( Z: f$ E+ k1 f5 F/ n. lqafone.co
: [5 d* k2 U# u( ]" a- z
; i5 n$ L& T% E4 P/ m$ a! f2 e; q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志   ; i! w- D& @  r9 ?- t

. K# H/ L( B& z- ^ Reindeer Section - You Are My Joy
; D- p- ^( d) ^5 F# ^! e+ j2 NEnd credits (411)
% X5 A& ^  q* [; _$ c6 Z$ X6 o同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* b& Z& }* Y/ D1 S. ~. q8 W
I wont leave you out of my will) O% Z7 U" Z7 p9 B
But i will leave you out of my mind
1 d& X& k0 P$ E( kfor now
% Z5 Q4 @3 \, I: e2 v7 O/ |* a. ?
' `2 B; m$ k9 y9 H( vqafone.coI won't be there to break your sweet heart9 @% ~+ q7 h/ t3 o
But not being there might break your sweet heart
$ P2 W, ]/ n) B- \0 H: UYou are my joy
" ?6 X( a5 Q! J$ p5 FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 ~6 t# B, U3 ]6 `' ?! u/ e; _
If i could cradle you into my arms+ ~' j. Q" ^0 ?7 A
I would cradle you tight in my armsqafone.co$ U, y4 A, T3 L$ C  ]/ K
always4 C! Y. m9 X6 p9 C, z1 m; i6 |
8 r2 H, N6 U. r) w/ w
So don't be scared of all the hurtfull words
# l! k: a- L) P; `4 Oqafone.coCaus in the end they'll hurt themselves much more
$ f) p' _7 w$ t0 h2 ]' J: JYou are my joy.


410, Brian在Babylon找到Justin <Sanctuary>Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 c: b' ?( r3 Y) G; _

8 F- q% J3 h. {9 b* A  B8 DQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" u, A' Z; m5 H3 s* }" X' y
Origene - Sanctuary ! S. Z9 v3 q8 e, r* d
(Harry Lemon remix)+ V. w! r! |3 z+ {

2 W9 T' l' C7 y  p& B% [% M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
6 Z! |1 _) R0 {/ m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志There is a place within all of us,
0 o3 Q$ b: D: u8 hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站it is sacred, so free of judgement. qafone.co: J$ s9 @. f+ o6 V. T- R- m, Q! p
and this is yours to share with who you wish
7 N1 r# `5 [& v9 v" B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ M, h3 V6 o8 v2 `8 N
This is your sanctuary.... sanctuary / F, `; v' W3 y5 a& i" i

3 J) P; t. [% m# xThere is no boundry , no rule to adhere 1 n. o9 W$ d9 o6 T4 I( f
there is love, there is hate qafone.co# |% ^# o0 m1 H, H" Q- h1 W5 B
there is want, there is need
' p7 @* P8 H+ n5 B# p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志there is greed .... qafone.co$ H0 L" R& X# i5 _8 F/ r

) o; Q" u6 x6 wyou can laugh, you can cry
! f, S/ ~9 m" A7 D' r% G* g. N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志for you are free on the inside 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ I: g1 v# z$ w' Y+ z. h# E3 Y& G% O- X
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 ?- C" {- Y3 I8 x
This is your sanctuary.... sanctuary
6 q1 F  y0 Z, s5 _
2 [3 b3 z' v$ U7 y: _
5 g: k  f5 z5 ]: A: mTake this light, hold it high, feel it shine. + q1 _  a1 D0 S
I know now that here inside ... this is mine.
4 y: J" `* V5 \1 z( A0 |( ^, B.... this is yours. Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ Z4 v3 `  F' o
This is your sanctuary....


414, Brian独自在路上骑单车,幻觉Justin在路旁出现。 <Wonderful Life>qafone.co7 @$ w% T( i/ S# h" V
+ }: Q% ?1 v1 \( }/ n
Black - Wonderful Life$ G1 B0 p8 s2 `4 Y+ f5 w  {
0 t0 V. j- J( r" T1 R
# j4 p2 |  q9 [( s  q% M; F6 ^
Here I go out to sea again/ I% Y2 I9 _5 G* }# C2 A( W
The sunshine fills my hair# U8 o9 i9 E7 {9 w  i
And dreams hang in the air
4 u. ^2 u4 M7 x+ A9 k# dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
' Y& @0 L4 m& ^. lqafone.coGulls in the sky and in my blue eyes
' A& t5 Z, r3 ]You know it feels unfair' X8 P0 j) Q! o4 @6 \% f2 q
There's magic everywhere
& Z# s" z1 ?, K! F9 }# j# A0 OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 D8 x# T& U5 y% c
Look at me standing" Y" @3 O! J# k% j
Here on my own again
. @: I) O% A0 x1 J# J9 B1 PUp straight in the sunshine
0 T8 s4 ?/ [; D+ N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, T" j/ e. v0 ~3 X7 R" b; h
No need to run and hideqafone.co* o$ J* l1 P% v4 R+ }3 n
It's a wonderful, wonderful life( u* D1 o; N' ]) C8 D4 p4 A
No need to hide and cryqafone.co9 B9 g9 f1 u# W; Y9 g" o/ R. z
It's a wonderful, wonderful life6 w1 y3 |4 |, u$ N  h

# P2 d( c( u5 T1 \8 k) r$ bSun in your eyes
/ b( x1 `: I. j' xThe heat is in your hair
5 O" S% Q4 I+ q: e+ ?# Z0 b' S0 PQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站They seem to hate you
" f) X  U* d6 Wqafone.coBecause you're thereqafone.co: J/ @$ @& M" k0 D" K$ q

& e: S7 M  f" \7 gQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And I need a friend- M4 f! v& y* O! t( B! A5 T) X
Oh, I need a friend同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 n: E  e6 i8 T
To make me happy! f! v3 i) h! F' u" K, A* W/ l
Not stand here on my ownqafone.co+ h1 u% O  i9 H4 O) U: n
3 k' V9 J& x4 B
Look at me standing& D2 z- h: G* i7 ~! I
Here on my own again
4 z2 n* ?; s1 }$ Q/ A: D- Jqafone.coUp straight in the sunshineqafone.co! t4 l+ ^' {0 s. @2 y5 y
qafone.co& i6 ^1 v! s. P+ J) Y
I need a friend
% t7 J  j( ~# Zqafone.coOh, I need friend0 d! h$ F5 ]- L- O& O
To make me happy  o. Q$ r8 l* P2 j7 a: _* V
Not so alone同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 W8 r" V/ J; [+ o! |* O. M
Look at me here
$ a" s7 h- p7 s0 d) d2 dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Here on my own again
. ^" d; v' @3 K2 c; n6 B6 IUp straight in the sunshine


122  毕业舞会中放的一首歌' Y! g( P8 H- @6 o! |" ^4 a( q# U
Faded# v% \* q( |& W; |5 R7 |$ q# C

5 w  a( u; M. r/ k2 HWhen I get you all alone同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( l" X% _! A) a6 T$ ~
I'm gonna move in nice and close8 X2 l& N. j1 e5 O
Ain't nobody gonna interupt my game, b. l" L5 `8 s8 w
Ever since you've been hanging around
& p: P! U* n' A! wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I've been trying to figure outQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 d) g6 f3 j# _$ M
What I can say to you to get some play- S. Q8 X* ]7 ?: \4 b
qafone.co& ], l9 B0 y# @% F4 R9 q
Pre Chorus:- `9 S) H* i" K; s6 _8 l5 |
Couldn't we do what we did last night again
- }! M$ }8 t/ ?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Baby you and I'd be better than friendsqafone.co3 d8 M! B8 J3 ^, f0 _/ Q
Don't you think it's time we went a bit further?
# z. S) z# Q+ b3 f4 Nqafone.coEvery night when we say goodbye3 D, |$ J+ F  p8 u# w* q! K, r
How can I help looking in your eyes?
7 I) t/ M  Z% W3 S* p3 _Wondering why,you and I haven't hit it9 T% g0 v' _) H
Can we get it on?
6 W6 |. o4 B9 U0 D$ R& m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
4 Q" I' {( z( D) WChorus:
: L/ S9 U' B) u4 Y' X: N7 _I'm kinda faded but I feel alright
  P! L( y1 }: F* j; Pqafone.coThinkin' bout making my move tonight同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 T5 y" }$ C9 e3 ?
I can't pretend that your only my friend" \: Q) \  h$ u5 g5 k- O
When you're holding my body tight* A7 K* J6 M" `0 d+ D
'Cause I like the way you're making it move4 u3 _& Q1 |( l# _7 n5 d
I like the way you're making me waitQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" k  }* s5 z# I. D) V
At the end of the night when I make up your mind$ \7 i+ P! a1 e9 h5 K: U' r( t. r( d4 _
You'll be coming on home with me( {! N# |& P8 \: k) {

) M1 u% d* A/ y# KYeah you know you got it
/ p6 R% L* U- X. i! n  g3 F4 a3 C; J' \qafone.coAnd you know I want it
( W& O8 ^" Z! n6 v# D4 gqafone.coI can't wait to take you home
6 `& m& K0 V2 W- e0 V+ L(you know you got it and I)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ U4 k5 H5 \* L
I don't want to be rude at all同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; b, N, C& `$ [3 \
I just want to be where you goQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' _$ A4 ^5 i( Q3 d1 t
Think what we could do alone
! r/ I9 Z; {& N+ X( Mqafone.coQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 F; e+ k4 s2 M
Repeat Pre Chorusqafone.co" I5 \8 |! U% C0 g! p, v* L
: `, W* M! a9 \% P
Repeat Chorus
+ ^. Z& M# [& ]$ b) kqafone.co) P. k. |& E/ ]. `3 ?
Rap by Thrust:
  |" y5 l7 \5 h5 FWhen we first met2 \3 }- w3 E4 o% K; }; g
The deal was stated
4 o. m4 T1 X6 [$ P同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You Stepped liked
7 c  i" @+ Q+ I0 z  _  u1 o  t4 b8 v0 qMy steez, the way we conversated
& @- V  ~) B9 h! C2 _2 M7 W7 l: Z2 N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Just another day,around the way
2 m  h. x$ x4 l! OYou and me up close,everything okay
% d, E+ E# F9 A. I8 }. Y; rqafone.coCause I'm not like the rest Indecision
9 Q' s1 t/ F& i* U. u# Y- i3 g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志With the best,Thrust form a full court pressQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  R7 i, ^; P4 [0 A5 @' M
Just cause they hated (HA HA) faded!


