110  Brian & Justin in hotel bed4 l1 X% ^' }% ^& P
Filthy Mind           Amanda Ghost             
  ?% M6 _7 S; Cqafone.co4 L$ l! L+ R6 I
Love is goneqafone.co5 `' Q' P5 {$ o* B( A
My TV's on# ~, v' [$ I* U' T1 b
I'm hanging with the boys
. R6 I8 s5 h5 MA life with fools
: Z2 \' R+ r7 pthis world is cruel
9 W8 l% Y  W9 S1 ]" X4 X; d( M8 a6 g3 hWe never dispense with toys同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" J7 G' s, @, l) @5 K
Could you make a suggestion
4 B+ u/ y! Q' ?6 z2 v7 r8 }0 hQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站for an act I would enjoy
7 I" S- E0 R8 W. OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I'm drowning) ]7 ^! ?( a! g  u
So come inside
7 `+ U3 Y- K$ r+ nWelcome to my filthy mind
; W5 E) @5 h! U7 LMy fingers are burnt
2 `# l0 T6 Y+ ?4 p/ s. W/ nForgot what I learntqafone.co' [( b5 K! b0 Y4 R
I'll never be a satisfied
7 B6 E! |' h/ ]. Z5 V  ^Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Become a recluseqafone.co6 _: w. g! g0 n1 t
Enjoy the abuse: |* V* E1 T) T4 h# g3 {' F
It's better to just get high同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 C; V8 Z+ H6 T* u0 H1 e7 o7 m# N2 v: y
Now I feel like a baby
+ D1 T" m- l2 I" y. c) I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志who has just opened its eyes
) d% ^+ |2 {" y% d9 [5 D8 E4 `1 gQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I'm drowning
! i" ^! d4 w4 q: I+ {4 ?( nSo come inside
' ~8 V  u% P) |; |  WQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Welcome to my filthy mind


118   Justin Drawing* s* y) g$ Q, q' K9 s7 F: y
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 D1 J. e4 n  B9 _- a; `
A Kind of Magic          Queen
& M# R7 J" e9 Z+ W/ k5 I, w( Z4 p; z( R7 D4 O8 L0 Z
It's a kind of magic,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( e1 ~3 z. V: W5 N
It's a kind of magic,
: q; @* c6 e; {" s1 ]qafone.coA kind of magic,
; U( G6 @& D/ N1 ?One dream, one soul, one prize,! n, u( ?" V$ d. a7 I
One goal, one golden glance of what should be,qafone.co1 n9 v  o" C& `1 l1 ?7 `
It's a kind of magic,
* R; B( o0 h3 P/ y2 u7 MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站One shaft of light that shows the way,/ B5 P# D+ [8 a7 l
No mortal man can win this day,
5 f3 n/ m, F% |It's a mind of magic,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% ]: K. u- Q" Q' r0 K7 A- }
The bell that rings inside your mind,6 i! p' C5 R! \: }, k$ H) U
It's a challenging the doors of time,
' Z4 D. H" [/ [, Z0 mIt's a kind of magic,qafone.co  P! t# Y) o6 s. [
The waiting seems eternity,
  c+ D/ w5 z7 U! p. z2 ]& D2 Y0 |The day will dawn of sanity,- G4 Q- z' ^8 L/ \. k. X; L: d
It's a kind of magic,
$ P( b8 Q2 y. `  uThere can be only one,
) \% |: y! E0 k, \. OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站This rage that lasts a thousand years
4 |9 `6 z8 o* r5 \6 m' sWill soon be gone,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, S6 K" v$ ~) [1 u8 m5 u5 s% _
This flame that burns inside of me,
4 Y5 c4 ]; d7 w/ H& ^4 LI'm hearing secret harmonies- @% k  m  W( [& J
It's a kind of magic,, w# ]0 L' [; }) [# R3 e$ D
The bell that rings inside your mind,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" V' ?5 |: ?4 q* B( \$ y
Is challenging the doors of time,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- t5 @7 C1 {9 _! ?0 d
It's a kind of magic,
1 z8 c  |4 b3 s) Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It's a kind of magic,# @: R4 i) o$ q1 r
This rage that lasts a thousand years,/ ~: L2 }  C- X4 y8 T6 ^
Will soon be will soon be,
5 d' X& W/ L  ^% ~( f% Q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Will soon be gone,# R# R* M( [. k' t9 o$ h
This is a kind of magic,
7 S' s7 ?7 n: c同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Tere can only be one,
7 J9 d( T6 O* {. D! \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站This life that lasts a thousand years,qafone.co$ i) M! P' t7 u5 O+ A' h
Will soon be gone,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, K5 L* H6 d! B$ f$ m4 ~
Magic - it's a kind of magic,
3 `4 r/ D4 S. x% n! [# J+ m1 qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站It's a kind of magic,
  [8 U" O/ Z$ }7 ~) P$ Y' V5 @5 eqafone.coMagic, magic, magic, magic,
& Z9 z# c; M6 uIt's magic,qafone.co. R& e) J& [8 _. n4 c. Z; E# G# }
It's a kind of magic.


