 i; T6 ?1 }, `( w) w
; Z" B' _" K% u! n
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