403 TED去餐厅应聘时唱的意大利歌剧
, j* K$ N% o2 K- C# h! s: XChe gelida manina+ T( a+ u8 ~% u0 O0 d8 b- d

/ O# I1 t, r! t% J) A# a* {Lyrics:同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ p, L+ F2 B" M) |
; V5 [2 L3 U! s$ y: n( p& M
Che gelida manina! Se la lasci riscaldar., X: A2 k* D# L. z2 i; v3 [2 ]
Cercar che giova? Al buio non si trova.
! ^: r, @* N: y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Ma per fortuna e una notte di luna,
  d$ H  P8 y& P/ t* c% D. be qui la luna l'abbiiamo vicina.qafone.co2 C. o- O7 b# E
Aspetti, signorina, le diro con due parole chi son,+ `0 J8 N' U4 F/ p! v# r
chi son, e che faccio, come vivo, Vuole?
7 x) `! S5 g; d# A- ^4 x- ^# C+ Tqafone.coChi son? Chi son? Son un poeta.
+ H! Z# @7 `3 Z5 j4 ^1 Q( lChe cosa faccio? Scrivo. E come vivo? Vivo.
) [; j5 g1 D$ dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站In poverta mia lieta scialo da gran signore
! t3 H6 ?2 N* L6 v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志rimi ed inni d'amore.qafone.co! s) D3 F0 c9 {9 j$ ]
Per sogni e per chimere e per castelli in ariaqafone.co2 g4 B1 V2 ~5 W; t0 E+ W# m9 K
l'anima ho milionaria.8 F) C" c0 J# E& D
Talor del mio forziere ruban tutti
. j5 y# p2 e( n) r/ ~; Zi gioielle due ladri: gli occhi belli.
1 D* E" {- I$ l# {. R同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志V'entrar con voi pur ora ed i miei sogni usati,
/ E2 G8 T: B# I# B- xQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站ed i bei sogni miei tosto si dileguar!0 v) V' a7 G; ?; P5 S
Ma il furto non m'accora poiche,
8 H1 v: n/ y- E0 z1 _3 I. ]poiche v'ha preso stanza la speranza.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 j- D, k% Q1 T4 t5 a% F
Or che mi conoscete parlate voi.
$ |9 q1 e2 p$ [& Q: G: J6 l) PQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Deh parlate. Chi siete? Vi piaccia dir?- I$ C% @! r) z7 }3 c" K

, k" f0 B$ i2 o1 H: X' y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志(英文翻譯)
& L- T7 W$ ]; {$ y( [qafone.coHow cold your little hand is, let me warm it for you.; H' K: ?1 i  R( c0 Y
What's the use of looking? We won't find it in the dark.
4 [' g  `) L( f同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志But luckily it's a moonlit night, and the moon is near us here.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ p9 ]7 q7 v  g: W, Q+ ~

0 Z' n5 {$ J: N( S" K6 UQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Wait, mademoiselle,
0 V4 F& H( J% I' V2 v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I will tell you in two wordsqafone.co) ^3 {( d: T2 K4 J) I
who I am, what I do, and how I live. May I?
5 a' N: X4 C/ v" qWho am I? I am a poet. What do I do? I write.
: J5 w7 G  S7 D8 z# I: C1 pAnd how do I live? I live.
% }1 s1 B6 }6 J% h6 I0 g% qqafone.co9 p( e: {. E0 G$ O. }; D
In my carefree poverty I squander rhymes
/ H7 ~2 B, q+ m6 X' R# m3 Vand love songs like a lord.
3 E/ U' S  n% `5 h  tqafone.coWhen it comes to dreams and visions Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  X( T  n( q: [( C1 L7 j; Q# B
and castles in the air, I've the soul of a millionaire.
( h8 l( Y  E. F1 }% r4 AFrom time to time two thieves steal all the jewels
& o5 O) q! t4 D( ^  T3 }out of my safe, two pretty eyes. 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  k. U& `& K! y- y% @1 q0 m/ X# o1 K

) N- Q; S8 s  L, @3 z( }2 rThey came in with you just now,
9 y8 X2 ]3 R6 r: m* zand my customary dreams my lovely dreams,
9 W/ @+ a3 E) Q; ]8 f- L; C6 x6 q8 imelted at once into thin air!
& B+ s; f" h$ h# P: KBut the theft doesn't anger me,
% M7 x1 F% Y* @9 Q. r; Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志for their place has been taken by hope!
) k  T' a# _5 r  u- W+ I2 q2 ^6 oNow that you know all about me,
, H7 H5 d  ^# m' PQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Speak, tell me who you are.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! G7 O. x, h# b; w0 a8 t
Please do!
Michael Novotny大搜查線(blog): http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ede1912


感谢sweeter提供:209 Michael在舞台上给Ben唱的歌《Ben》3 j, N+ w' ?% x6 V. A. ^; c0 ?

; x2 C$ X9 r8 HArtist: Michael Jackson qafone.co  J" K( C% z( b9 y: W
Song: Ben ( \0 C1 p  H& T# _6 j

2 C9 \6 w% ^0 n/ u% W* `; |Ben, the two of us need look no more ' U' B9 x9 |9 i- b* T
We both found what we were looking for
' T. I6 f9 ]+ g# Aqafone.coWith a friend to call my own % N# z$ b) q! M
I'll never be alone
- b: g5 b. M- O3 x% }0 @1 b$ e4 l9 O同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志And you, my friend, will see
) P, r. }7 v( eYou've got a friend in me Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& B* z& \1 |  L# W# L
(you've got a friend in me) # J' s7 r+ x; d; o5 f! i

# V" e( _4 k( V! s1 W0 T6 w9 n, \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Ben, you're always running here and there 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 X0 z- O2 ^* R% c
You feel you're not wanted anywhere
8 m) `3 U& Z; x, V. UIf you ever look behind
+ Q5 \" w+ k- b, ~1 BAnd don't like what you find qafone.co5 I  A% p( [6 R  L' h
There's one thing you should know
+ B8 V  z2 a8 Y' ]4 BYou've got a place to go 6 ~; U1 _3 _& w
(you've got a place to go) qafone.co# w0 P4 X0 `, \2 w
: s: C. s, o& C+ {& a. \3 e7 W
I used to say "I" and "me"
/ R2 Q! n, Y5 n! G7 RNow it's "us", now it's "we" qafone.co7 q' n5 G: Q. B6 f' ]1 Q6 C* z
I used to say "I" and "me" - |* o8 V. `! K1 o( q# C# q
Now it's "us", now it's "we" qafone.co  y4 F) e" c+ B8 x" A& X
Ben, most people would turn you away 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% A; }# V; h6 a. A) ~
I don't listen to a word they say 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) F: ]; Q2 g6 n( D
They don't see you as I do
4 Y: v. z% t  _4 K同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I wish they would try to & I6 C0 |8 z6 u0 P7 {( ^/ `
I'm sure they'd think again
' z  J5 j4 w: OIf they had a friend like Ben
6 q8 [9 n& \- N& Q1 a& QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站(a friend) Like Ben
  T- b2 v7 I2 l5 s: p- Q+ ](like Ben) Like Ben


Icefire翻译的513 Brian&Justin最后一段缠绵的插曲Ambition: O8 B, V/ E1 _" H

4 t+ p. F' v, J5 r$ Z  F- e后来才发现love burns是screener版本的插曲,到正式版换成了The Doves的Ambition  1 x" q. B' G* s# V/ R
本来想发到畅谈区的,但是好象发不了,就贴到这里了,我根据剧情稍做修改,大家看看合适不合适同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 l! l0 F9 N) ]4 ^7 q" a

" l! S: {* v/ Z3 A( p* Y8 aSo ambition cut you down
# e) [) \( p& ?- ?" Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志你无法战胜自己的雄心
4 u8 ~( n  ]/ H; i* z! G0 jqafone.co
9 U6 p" P$ q; X) p! ]Ain't a love as perfect
9 O: {# g+ r/ I3 o# g: g王子与王子没有完美的爱情
$ _  F- t% V8 h& ?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' h! [. g! V: ?: ^- M7 g
Everybody knows itqafone.co# @( }- _  V7 X6 k/ c  P
每个人都知道这一点   t7 Z* U& g: Q3 |( t) q

" o" Q9 K. Y/ s+ P) m! T( J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Something drove you down$ [8 h/ E1 z4 Q1 Z
3 ?* j& \( R( D8 T0 o2 m5 EQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 N( X( t2 Z+ E' K" P
Something as good
# X9 {( o8 V9 B8 W  c9 _% W6 y* j0 qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站为了某些美好事物、
4 m2 x$ k6 }' n
  _0 E4 p; N; }* [Something new8 z- k; S( N8 ^5 z& j' e& i3 {
' u' Q; M) F1 K8 I! @同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" w+ }9 u/ t4 I- g$ q
Somebody goodqafone.co; V7 G: ]& F  {2 \9 n0 g
或者某个不错的人% W$ e6 k6 g, a1 P4 A

: C7 x9 [( _  \% q8 V% e- MOur ambition cuts us down
$ ]; c: x! E* l% z1 t6 x& H9 C+ k同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志但最终我们还是输给了自己的雄心
# m# q! m9 h4 P$ [4 K) G
4 o( i: [9 t+ W, s0 mThere's not a love that's perfect
4 @" p; w* t6 V0 x( Z# K天下没有完美的爱情 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# r9 y- Q5 S5 I/ m
qafone.co9 S" \) H0 C! A# R
But I, I live in hope
7 \9 F' P: `: l- a! N5 _* d( O但是我,我仍然心存希望
" m/ F' M# {3 ~6 A& L
+ Y& \3 s1 n7 z8 r: U( NSomebody good , z; c( e1 |0 o9 q8 [1 u: m
6 I2 e2 }, ~3 d- {5 A
$ I+ z+ k3 I' o0 Z; dqafone.coSomebody new
$ n% A* y4 t1 `  q+ `8 P某个陌生面孔、 Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 a$ f5 }: u3 B9 \3 l0 u) U, V
9 @* H% b4 M, y: P
Something as good' }5 u  ^* E( s: `2 M5 `" E& S
9 f3 J0 S1 Q" |6 ?& \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
7 B; r$ ?0 {9 m' Y' [; }1 ~4 z7 O% p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Something that's mine
1 f8 D2 ^' B: F: m7 t以及那些真正属于我的东西
* N8 q# T3 e. p2 ~; Z2 D$ zQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
7 a; U: I  I1 ?% z. bAin't a love that's perfect
( I0 E) j$ F  `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志王子和王子没有完美的爱情
8 a, d2 Q5 ?" h
$ c- f: a7 f; {6 hEverybody knows itqafone.co: l, X* m# m0 ^' X0 w4 _
# W6 z+ ^( _2 |8 C& k  _4 eQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co# i" k1 q: `6 r2 X; R8 ?+ |
Ambition cuts us down
6 j1 i4 T7 |1 `$ q# \雄心将你我击败,让彼此分离