last181855翻的forever young中文歌词同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 R1 a% V" b/ N# f" c1 O

  U/ U, k: o5 v: r9 j" }6 j太爱forever young这首歌了!觉得歌词真的很棒,道出了就要远离青春的我太多的心声!每次听时心里都在想着断断续续的中文,很不舒服,终于忍不住把它译出来了。本来就是为自个听歌时看的,但既然译了也就放上来吧。有些话怎么翻都不得劲,因为总想与歌词的节奏配合,真痛苦,所以基本是演绎的。希望高人能指点一下,能不能有更舒服的翻法?
7 n. u+ Z1 g! x/ tQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
/ k% \9 Y- Q! Aforever young1 ?0 q0 F% ]3 C; G* G% M" X

1 _2 j8 l  o$ M/ t7 [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Let's dance in style Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 Q) \4 @; _, E4 e$ Q2 B7 t( ^) {$ V
6 M- w; B2 i: ?" `5 [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Lets dance for a while Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. H; z/ p6 b- m( x% H
( }+ D2 g% e. q6 g7 O: CQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies 3 b4 K% V' P' Z" t  C' o
' r. P, P4 J# `: oqafone.coHoping for the best but expecting the worst 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 W/ B% m8 R  E+ ~# I6 w
+ g. m8 v, Q2 j/ x同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Are you going to drop the bomb or not?
6 E# K' M8 ], t' P( lqafone.co你是否现在就想引爆这悬念?
; ~4 k2 M9 m) ~7 j! C( ^  ]同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Let us die young or let us live forever Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% p5 s' g* T6 ]; t" j
在年轻时死去,亦或长久生存?qafone.co( {- X: g/ v9 [
We don't have the power but we never say never 9 z: ^% b, y% I# L
我们无权决断,但从不说“从不”;同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 ~% G  ?  b/ S' D+ d1 V2 ?3 V6 p
Sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站- Z# c9 ]  |; \2 w" F8 d; s+ o
3 S2 Z+ R3 _1 g. x' ?- p/ uThe music's for the sad men *Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 y; c. B8 i  P* d$ E
5 A3 {( U' Y( N8 }7 iqafone.coCan you imagine when this race is won
) v0 N/ p, @$ w1 R  x2 lqafone.co你能想象那时那刻,当此役最终胜利,
2 G; a8 m" o' u, h# ?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Turn our golden faces into the sun 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ G) y. T  L; b! X! U& b- j
+ T  e; @, s6 c0 E, [, r7 N5 b* ^Praising our leaders we're getting in tune The music's played by the madmen
% Z7 X1 x. e! }( A8 R  JQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站在疯狂的乐声中,为引路者齐声歌唱。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站& @* W, |( b+ a0 o5 }7 L! O; w