[qqqq2046提供:It's not goodbye[/b]同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 q4 R& {9 ?; U* ~+ K
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 P' t" M9 o1 K1 s; K8 K
Sung by:Laura PausiniQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ Y) i9 e: F  o

* F& y% p$ {9 n: P  d3 WNow what if I never kiss your lips again  4 ?- |+ s& H" x& P& B  I
or feel the touch of your sweet embrace.  qafone.co" @1 C$ q- l  S, G
How would I ever go on?  0 w8 |9 n) X* v" _& T1 e: Z
Without you there's no place to belong  
; N; Q, z$ A+ p; o/ i. M& U, o2 {7 m, CWell someday love is going to lead you back to me  3 j/ X$ ]3 `% y3 J2 V- B
but till it does I'll have an empty heart  / |) A* I. o0 _2 I- ]
So I'll just have to believe  
8 @) g7 c! Y/ I; P0 Fsomewhere out there you're thinking of me  
, F6 L3 g- k  d. O( `- d' `Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Until the day I let you go,  
! B- _& v  I* j" n同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Until we say our next hello  * y/ R" q: K) R0 O# A' E
It's not goodbye.  
0 R; `7 b. H- N" eTil I see you again  qafone.co0 r2 w/ y. |4 b" ^# |- V% V7 n8 r
I'll be right here remembering when  % j# e; ]+ t" \8 ]! @
And if time is on our side  
, j+ W! F0 p+ _8 R0 |/ N4 E1 v) Qthere will be no tears to cry on down the road  Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 c. s2 T* n( Y. \% g! L
there is one thing I can't deny  
+ X6 \: D4 r  B( _( {qafone.coIt's not goodbye  
% v1 C& J3 u8 G, n. h
1 k. k2 J9 s0 y, X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You'd think I'd be strong enough to make it trough  9 C7 A* u9 t6 L1 K  J
and rise above when the rain falls down  
2 j7 L' N  j2 h) g. H+ \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站But its so hard to be strong  qafone.co# h' g* |1 B! S# c
when you've been missing somebody so long  
! X4 @! _& n- B, A) }: Q4 l* DIt's just a matter of time I'm sure  同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* }# _( Y( I+ K: o$ S( x" b# r" f
but time takes time and I can't hold on  ( a3 l7 i* A: Q, A! F5 L
so wont you try as hard as you can  
+ g5 Y4 |: }+ U9 i1 i9 H) V7 }to put my broken heart together again?  
" @2 g! f, m& i/ t3 [1 \7 x! X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Until the day I let you go,  Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. L9 P9 I4 X+ r1 f7 \
Until we say our next hello  
/ u4 q; o' F. r% N1 j, lIt's not goodbye.  
  N1 i& W2 j- G0 ]# ]7 S  H4 I1 ^Til I see you again  
- ]3 _1 @! O' U& pI'll be right here remembering when  qafone.co: o5 V3 j9 T& W
And if time is on our side  
" e6 ?7 s7 L5 X$ Q2 rQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站there will be no tears to cry on down the road  
7 K2 n% ~5 C( b; \8 h( jthere is one thing I can't deny  
; Q, F( ^" g; m" w" kIt's not goodbye  
$ I$ I2 V6 N3 ?$ d( Z/ T
8 w- U# O' k" h$ `/ h6 mIt's not goodbye  # v- p1 {# h/ U$ o
4 y  N. {+ d; g- C: V3 m& r: ^7 w

7 H: c' l1 m2 ~+ q2 c1 n+ aUntil the day I let you go,  ( n: F; d6 d0 g9 V- g/ g6 ~
Until we say our next hello  Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( I; {- L7 t! j
It's not goodbye.  
  k5 y! W- T) h8 E, ~同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Til I see you again  
7 c5 p. y2 X3 l) N7 a1 [; AQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I'll be right here remembering when  
5 @0 U& Q5 n( {; @, q  xQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And if time is on our side  
& S: z/ |4 A& Y5 r2 o# x9 l8 {" E/ EQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站there will be no tears to cry on down the road  
% O$ z4 y3 ?9 B; o, nqafone.coAnd I cant deny  
; g- ~+ L# a8 p. K* Z; @# [it's not goodbye


qafone.co+ P9 B( y2 Q1 B2 t9 N+ o
102  Brian and client in bathroom
8 z' o- n; F$ G* FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Artist: The Lawyer  
% G1 g4 y. O# V* XSong: I wanna mmm
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# o; i$ B5 O! e0 d" q+ D
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ A- o% q& i% q0 p: ]9 w
I, I wanna mmm mmm, I... (x14)qafone.co3 `& v! o) a* J6 o
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 i$ Y9 |' R0 m, {7 F, h+ a7 {
Well I was walkin' down the street, chillin', as you do.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ ^& q" a, P0 t4 N
When who should come up behind me but, Donald Duck.: E0 n2 ~& B, H4 o/ [* t) p. H
Well Hey, it had to be the way. And he had a few words to say to me.qafone.co7 g* b8 u& v, q9 X! Y
And they were.qafone.co- Q$ u$ [9 Q  P5 K0 m

8 M! Y) D9 N6 Rqafone.coI, I wanna mmm mmm, I... (x8)qafone.co- Q2 P! `  d. `) m) n& _
Doing it hmm.
: {2 o* o+ S3 Z6 b3 iqafone.co
) M4 |% g3 z$ ^Back in the day.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  t1 n3 a  U/ K  R* d, x' o
I beat the style. Takin' it easy.qafone.co2 J/ R% m- y+ Q; o
And lookin' forward to the future.
/ W6 R, r  O( U  _qafone.coThe future that is house, house, house, house, house, house., ^, P3 u+ s$ X7 P5 ^

; y2 q: M# D  W9 M- M7 i! GI, I wanna mmm mmm, I... (x18!)7 S  L3 u( q. G9 w


8 M2 o! P2 n; f( x3 o# P4 i
118  Boys at Babylon. y! z  }2 g1 H" g  N
Artist: Boys Don't Cry  同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ b6 \5 C; R/ M+ b% |' Q4 ]
Song: I Wanna Be A Cowboy

, p& n$ Q0 _6 f9 T' p$ X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% p5 O5 r$ _7 ]1 L* T9 {* s- X0 q
Riding on the range,) Z! q6 x! B, M# c5 b
I've got my hat - on,( e, h* c7 z# u0 _: n4 a
I've got my boots - dusty. 1 G" r$ g0 {) w$ q

' x  B) R9 C6 A: O- ]+ m, hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I've got my saddle
5 C% q7 r0 M+ y: d$ EOn my horse.9 L0 \7 J7 |( s7 N7 [& g
He's called....T-t-t-t-t-triggerqafone.co, _: ~1 }6 R% c5 ]1 S
Of course.
8 g1 \' Q) f) p7 g- h9 PQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
" m" E7 b* n+ ^/ M) ZI wanna be a cowboy
' C2 \1 D0 Q/ F" CQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站and you can be my cowgirlQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ l9 Z0 Y  a1 U
I wanna be a cowboy
: _; ~# l- y7 L0 I" Vand you can be my cowgirl3 A0 E7 V& z: ?/ w# ~$ ?9 Q. H4 A
I wanna be a cowboy Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* e( a) F) i/ H# q$ M/ |) v/ y' L
+ r7 @3 p$ ]+ v: f+ |- g
Riding on the chuck wagon,
! {. x0 x9 M2 _: KFollowing my man.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: t$ U/ {8 G' `2 R) p8 b6 H
His name is Ted,
) L/ i2 U: r2 D. ~2 o3 S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Can you believe that?
: F6 {5 Y9 L0 y4 W  n: e0 ICamping on the prairie
- l& Q) h4 x3 x, g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Plays havoc with my hair.
* v/ O' t2 D( }; Dqafone.coMakes me feel quite dirty,
8 |+ e# ^6 L, `7 L) Dqafone.coThough we all do sometimes Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 u  z9 c' E( i5 y

' A* U" F+ a2 [* x. LI wanna be a cowboy
5 V' u& ~9 l: b* k) land you can be my cowgirlqafone.co; v) l; e& M% |7 H/ |
I wanna be a cowboy
; q# Z  u# i- [; d7 qand you can be my cowgirl3 K1 s! ~3 r7 I# K+ }
I wanna be a cowboy qafone.co- U* O" V1 y/ o0 L! m# k

; T4 y( ?& d8 [- i/ S# Lqafone.coLooking like a hero,
& F" ?' b: j) b, A7 r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Six-gun at my side,: _" R+ |) X- C/ w1 j# c
Chewing my tobacco.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 b( x, R8 \; ~! a
Out on the horizon,
6 t3 d1 Q. j( E- ^$ ]2 nI see a puff of smoke.同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& T2 c5 f8 `8 n9 z
Indians on the warpath," N& D& `: D) D  N0 v# [
White man speak-em
# |0 M& l5 `7 lwith forked tongue.
2 ]# \5 W+ z# U+ H, |' G! {Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Or not.   Z' V- d) i7 [- J6 f/ `

7 K' O' G6 z5 N5 \) Q8 h同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I wanna be a cowboyQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. b5 C0 C$ E% u/ u
and you can be my cowgirlQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- \) @2 u/ l2 B# e
I wanna be a cowboy 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: A5 Y. s1 j' v: J) M3 N; }8 H
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 n  S) I- y& H7 I1 r
My name is Ted,
5 k9 _8 }6 F) h  O9 X5 G6 LAnd one day I'll be dead yo yo. + N  G6 W) V1 c9 h/ c  G1 X


* |* X  t0 s( y  F/ l0 |8 Q( E( r( h' V120  Babylon - Dr. Dave on stageqafone.co( h3 |  X6 {0 A
Artist: Blur  同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& P3 ~1 y! M4 a, L
Song: Song 2 (Techno Remix)
' E7 {2 _; X$ W& p

, w* M0 V* l8 BI got my head checked
4 @% e/ u5 {" K- ~By a jumbo jetqafone.co0 g3 V6 a7 M$ ?: l/ R, {# i
It wasn’t easy
0 n- j0 r4 i1 R/ B$ f& z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志But nothing is, no
7 v3 ^9 Y* N' Y0 k8 l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
1 _0 K2 U% q; R' t& q/ D5 sQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站When I feel heavy metal
. K: |( O9 h) O8 A+ [6 ~And I’m pins and I’m needles7 R; q7 `* o& }, z2 O$ r! J3 `4 [
Well I lie and I’m easy# q+ B3 Q$ g- |: Q# q
All of the time but I’m never sure when I need you
3 P% e3 d8 R! g( I5 P8 kPleased to meet you
" U* w( i( |6 V* M7 p  t
( r( ]  O# r. a7 ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I got my head done
4 `! n6 }4 h  G& Iqafone.coWhen I was young' Y, F! a' Q9 d1 U7 B
It’s not my problem
9 J- K+ N/ O3 m5 b' A2 C同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It’s not my problem
. f. K, n2 x4 T3 T, q" I1 m
- K( m( V8 A' N" zqafone.coWhen I feel heavy metal) p; y/ a% s$ ]  p/ P, Z! G
And I’m pins and I’m needlesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- w8 N( ]. @$ U5 ?" J( T" W) i* B
Well I lie and I’m easy
% x$ Q: l0 e7 d+ e. ~qafone.coAll of the time but I’m never sure when I need youqafone.co- Q* ~- G# G$ C8 d
Pleased to meet you
. h; h/ L5 y& m1 `% u9 oQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 _+ g1 t% O" {# ~. j
Yeah, yeah
" c" u( X# Q* ~Yeah, yeah
# F( A, u' i) ^% ]同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Yeah, yeah
$ {1 q) o/ s$ b& n$ q8 c9 sqafone.coOh, yeah
8 n9 }; j6 h! ^


  n2 Q5 F( `" x( h! K7 L
202  Brian and Justin Make Love / End Credits
+ g" [: U1 ]) d, N9 |Aritst: Sigur Ros  
; @5 q- ^" y+ L6 H! ^Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song: Svefn-g-englar
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, n: f' Y: N; ?' H* k
qafone.co+ l4 \9 k( {: P# I8 ]$ b
$ r" ?6 d8 _- h: Q% nqafone.coÉg Er Kominn Aftur
; M* Y9 t  O% O5 ]: |' i- I! Nqafone.coInn I Þig同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, f' r; w. ~! z. ~
Það Er Svo Gott Að Vera Hér  K8 w" s  R7 Z! J
En Stoppa Stutt Við
' V6 X; ?3 d: x4 ^0 Y) PEg Flýt Um I Neðarsjávar Hýði. z% z: G4 N+ A- L9 p$ ]
A Hóteli Beintengdur Við Rafmagnstöfluna Og Nærist同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 b3 D4 H2 z1 t
Tjú Tjú: a6 }0 X* A9 w; }5 i9 y# P* U
En Biðin Gerir Mig Leiðan - Brot Hættan Sparka Frá Mér
" F) Z; @' m; ]9 `( L: ?. @/ K* yOg Kall A - Verð Að Fara – Hjálp同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 [0 d" o9 H& }0 R" L: B
Tjú Tjú
; c3 h0 ]5 S, r7 w( i( }5 \" sEg Spring Ut Og Friðurinn I Loft Upp
* g6 w9 T' F; {+ {4 @% tQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Baðaður Nýju Ljósi, H. o1 P4 Z* N7 ?5 [9 V  P& k
Eg Græt Og Eg Græt – Aftengdur8 ~% ]. g8 d% ~3 R" E# u1 @4 \
Onýttur Heili Settur A Brjóst同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- L9 I$ Y9 x8 D" d. u; }
Og Mataður Af Svefn-G-Englum. _/ q- z# L- e
+ s: f- X& Q- J/ D4 M- |
5 M4 Y: N& B0 V5 VIm Here Again7 w- V0 I; o( h8 A7 Z0 l
Inside You
+ }$ o$ n2 j: f8 m5 `0 b, m: aIts So Good Staying Here! k. \, z) ~  ~$ I- M
But I Stay A Short While
: _& Z8 w3 o: m: K3 \" RI Float Around In Underwater Hibernation
& e0 s6 g. _9 d( p& X; uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站In A Hotel Connected To The Electricity Board And Nourishing
3 r7 f+ ]3 c! D7 U+ K8 v3 J3 }! o2 @Tyoowoohoo
: v' |5 H) N' ~# U6 ?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志But The Wait Makes Me Uneasy I Kick The Fragility Awayqafone.co) A1 I3 Y' m" g+ C. f3 A0 f$ n
And Shout I Have To Go - Help
8 S8 m3 t3 J# a) Y7 T- S( }Tyoowoohoo
5 F2 ?/ v2 \, iI Explode Out And The Peace Is Gone
& C; ]1 w" Q2 A3 `3 H8 eBathed In New Lightqafone.co2 I: b# N+ {6 Z4 C4 x) e* s
I Cry And I Cry - Disconnected
* e1 o2 d- l) R9 @# pQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站A Ruined Brian Put On Breasts
' `& V3 L& A+ J' {; fAnd Fed By Sleepwalkers' G7 b: g9 o" Q4 X6 a! k/ I

qafone.co5 s- n) L* o8 A/ s6 G) J7 [) T
3 Y6 v# m5 V. Q1 d4 Y9 \/ ]
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qafone.co, P+ \+ p8 B! U
203  Sex time - Brian & Cop / Mel & Linz
1 C% g& a+ r+ Qqafone.coArtist: Iggy and The Stooges  
$ ^& W3 q% m/ u4 P' LSong: Dirt
2 y/ J% @5 K- n; f" j% h. A, R
qafone.co* p& {& K4 c. t1 a
Ooh, I been dirt
- k+ O9 `. W9 DAnd I don't care
9 ^% }' ^: k$ w, x: QOoh, I been dirt
3 n8 n: Q$ t( s  [( G/ ^And I don't care
8 Q1 ^+ T3 \; w1 q( A$ h' ^5 |Cause I'm burning inside同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; ~6 B0 {* {) q4 x8 g$ \
I'm just a yearning insideqafone.co$ h0 `3 `% e3 T& V
And I'm the fire o' life, Z( f" N& Z8 g6 n8 }7 A4 G
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 @. f% |2 ~9 n5 D% X
Ooh, I've been hurt% J& G  h* I9 w* t" W, B( n. e, ?
And I don't careQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. A! b- l& k6 s' N
Ooh, I've been hurt
1 A# C* k/ d: [+ \9 x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志And I don't careQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ o8 B& o% Z# C$ p* Y; v4 c! T$ x) _
Cause I'm burning insideQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 Q3 B- H* E7 x0 D
I'm just a dreaming this life, `4 M: U# K! ], ^9 l
And do you feel it?6 H5 c  \! L$ d, e8 ~6 \5 T6 i
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
0 X. p# l+ Y5 k" lSaid do you feel it when you touch me?
" X& ^  n8 ^1 X# O% s# h/ ~' A) vThere's a fire同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  X  K" b! v9 h0 H  N0 ?
Well, it's a fire/ `' v3 J% M3 u; E2 t- f
qafone.co5 ^' z1 S4 @! b, |
It was just a burning, H% h  l" u2 k9 U
Yeah, alright
% b' |) p0 ]* M' N" v$ I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Ooh!
0 S, M- K0 L- J' i4 K' B- ]+ _5 M/ rBurning inside
0 R0 `1 B. h- |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Burning
9 r" O! f( K- l0 E& I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Just a dreaming
  i# k0 W2 A1 W/ K. s9 `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Just a dreamingQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 I6 E7 z+ b5 |0 a! g) e) p  `1 F
It was just a dreaming
8 b9 e; B+ M) g% ~6 X2 ^同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It was just a dreaming5 l1 j) A# O; g
$ G5 _. U& l6 u0 d% \$ h; z
Play it for me, babe, with love!
; C+ x  ?2 r( K+ s) K


9 k7 ^4 v. g. `6 [8 o: f9 T203  Justin walks to Brian
5 z4 ^* U) T4 |4 p& }7 lArtist:  Magnetic Fields  
+ L& w- O# }  S; z1 N9 f9 DSong:  When My Boy Walks Down The Street

# Y& F# x1 l0 a3 R
8 z/ f9 N8 M5 M1 \7 gGrand pianos crash together when my boy walks down the street同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( s6 v, p2 Y7 g
There are whole new kinds of weather when he walks with his new beat
0 i+ [; s. C$ C, T) k同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Everyone sings hallelujah when my boy walks down the street
1 P1 c0 Y) \9 D- j$ U! lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Life just kind of dances through ya from your smile down to your feet
# L' Y  y. C7 \1 nQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Amazing he's a whole new form of life
% `9 U) N( N7 p. _) w5 Y  ?qafone.coBlue eyes blazing and he's going to be my wife
  ~5 O8 v2 L& l6 h  Y0 |9 l8 f/ `The world does the hula-hula when my boy walks down the street : x* w0 b7 A  ]) b# q4 t( |6 w
Everyone thinks he's Petula so big and yet so petite
4 ^0 x* H7 Y8 t7 k5 a2 ~Butterflies turn into people when my boy walks down the street 4 y" j" S& T# c" M$ x
Maybe he should be illegal he just makes life too complete...
* Q( m3 v) r' s# ?qafone.coAmazing he's a whole new form of life( u+ A/ i& y+ v+ E. ?  |# x" ]
Blue eyes blazing and he's going to be my wife Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' V" V8 x+ Y7 w# P/ E7 |* p# _
Oh, shadows of echoes of memories
/ s8 o4 h: N% c. |8 A. E# n& D- s, iOh, things that he brings that he found in the sea 9 T. ?8 ?+ Z! x, L1 y& a
Oh, shadows of echoes of memories of songs
' p' R* ?/ J5 I6 O$ ]( iOh, how could he know that it won't be long...
$ X: A: W; p+ y6 a" Mqafone.coGrand pianos crash together when my boy walks down the street + T. b/ N/ ~3 k, [) @! h0 T
There are whole new kinds of weather when he walks with his new beat qafone.co4 E+ _; I+ Y) c1 X7 V% B/ }
Everyone sings hallelujah when my boy walks down the street
& b4 ?; Z+ E/ @4 rLife just kind of dances through ya from your smile down to your feet qafone.co9 \! _0 o' Q8 s& k1 c  q* s/ [


( |; m1 w) X6 L: `qafone.co208  Brian and Justin in shower -Brian encourages Justin to go to partyqafone.co. h, f  U, o! h8 W0 E
Artist: Paul Mac & Tex Perkins  Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) Y, L# y9 T4 b8 [  A$ A
Song: Heat Seeking Pleasure Machine
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) m) X* R; A) n& I/ z
1 F. c% ^4 t# m/ f) o% ?
When I'm feeling so low' K+ p% [9 k$ K
And feeling so tired
9 R0 y* f& F6 y8 n/ u2 r" S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It's the result of a need to feel so desired% y' R( L7 T6 A
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& u2 u: p. T9 E, r
Trawling back rooms and bars trying to fill my need同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 M( N( t1 ^- D) k, R" w" v
Looking for fun so hard I think my eyes will bleed
1 O; g9 E- j9 v  f0 z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You know I'm just a Heatseeking Pleasure Machine: _4 c+ x: e9 G9 B
Pump me up and work it but don't stop 'til I scream
  `( y- S, J+ ]/ w同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: C$ C) \& C2 ^7 [' j. N0 Z5 n
You know I'm just a Heatseeking Pleasure Machine
5 d" A6 v3 L6 o7 U6 N: [" tQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Gotta get me higher if you know what I mean
. X8 V0 K. M7 d' {/ c
( W8 ]  m7 v& E# |I need some one9 o- h# I  E, k2 I; }& U* D
I need some thing; W9 C+ ^% f! l, T' z: p
I need some
3 |/ a% Y  C! v+ o, K9 v: T( Y5 R# G) ^$ d; h
Down the lane up the stairs
$ j! p" u9 k+ X' Y# R7 g+ X同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志First room on the leftqafone.co) n9 Y' _4 J6 _- g. ^6 `# h
That's all I need to knowQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- K* ]8 h" M9 x% g- f1 ^
About your name or address
# N7 P: Y2 v2 p' L2 z, n& w/ r1 q3 _  E# |3 u8 ]! G8 [
I'll take whatever you gotQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  z# j/ r0 P9 a9 y1 U9 d& _
Just give it to me with speed
6 R( u# s5 ~0 u8 I$ n1 wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站You're the doctor I'm sick
; \. x% @6 z# T1 }% P% xAnd you know what I need
7 P+ }( w$ C; P5 S! r# s# l
. h& z6 D( z' v6 Fqafone.coYou know I'm just a Heatseeking Pleasure Machine
( }; U; @6 y6 u: X$ G' u" D  cPump me up and work it but don't stop 'til I scream
( r* R3 W4 _2 H8 X/ uqafone.coYou know I'm just a Heatseeking Pleasure Machine
* K: {# V7 q  I( _同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gotta get me higher if you know what I mean
8 E- {& ]* G0 _0 l1 n+ g: s3 m1 p  M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; n) N+ v( H4 h9 f. i$ W
I need some one
$ g/ r9 d8 v0 j& p7 {qafone.coI need some thing
- T6 `/ \: t( @$ g( v' H% o4 b2 AQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I need some
. [* [/ P" m& R8 l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志


8 u4 E- q) S. K' w# o
208  Brian & Justin forget everyone else
8 h4 [' Z: W- t+ I. c' G1 oArtist: Iio  / K% q; z/ U4 }
Song: Rapture

" E2 f- a. o& }, o$ I$ T+ W
! v- _6 O& s3 n/ ^La
' Y1 j6 {9 z5 c9 \& Jqafone.coLa la la la la la
0 u" l, F7 w9 L6 ]: f  dLa la la la la laQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: q: N4 v! f, b, {; O
La同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 T5 O# H5 u& n
La la la la la la
7 T- H! D5 C8 r4 Z9 bLa la la la la la* c1 z+ h' W- o, Y$ _. O
' Q% d" r0 U* t; Z
The night I laid my eyes on youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' H- d4 K; u  Q4 _( s5 ^# G
I felt everything around me move
/ \- N: d" `: z! W, H# ]) _Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Got nervous when you looked my way
  P4 [8 |& q: j( P. B; uBut you knew all the words to say
) z+ t$ T; u1 N- x  v* X
  v, P. R/ R$ {" \$ ]" k9 V! hAnd your love slowly moved right in+ A7 Y) t0 G& ]! L% [8 n
All this time, oh my love, where you beenqafone.co" W6 F% `4 ?. Q% ?, Q8 E' X3 J0 [
( B' F$ T# R' S# T( o- x8 }3 F
Mi amore* ^5 U" G; ^1 ~4 @: I
Don't you know同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 N( }- e$ ^/ f8 Q4 N+ }
My love I want you so
# G# ~. L/ v4 p, O; Q5 |4 f3 uqafone.coSugar
1 ?- y7 ]1 w- [) gYou make my soul complete/ Z7 r! J8 q! N6 n* j& |
Rapture tastes so sweet
3 \% \  h8 A4 b& c1 |- `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- ]" V  D. u$ T/ i% M
I'm mesmerised in every way8 {) Z: O/ H5 D( x4 S' P3 E
You keep me in a state of daze( F* K* q/ K: }* r) S& Z
Your kisses make my skin feel weak) V3 M1 S4 a. i% @0 I
Always melting in your heat- P7 \' |# l0 M/ S, F- |0 o
1 Q6 k, V& X& ^, @* Z- S9 p& z
Then I sore like a bird in the wind
4 x5 f$ T- B$ N3 O. k$ E8 FOh I glide like I'm flying through heaven
  \' C$ c- ~- j+ z4 z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! A. g& ^2 ?3 t* ]) k# d
Mi amore
+ V8 l7 F% r5 U) |. q1 u9 gDon't you know
( j6 w- W9 |3 o" g* l* aMy love I want you so
4 X' ~% Q) B0 i: `4 P* T6 x, kSugar
( z) @2 E& H: F. s5 }qafone.coYou make my soul completeqafone.co" u  M) C6 @2 U* F' u! b1 g4 D
Rapture tastes so sweet
$ a( q6 V3 G# A' y; I/ B9 f2 y
7 y$ h% ], \( N' b9 \Mi amore
% }$ u9 }0 Z1 }) r; [( Mqafone.coDon't you know
3 t" ]4 c0 w; n2 q+ |' @* @My love I want you so
, P' B9 W# \+ P- HQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Sugar8 r4 ~9 S; C: A# v, D  |2 Z
You make my soul complete
# B6 B0 a: w3 u9 Y# aRapture tastes so sweet
2 a4 W3 P  a" P, S2 t/ S- Q
! q) r% t6 x. Z6 i: t* dLaqafone.co: \4 S7 s# Q" O: o
La la la la la la
$ \7 k% F  U- k3 I1 I: v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志La la la la la la
( b$ A, d# E' L0 l! Y  C0 tLa
* X4 y* `, `) A1 q5 P% ^Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站La la la la la la
! H' r. y5 i: Q: ^6 z. ?* wLa la la la la la$ d' l8 i0 D' v( B( h

3 N8 r- U$ c( X; A0 Aqafone.coMi amoreqafone.co5 p3 v' G0 }. {8 N
Don't you knowqafone.co5 Z* W- ^- k# }8 p# h/ `; C
My love I want you so7 C+ l' ^7 y7 h5 H* ~
' D! ~1 Z$ k( l3 Q: b* q% eYou make my soul completeQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 l. c0 a  H, W5 A
Rapture tastes so sweet
' K/ _2 ]: a, D! nqafone.co
9 ]% x3 \, C* }: d# X+ K同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Mi amore
! F  S5 y" E/ gDon't you knowQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 l* K4 L7 z2 Q
My love I want you so5 f4 A: k( W2 J
Sugar& W. r& L8 v" O- S
You make my soul complete
& t4 Y1 E; |3 M  Q- X+ h同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Rapture tastes so sweet0 T1 u$ T2 q9 B: P& n
# ?* i/ a# O- l# y7 ~7 W" Y
LaQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% c4 U* T' c* e) M0 ]
La la la la la la( l; r! {5 k+ r: r6 i- _) \. \
La la la la la la& z) p  i* O/ p6 A$ i* @$ Y1 j3 H
# Q% e/ y, Y9 H9 ~La la la la la la
7 s. \% _2 I; z- zLa la la la la la: r1 O# n' C( p9 c( I
7 ^/ F6 A& R. t# c) E
(La la la la la la)- W6 m* `8 Y; W2 ~) T* ]; [% ~  z
(La la la la la la)* {1 T# w7 f% F/ e: @


% q) \# u5 c3 _8 W; w同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志209  Michael's sure about Ben / Brian and Justin dancing at Babylon / End Credits
+ I# w2 G4 a1 n9 EArtist: Peter Rauhofer + The Pet Shop Boys = The Collaboration3 t  \0 ~, ^, Z1 q& T" S$ _% C, o/ I
Songs: Break For Love (Friburn & Urik Tribal Mix)
qafone.co% }% W" P2 l% A% M7 ]

& a5 S8 C7 y; D6 {. yqafone.coBreak... for love
. i+ W7 }8 T, d3 kqafone.co
1 G3 K1 P; v, q' L3 l) |+ Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Baby don't you worry
( Y/ W# \8 r' ^& [6 H1 @qafone.coI want to be the man that you want me to be同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& \) M6 ]& i( K' U8 y) N7 L

0 }8 y  [9 T% x& h# h3 g' B$ w0 PThere's no need to worry1 \1 O  k% S; [/ i9 u( M
I'm gonna give you love the way want it to beQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 a8 X4 m5 a8 }

# `- p2 U3 o! SI'll be there every morning baby* J0 ~) C# A2 I0 v7 U" T1 X( j' v/ G! n
To hold you tight
5 |1 f* n; [; j$ EQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And that's why baby
% L" J% W$ B3 A3 Z0 NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站You don't have to wonder why
+ @$ U6 _- g5 r$ y2 Q# @5 m$ E" }  ~, z6 k2 }3 l9 P8 Z9 v
I love youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 m$ T: h0 Q$ a, A
I need you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志7 W9 T0 F7 Z/ v, p. s
Gotta have you
! R& H- T# ?+ D5 U% d1 b' K! s) DI need you, right now!!5 y/ y/ j( C! ?7 {( z1 o7 M
; A( X. L3 K1 s% b' |0 C5 Y( G
Right now!!...Right now!!...Right now!!....Right now!!!
% ]2 D7 H; l: N7 X- e
5 S4 g" L3 A8 C3 T6 FBreak... for loveQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, L$ W' U5 }2 C7 \$ B6 J& V1 d8 c" B


- ?4 j+ n) v2 O. X209  Bath House/Babylon同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. E: T+ B7 [# Z' z! U0 n
Artist: Aubrey  5 P- m" y; Q; ]7 \  A- o1 Y8 B& g+ ]7 Y
Song: Stand Still

3 l( n0 ~7 v. r9 }4 O) r) @qafone.coQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 J" W8 V+ f. a. W1 r
Stand Still
1 P- v: U" E: Q2 UStand Still Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' R) Y! o2 x+ f* k
Stand Still
) `/ y- z/ |+ z
# ~2 _- \: y/ o  qEmpty and ashamed, I have nothing left
1 b$ p8 L. L( K; j0 yqafone.coI continue, to search qafone.co$ l* d% _" r5 H$ L
Still unable, to find
  o1 k2 L; R$ f0 B2 gThe wish, that I wish for qafone.co3 h- z0 I; L  d( r. Z* V
The love, that I look for, The touch, that I long for 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! s: K' F! L1 Y2 Y
  b' y4 @! N. S( W- q1 B
We live every day 6 [  \. T' ?' c2 U5 Q1 x- u# b
Always feeling the same way
. Z4 O" C5 n/ l; uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I don't want to stand still ( _  ^. a. y0 E7 s: H
I don't want to stand still 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ ?* o0 p  P- ^  [9 E+ J

' g5 e' o- s1 J6 }4 i& AStand Still
! P( B" j7 g& l5 t" ]同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Stand Still
. o$ ?: X; |4 u/ a/ [6 mStand Still 2 e+ }; I% W! L: m6 J' n8 t

% U0 q8 ]: X# F  L. e同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I watch, in amazement
' A7 V1 Q4 E( ~3 V+ {, ?' a; {qafone.coAt all the plans I've made
; h- T4 K$ n+ j$ qOnly to realize
! ?* M( \6 }" q" Q: {qafone.coI've just been standing still 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& o* L9 }$ G' h
Silence, surrounds me ; |! q$ S5 t* V# x! [7 z
Am I standing still 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 c7 p5 O9 p: L8 _  P7 g
The notion, consumes me
5 f) Y) ~0 F7 K% }! X$ N0 ]$ QBut have I lost my will
1 z3 b/ ^* r& k6 {4 @( m* z$ I6 v/ z3 M- j: S" j* n) ^- Y$ {
We live every day
1 ^& a- Y3 }- F! v2 I" fqafone.coAlways feeling the same way , _/ I: z. e) A8 M
I don't want to stand still 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ g6 B/ p& m1 O
I don't want to stand still 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, w8 {3 `7 E$ r% z
  }) r. t2 v5 k# ]
I want to scream but I have nothing to say $ d# v& K; J3 c. r* @9 `
I've been walking in this dream standing still in the light of day
2 S# e& p0 [9 [& v2 p) `; T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 C5 Y; z4 A: T) q( S1 ]
Stand Still 9 n3 v4 u2 x: j
Stand Still
+ k/ u) o+ k0 U6 ~! u$ K7 UStand Still
, D0 b9 a# [. ^3 U2 s+ {6 ]! _* p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
: Z+ k7 _5 g$ G6 {8 AWe live every day Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( N! f+ K2 y& C: _7 T% v
Always feeling the same way 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 \5 ]" D  X' I7 Z/ H8 Y) P$ k
I don't want to stand still
6 C* @! K& A. t0 N8 eqafone.coI don't want to stand still
' C# m7 e) A, a) H: S7 o) Q' P


2 Y/ u4 F+ H$ T% i
210  Brian ignores Justin's warning 2 l+ W) _! W8 O+ }& e  \$ @5 \6 D
Artist: Chemical Brothers
3 t2 t0 M" U) k, E: CSong: Out Of Control
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- z* |+ [( K1 A) z. l8 e: l
qafone.co2 s# z  f' P0 A  @: q
Out of control
5 B/ u! u6 S; ~2 C9 {. eqafone.coOut of control0 K4 e2 Y3 M8 |  \) G
Out of control同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  d9 }9 f- b% |5 P
! S" U. M( c3 u% s1 F1 |8 S
Sometimes I fell that I missunderstood5 |7 A1 u0 _( v9 r) J8 z5 L
The rivers run and deep right through my thought
% w6 O* w9 ?( uYour naked body lying on the groundqafone.co) M) Q0 Q& G! Y/ V+ e
You always get me up when I’m downQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ [7 f8 k$ [2 _* [  R
9 W+ v6 S  k& Q( Z( h$ X; }* T
And it always seems we’re runnin’ out of time,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站! d: L$ `4 J" f, f& d
We’re out of control; z3 C9 W" y3 z1 Q, i: a2 {
Out of control% l  P! N/ {: D# J6 |% e: u
Out of control
+ o6 W, a- U+ t4 p& L% ~6 b% q* }9 T) s* B: e& T' U; ^  s$ |
Maybe I’m just scared of losin’ you* X" U8 K: _3 G! W, B3 f, o
Or maybe it’s the things you make me do
% W3 u6 ?6 B7 D9 s3 H$ Y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It seems to me we both should hang aroundqafone.co1 `" [8 h. H. k6 P: s6 c
And raise the population of this town1 ~! D% }, ?1 c. w, q
- b4 B& l" H' m5 C* c
And it always seems we’re runnin’ out of time,
% W) q) }; c& NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站We’re out of control
' n' ~2 Z: V7 T% M8 H+ C5 z; ]/ T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Out of control
! o) n( D" t7 o2 M2 k& sqafone.coWe’re out of control
! W: l- N( P0 C0 R3 POut of control
0 k9 ?" T1 O8 ~: g& a8 LQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站1 v: k: j9 l3 O5 R- Y# [
But it doesn’t mean we’re too far down the line# ~7 \3 `5 G5 W  B" K, G
We’re out of control同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 [% J2 ^: w. }7 b- F
Out of control
; [2 T2 {* v7 |- o, [qafone.co& H8 e) {  e1 B8 D0 `' g" Q
The record player keeps on turning roundQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. K. v" o1 i% l: G/ l( n8 d  C! t
It could be stuck or maybe it’s a sound
1 h% p# o6 `# R# _+ Kqafone.coAll the time I should be there with youqafone.co* O( d- k! k" k3 d; S6 V
But maybe I’m just searchin’ for the truthqafone.co9 d  l. B2 s% X5 S7 ?: r) F
Or maybe I’m just searchin’ for the truth- y4 E( g5 r. B! ~
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  m2 W/ z1 f9 T) r
And it always seems we’re running out of time.$ n( U: n4 f3 H8 @) M" Z1 S
We’re out of control
3 y1 D2 ~, ~1 T! a* uqafone.coOut of control
- T. G  d, \3 aWe’re out of control
+ @* C& J5 }3 b9 S) M: O! [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Out of control
  ]' [! f" t" h7 w% N! F$ V0 L
; w# i& l9 L6 g5 R+ f; MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站But it doesn’t mean we’re too far down the line
0 m9 N" n7 b6 S7 \; F$ L8 O  oWe’re out of control
0 \1 \1 O5 F3 e. JQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Out of control
! Q9 X' d2 J: j: a- {3 ~7 zWe’re out of control
) J- e  E; I* @$ n. j: `1 TOut of control
" m( U& [! Z( L% C$ p0 z+ B5 c' H同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. H! E3 J; z7 D9 A) u" U7 p$ N
Could be that I’m just losing my touch
: S5 O1 ?, H- T, R' ]4 u同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Or maybe you think my moustache is too much* ~. c1 T0 x7 i0 {3 {7 `7 A
Satellite is out of control
9 ^% c! v4 u( Z, T8 U& Q; mBut you and I are brothers of the soul
; h; F' o" g+ i5 l9 w8 IAnd you and I will come in from the coldQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: P: V3 r4 v# ?* g

2 _4 a5 t$ ~. C: O  E. a% MOut of control, out of control! v, ^. y) f" f; e4 Q; E& j
We’re out of control( W# ?9 ^" Z& ^8 F( R4 j
Out of control
8 c- v$ _+ c4 B7 x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志


qafone.co1 J8 z1 \* ]8 H2 }
213  Int. Brian's Loft - Justin can take care of himself ) s' |; h8 P+ A6 g, i
Artist:  Andy Stochansky
4 k- ^/ {( Q( r" F5 t" E+ l7 @/ USong:  Here Nor There

# l; ?) j  ]1 E6 }4 a0 l+ L0 G0 [* Aqafone.co& q9 C# h1 N6 I: c
Did you ever want to go
% x" j! q" t$ g$ p& @/ }leave love to those who know
: p+ H4 g# I  b, B/ j6 _1 k5 ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站did you ever say1 h; a' w- c; v. |/ U9 P9 B# z
i stopped in the middle同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) z& `6 U. J9 w
8 R* c: P; T  g/ X
or the fear of being hurt
. f; v7 z( D: U/ c. O) A) W: Vthe one you loved could be so curt4 N/ \% Z3 d  u1 W2 g
and then you say i'm stuck in the middle
( t6 i2 G- C2 r7 MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( m& c+ g6 J- z/ \) ~/ ^
so remember this 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. n2 R7 J, \; v2 H1 {& d
it's from now it was the kiss
# v, I8 ?  i: Ofrom the day you wereqafone.co1 t: v  B0 }! G
stuck in the middleQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# O4 r* E# R1 Q8 }

5 |# U# m& i. xqafone.codid you ever close your eyesqafone.co" Q( p! o- B8 d/ h, ~+ j
did you let him walk by5 T. a; [9 m& O4 h4 d; Q8 l
think to yourself
9 ?* D+ y& ^1 X9 Sthis is going nowhereqafone.co4 R: X4 N: p: b+ C5 l' ?5 E: p

5 e0 C* N' ?) n4 y  i+ adid you ever need to know8 y+ Z0 ~* h+ k2 \
if he could love you soqafone.co' A7 v3 e  O7 I7 c* M; ~" U
but then you saidqafone.co3 m: @7 h$ L% w+ t7 n; L0 o* R
this is going nowhere
3 B9 ?0 X  a7 B0 S7 \0 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* ^5 m, u& ~5 J3 X% G. O
so remember thisQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  g6 c1 q4 i" T$ o  a/ ^/ ]) o
it's from now it was the kiss
" {, }9 z3 v1 V8 ^! jQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站on the day you were 5 W. }% M1 a. W; E9 O- r' Y1 w
stuck in the middle
, @! h& a; E9 d6 Z- j5 m0 l& p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
8 I- S1 A6 o2 a/ C5 c4 l同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志please don't pretendqafone.co# O1 C. l* V( v! G
not tonight, not at ever: u2 [3 s& r. I
please don't pretendQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 a; y: ~, t1 _( z! i$ C# Y
not tonight, not ever
8 z6 E! a( a$ ^- i. t, I# w, {- ^1 L同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志please don't pretend
: V4 b5 ~$ C+ Q0 b, {0 N- G! Gthis will not end..6 g' ^1 B/ z( t) I
+ X* ?: K$ S3 o3 C2 _
did you ever need to know
' x- b& U1 i0 Y8 i7 B; Dqafone.coif he could love you soQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 Z5 Y0 S. |8 n5 a/ ?- s7 X9 T: [
but then he says i'm stuck in the middle
2 e( F6 d6 A+ R' z  u7 v/ Lbut then he says i'm stuck in the middle
7 c4 }1 e: N; hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. h4 b7 z5 Z2 C2 t: x$ H1 f5 Z
but then he says..$ ^  q3 O1 D6 a+ K8 Z


4 r  `# q, T" l  `3 _6 k213  End Credits
# u7 i8 q/ a/ n- n5 A' n  R1 w3 aArtist: Ron Sexsmith (feat. Chris Martin from Coldplay)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* H2 q* p6 h( u% k. a+ T
Song: Gold In Them Hills
7 D. e$ s* {2 o' U5 i2 U3 g" C2 F
, u+ a1 p3 _9 \8 _7 E; c! D( }
I know it doesn't seem that way
2 W8 K1 U% H4 y: I* \9 Jqafone.coBut maybe it's the perfect day4 q5 A# C9 _* d2 F4 K$ w/ s0 }7 o3 ?
Even though the bills are piling1 A& e9 o$ K. ]1 K5 ~
Maybe Lady Luck ain't smiling
3 k1 u# ?& q- X1 u
/ w; j" ^! ^7 c) Q& E; uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站But if we only open our eyes
, h( ?. Y: G0 @- K: v& rQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站We'd see the blessings in disguise; A7 l" i& v% r) a
That all the rain clouds are fountains( Z- G, e2 e$ m& s1 |
Though our troubles seem like mountains7 p; y/ L, F# Q( O+ [5 Y! T; v6 c
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ {. B2 N; u' `8 Z
There's gold in them hills$ y# P& G3 O* g- |7 Q$ z- R& H
There's gold in them hills
& h7 |7 c7 a' O! b2 i' V# TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站So don't lose heart
+ p1 F4 F, ^; V1 I9 _  z! N: W: ]$ i( R6 i同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Give the day a chance to start# a1 u. T- {/ k
: D, |$ ]4 `' U2 C8 d, V
Every now and then life says: 7 |* [% g$ S. m3 u0 R: ]* H
Where do you think you're going so fast?& y: k$ s" g4 M6 ]) W% u; O! u) x
We're apt to think it's cruel, but sometimesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 _* p; l) ~3 ?1 ]- L( C9 U
It's a case of cruel to be kind. ^, y/ X& F: a* e$ j! G
8 Y4 @- g. V- h( ~# P4 X
And if we get up off our kneesqafone.co+ s. N  x, x- c% R
Why then we'd see the forest for the trees) b) @% p7 g3 V% A
and we'd see the new sun risingQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 h: U3 E% E5 N6 Y
Over the hills and horizon
6 k) r$ j9 g2 N' m8 GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& S7 w" B2 s, G$ `% ^/ s
There's gold in them hills
, i( G* `& u, _- mQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站There's gold in them hills
7 U6 i) Z/ M3 z5 G5 NSo don't lose faithQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ a: c! G  m- D/ `' o
Give the world a chance to say: * ^+ R9 o* f' c1 [. Q0 F! ~

- a0 q$ \- F6 h& |A word or two, my friend% d* _$ ]3 t3 n% a" Z( f: M
There's no telling how the day might end
4 g$ g; s# F7 y* G同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志We'll never know until we see
6 r7 C! e) M' Q3 V9 W4 G9 S- U
: K, Q* j; p' j- e% ^! ^  B: h% t同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志That there's gold in them hillsqafone.co) h6 f4 L2 R* v7 |) d
There's gold in them hills
8 m7 f) H0 D: u: S8 eSo don't lose heartqafone.co8 l" F1 P) o3 U' j, a4 `# K
Give the day a chance to start- z6 v. T1 b8 ^8 Z6 B
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' C! Z& _0 I0 i
There's gold in them hills
5 m, H8 s% Y; O# [; M  }  i同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志There's gold in them hills
! D8 e' [5 ^/ O1 p0 |: y( F# {. f


  J7 R* v! S6 V6 n0 ^qafone.co216  Lindsay gives Brian a guilt trip
6 n2 O: ?6 [# o4 ~& @3 i1 |; uArtist: Charlatans UK  
- y) R$ U$ q8 `" h+ ?Song: Love Is The Key

4 O" Z, ?( e% p. A6 G1 ^- Q
9 O. P" G8 a" F! \+ a9 wqafone.coI found you
- ?) e5 c5 W) n, bI turned you in to AmericaQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 l  o& [! ?/ E, ^
I believe in you. ^" U2 U+ Z- t: K2 Z& U
Telling you Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ d3 r8 p* I% {9 f  E8 u# L
The kind of mind
4 D- J  c3 k% b* h- \& SRunning wildqafone.co+ E- a6 s5 e; p! i
I will do it with you
; N/ n1 b+ [% \; V* G% y% f( qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I will do it without you
# v; q% ~4 ?# e% x$ ^同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
3 h- q- v! }6 t: TOh my, my, my come on dry your eyes
9 }/ J  o% n, `8 }7 i/ E5 R6 X: D同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志There抯 only one kind of mind who truly satisfies
) E7 h7 S( a/ W6 lLove is the key
1 s, P, g# i6 x* r  P9 rI will sacrifice my soul to free you from misery' `6 L' W5 G' ]+ u

- V1 a* I- Y4 S* H) ULove is the key (x4)# E& x1 T6 E' s  i8 H! E# k( C

( |! g$ \8 M1 g5 r5 J0 w- sCome feed me
3 n+ d* C" {& T+ |Come feed me with your attitude同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: y% d# K, ^7 P" r* w2 c
Your lucky creature9 R( @  K' F- n. ]1 U
A lady
& ^" C# F3 h' eThe kind of mind
; r) z( [* k9 {2 Q2 ?- P5 }# D. gQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Can truly satisfy
: o. f. k: ^5 WI will do it with you
/ s7 V& E& {1 [4 n& ]- ~I will do it without youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  g$ C0 _% W' r% y1 M

4 R' G5 m: [! a* T同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Oh my, my, my come on dry your eyes
& J  ]$ J% `# L7 J2 N. xThere抯 only one kind of mind who truly satisfies
* W2 J5 x# m/ e- E- vLove is the key/ b9 r1 G: o9 B- m, _; p7 q
I will sacrifice my soul to free you from misery* e: |& `7 C" E6 T
6 s0 _2 j( G; @$ g  I# D8 w
Love is the key (x4)
% [* X$ D$ [/ }6 n# ~: \/ ^  m! Q2 G5 Cqafone.coqafone.co) ?( P$ j' \; U/ N9 d) y
I can feel with you (x2)
' I4 b1 i' N$ \, jLike a wandering star a hungry will get you5 u, _% W" E* |" S% A) X/ U
One kind of mind, I3 L- c$ n5 @. f
Will truly satisfy
) W8 v& c  \9 @  A7 z. _+ mYour lucky creature you!
2 H3 E3 Y5 C) l; O2 K  sqafone.coMiss you' I4 Y6 n. s# ?8 R

8 X+ a' w# F4 F; `$ S( \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I found you
- d, ]8 v  O; g5 V: C同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I turned you in to a miracle同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! X; R3 m/ b1 m6 Y' b
I believe in you
5 Q3 c7 e! d" C$ r" JTelling you
) \  |- L/ S+ W# f4 X+ Sqafone.co% s$ S+ E3 a* u& `
Oh my, my, my come on dry your eyesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 P! ~5 M* z; |& L% }1 ?5 ]+ N% E
There抯 only one kind of mind who truly satisfies
: _: b( |+ O- H1 G3 j! l5 U4 RLove is the key
, l( x+ Q! ~( GI will sacrifice my soul to free you from misery) p$ l9 e: g& R( _4 V

3 s0 K1 h5 D. {! NLove is the key (x4)   D, U& v. }; \, I


同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! d! h1 |7 x" F. t" j  S8 R7 m% j
218  Brian's answer to "did you miss me?" . H1 B6 _0 t& |, X
Artist: Filter  
' X8 O! s+ I4 ~1 H7 |4 T. W  mSong: The Best Things

: ?+ _3 Y( [& q- r1 E9 `3 ]( N  vQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
, T+ e% E9 m; W# U$ _Got a green light gotta green light yeah& P' g3 x% `4 B% {
But I’m going nowhereQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ S4 l1 P! r$ |' p: Z3 O3 f
Gotta green light gotta red light yeah" z: l3 S4 c. D+ j2 T% h1 s
No stop no stop I don’t care
& A& b2 t; ^+ W3 |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Every one of you could be the same
' k6 y% d, N) E) G" w8 o同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Every one of you could play the game
  F1 N! L+ s0 `( ^, k7 P9 c同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gotta green light gotta green light yeah
. L  ^6 w! p" y( M* rBut ya goin’ nowhere
* u& v4 Y" Z) G" V5 e
( m' Q& k" Z% W# K- Q$ t4 n8 ZChorus: 5 g4 S3 ~! ]$ N  ~
You know the best things in life aren’t for me同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& \4 S* i3 }- z7 l3 s
You know the best things in life aren’t for freeqafone.co- ^0 [; e) ?% _$ W: U4 X
qafone.co3 Z, R2 p3 d5 b/ D
Gotta new life gotta new plight yeah
: e; Y$ H: e9 i  ]1 zAnd it’s going nowhere
' V6 a( a4 s% M6 }# `6 ?  ~4 _9 ]On a mountaintop like a pin drop yeah
5 H/ h. S, [; ~+ hNo God no thought I don’t care
' H( L5 o0 ^$ e3 Yqafone.coEvery one of you could be the same& S7 A' j9 K0 _: L+ ]! S! [
Every one of you can play this game
! m- [9 u6 _/ `5 V# U1 e8 F+ V6 L: x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Gotta new life gotta new plight yeah
! r2 G$ p) H5 p4 n; ~And it’s going nowhere
- s1 s9 R% c5 u( x; ?
  C/ x9 Y! }. ^% ]0 a! ^2 u' J: ZChorus
" _  O8 A, G- _# }, |同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志0 F6 u) ]! s3 T& d* A; f4 {
Gotta new find gotta new crime yeahQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 C  V: `4 c1 k8 \* o8 [
And it’s going nowhere
; T. e4 V1 K8 F- D2 N" x) `* m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Like a global path like a car crash yeah
6 c: E; r2 p5 }' i% Vqafone.coNo cop no stop he don’t careqafone.co; @" @: e5 C0 y8 j  [# B
Every one of you are just the sameqafone.co% }3 L& U  p, C
Every one of you will play this gameQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ L/ |* v9 I# `( y
Gotta new find gotta new crime yeah
1 G0 x  K) g  F" j6 O9 f, W; L4 y+ CAnd it’s going nowhere
0 ]$ \, L0 P5 o3 Cqafone.coqafone.co/ p( F1 p, T0 J( X* y1 ?/ Z
Chorus (x4)qafone.co- U! m6 ~) h  c2 X. ^


- [7 m9 W* a3 ]6 v( x4 a
218  Brian gets inspiration in the back room at Babylon
; s  z1 J5 q$ l8 F2 QArtist: Basement Jaxx  Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 Z1 e4 T5 g- M9 W2 W
Song: Get Me Off

) @' h! x# r- H" Q8 wqafone.co, O, M6 X# t! ~3 n  q4 W
Give your body to me
" ~( }4 e4 S8 u! L# [! GGive your body to me
7 w# }, D: Y0 d& m8 N8 q+ y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Let your body be free/ k+ Y( c/ s- \% U! V% B/ C
Free your body, your body with me x2: k% j8 A+ z+ e. N' Y
5 p5 F5 o: b$ x
I want to undress you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志% U- U% |, d! u4 ^: z
Wanna caress you (wanna caress you)
4 r' {: |6 v9 x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Don't wanna be coy# F' S! U8 B- c2 z5 X9 ]' a. s
It's time to get me off x2qafone.co, m2 W, Q  y3 x3 ?3 u: [# B$ F
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ c) t# V2 \/ v+ \- {$ c
Come on baby, thrust me, trust me, get me off同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& f/ [& p  \0 c3 u
You're my poison an i cannot get enough x2同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( \- s3 m' x* N5 s" T
- V+ C% }9 p1 W  [5 e
Get me off
: T3 Y1 v7 r) f6 B8 \同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Get me off (get me off!)
, M3 ~; `. Y: DGet me off (games, games)(get me off!)3 J! s: _) H( a4 O
Get me off (get me off!)
) u5 U9 G" M6 R4 o) eGet me offQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ p# _: M" ~: d2 c( s
Get me off (get me off!)
5 l4 V/ B- I  ]* l. B- C8 R- You got to get me off
3 }' k, C' Q( L' L: Yqafone.co7 M+ ?' t! f. C8 W: ]4 p

" R! x, s) V* CGive your body to me同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志6 L* b! S: B. ~$ O
Give your body to me
5 T# v: @1 t0 e2 Z: I" m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Let your body be free
  F0 ]* \: ?" `; e" J6 s$ x  e4 zFree your body, your body with me x2qafone.co' N* `$ G; b' O' S$ g6 N- ]7 b* G8 u

, w7 i7 ~* i; x) F) [4 xI want to undress you) B1 u# s+ l! t" B' k
Wanna caress you (wanna caress you)
$ I& N6 p/ t$ B6 IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Don't wanna be coy
# C; b) s  b2 q, P; j# `6 ]  OIt's time to get me off x2 ( D, C% }4 }/ s9 Y

: k$ G% a9 @' X' X+ h0 _. XCome on baby, thrust me,trust me, get me off
4 D" ?# Q4 r0 t! C1 ]0 T7 mYou're my poison an i cannot get enough x2Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 R! @: i+ U: L/ p$ z. u

$ e1 E. `2 `; ?0 `2 F" PGet me off
9 {+ U1 Z( l$ K# Z1 u. z2 eqafone.coGet me off (get me off!)
& g6 f6 y2 O- G) V8 g/ QGet me off (games, games)(get me off!)
# t5 w5 F2 q, g3 g3 jGet me off (get me off!)
# }1 i5 y( D5 c. @; {. Q0 AGet me off同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. M8 {- x* g$ G- k, \( p0 Y0 k1 s$ f
Get me off (get me off!)
  N  n# k* ?6 F4 Y9 A- You got to get me offQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 T$ C0 C( a  D+ H" s* Q

. X7 y9 j- d; P2 P9 {) F+ JGive your body to me7 B  R) G( S( s
Give your body to meqafone.co- e, @+ y# f/ [6 K, J/ ^
Let your body be freeqafone.co( X9 B) x! h; U  l. t
Free your body, your body with me x2
7 M$ z( F) H6 a- ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. i9 i9 h: A5 G6 B3 i7 L, v
(take-t-take it
1 ?- Q: V1 W8 w6 E- m; w! m2 dQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站so good, move it)Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ v7 d& X  U# Z' {' |

2 s. J7 o. y$ t/ H同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 v5 v8 c# w) s% @' k
Give your body to me
: x% Y$ c) ^$ Q  N' PQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Give your body to me同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. p4 n! I9 x( P* n
Let your body be free2 r# O! T$ m6 T4 ?
Free your body, your body with me x2
" Z0 c4 ^4 i: I- L% ZQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
9 f) x4 R1 ^7 P; M& bCoz the music's pumpin and i wish you'd do the same to me
1 a& U# W- q( ?4 H& Xqafone.co(you know you can do it,you know you wanna do it)
/ T+ b0 Q8 H0 M" O: ]. aQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站You're so freaky,treat me,make me come (oh baby baby please) (give your body to me)同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# E% [* Y* B$ b# Z

9 g# P4 Q9 y! X3 U& qYou got to Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: U# Y% _: l7 Q) q) m
Get me off
0 [0 s3 y. e2 Q8 Z6 X- @9 N5 uGet me off (get me off!)
# h) M% a; M9 x+ q4 a* L, g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Get me off (get me off!)
2 F. z% |: q/ y& X8 I/ D& I! X6 Z1 m/ |Get me off (get me off!)
- z0 Q- R+ ?3 O) f+ |, V0 OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Get me off  b; R7 K, q' _( j2 e/ x6 j8 f
Get me off (get me off!
5 @& ?6 F1 T8 w/ Iqafone.co
2 d6 y7 K0 u3 @) v% X' T5 P' n* z同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Give your body to meqafone.co8 o0 [1 v: i. d0 U( ~$ b6 T
Give your body to me0 t) ~% e: P4 h8 _8 k$ @
Let your body be free0 h2 l2 p+ w: f0 W2 L- L
Free your body, your body with me x2
5 q( [& A  p* I7 z* e4 Z% eqafone.co# t7 x# x: N+ r3 Y
- Its time to get me off, }! e& A) D: ]* N


" s) Y4 S/ w, q! R4 F1 x+ D- m  IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站218  Justin and Ethan / End Credits 6 z' V; f& r& \, m
Arist: The Cure  qafone.co8 f/ A5 M9 L/ |- g& c
Song: Lovesong
1 m+ S" `- _- |/ ~9 |# d% c7 p
qafone.co' p6 V. U# b6 c7 `1 L" v
Whenever I'm alone with you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  [* S! N# o+ Q6 [
You make me feel like I am home again同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! V& |- f9 U. J0 d: p0 J) i& H
Whenever I'm alone with you
( q; K! {3 C# g' DYou make me feel like I am whole again
" A* p+ M! m6 v$ yQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
; ?' E! T( ?" ]( \Whenever I'm alone with you( Q+ ~- R4 n- D3 p, y
You make me feel like I am young again
4 }* T4 g1 ~4 F- O( m/ OWhenever I'm alone with you8 M. P3 i; y& a* V9 n( Y6 p) y; t
You make me feel like I am fun again
# f5 q+ j& d; I, G( l5 n& ?1 M( B9 S
* @3 }2 n) S+ Q* |) NHowever far awayQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 M% K' [5 b) H: ^% y! E$ l
I will always love youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ X! g* T! y4 n9 z& H0 p
However long I stay
1 `) F; O7 S+ n- @qafone.coI will always love youqafone.co1 U4 d  N0 Y( m! z8 U
Whatever words I sayqafone.co2 N+ t/ H/ X3 _$ s' X4 K4 ~( O; }
I will always love you
7 Z' N$ S0 q( I; r3 HI will always love you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; I- W7 p, [2 K4 r, @

  v! e! U2 ~0 v" D0 uWhenever I'm alone with you
, j# R2 X7 m& D8 K+ Q% hYou make me feel like I am free again( e  ~  A  P# H% v
Whenever I'm alone with youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站* g4 ?+ n' S* x
You make me feel like I am clean again+ W1 i2 j7 A+ o' \2 [2 e9 `

3 `; W) K: G/ M! Z$ z8 F. dqafone.coHowever far away
( g5 B. ^' z) p# m# h' h2 o' |Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I will always love you
' ~, R$ [2 [. N( D0 `/ X, Kqafone.coHowever long I stay
: Z' L3 j1 v4 k- G2 OI will always love youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( B( Q5 s6 T7 o, U: F
Whatever words I say/ g3 B$ }% o+ G% e0 [* v
I will always love youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ b6 {' f, O: d4 i" v
I will always love you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& j, @- [: t/ D4 _7 A& q


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