1 s5 Q  G' X% i9 ?# @/ pForever young, I want to be forever young *   |0 ~! N& a8 z, G8 _
! W, N! }) q$ l- ?9 T' O/ g6 wQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever
: p' }& P& J$ s1 T+ _同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志你是否真愿一直生活,直到永远?
, K) C& E0 P, s/ a; ~* Yqafone.coSome are like water, some are like the heat *Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 N' f$ b7 @) l
有些是似水柔情,有些是炽烈如火,/ U. @3 ]4 ^* k
Some are a melody and some are the beat 4 }7 T% M1 @9 w* k
1 k0 s7 `) r5 s" o) l9 i3 }4 aSooner or later they all will be gone qafone.co8 t8 E: S  y% k5 d: P
或迟或早,它们都将消散,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志9 e7 a5 |- f/ |0 ~9 C/ R: x# n" ^( T$ B
Why don't they stay young Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% y& Y0 S5 Z9 g) e. D
为何不能年轻到永远?$ C5 p9 O* i1 N( B6 v5 u2 U9 ~
It's so hard to get old without a cause Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; u- U# V( f% \, B; j
# j& K* _  j3 K! {3 VI don't want to perish like a fading horse " G7 w) x3 i) b8 K! T4 \
我不想如迟暮老马般渐去渐远。Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; @: L6 l: k* t- P6 A  n7 H# ]
Youth is like diamonds in the sun * And diamonds are forever
+ a. B- l" N/ E. i! c青春是阳光中的钻石,钻石恒久灿烂。
# Q* ~4 T  H: P' K! Z, pSo many adventures couldn't happen today
' O7 W; q" `( e1 i9 C/ C3 `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志太多的冒险还未曾开始,
2 O, L8 J2 D, \3 w3 t+ QSo many songs we forgot to play *qafone.co$ E+ D' Q- W; |
! ^4 H: s$ x- {7 v$ D9 J  u. E, [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站So many dreams are swinging out of the blue ,We let them come true
* T& D0 @* ^! x3 X3 g: c* N& S/ Eqafone.co太多的梦想总在悲伤中打旋,让它们全都实现吧!. R% |" r" O& {0 g4 ?0 G
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ D1 q3 t& g4 O4 ?6 K


poses —— Brian没有买玫瑰之歌* \. p/ J3 a4 \" C; Z' r5 r% Y

" h: m* C! N( p8 O, Pqafone.coTHE YELLOW WALLS AREqafone.co/ \! i3 `' F# T$ v: u; l, |
LINED WITH PORTRAITSqafone.co# Z. ?) z# w! o+ \0 s

% e8 o# l2 Z  B/ Z3 UAND I'VE GOT MY NEW RED; M: \# m% V) s; b! S8 w
8 i: Q( ^0 R0 I+ `5 U! jQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( z+ K1 k/ K2 @- l6 j/ G
" P, P* O6 m6 \, P  Y* K1 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站SUCH BEAUTIFUL POSES
2 }; ^/ e7 W0 c% Bqafone.co ; d' a2 Z# Z3 K- R' S
MAKE CITY BOY FEELqafone.co6 @6 v* ]  M& @/ o" k: R

( ]3 A' w% E& m9 t. A, Z. |THERE'S NEVER BEEN
1 b) M: h5 n* i5 `qafone.coSUCH GRAVER MATTER
2 c* L; R* D! l$ |6 J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
0 `) ?  J$ K9 {, S% A5 O! E% Y) hqafone.coAS WHEN WEARING OUR NEWqafone.co! a* }8 y9 e# U, T4 n
BRAND NAME BLACK SUNGLASSES 0 x" o0 o9 g& y& E  z  M
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 p+ A' ^6 K/ n" E
ALL THESE POSES,( t* l7 ]* p; d9 t2 ^3 G9 a% m
1 n0 W# E& L; z/ o+ k9 mqafone.coMAKE CITY BOY FEEL
1 t( k; M+ {' i+ x+ F
3 z' J9 z1 N$ W- G: g( e+ F  @THE GREEN AUTUMNAL
5 M4 h& Y, F" `6 S+ `$ L8 u( BPARK'S CONDUCTING 5 O  Z$ @' O( K  g

' h0 E5 N3 F1 j. z. `& \qafone.coAND THE CITY STREET'S
! _: R4 U2 ?; mQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站A WONDROUS CHORUS
# Y! c  C9 V+ Z; y% ^8 z* N
, I# O( Q  C* T7 c0 ^3 ~! c6 \1 aSEEING ALL THESE POSES0 R( w+ A$ p' W3 t
OH, HOW CAN YOU BLAME ME同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' X2 w; b) U5 z. L4 G3 @( O2 J
qafone.co4 e' N8 ?5 R: m$ D* G  r
& O3 Q$ i: t  a, Jqafone.coTRUE LOVE IS A TROPHY: M1 V8 r4 ?) R3 B
. N  J+ Y' Z5 a: M5 Z5 t' `8 i8 p
BABY YOU SAY Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 v' b5 P% v' j' F2 q6 j
9 g" P# |( [  G7 m( J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志MY HEAD ABOUT IT
; P% H; j3 m6 f. ?4 \  bOH NO, OH NO, OH NO


504 开篇床戏插曲《Personal Jesus》
# Q% J8 _9 y; p" ^6 J, kQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
- U) Q+ m  N- U3 v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志MARILYN MANSON LYRICS ' ?6 E) d; ]9 J! s- t) N, F2 V
qafone.co  f6 z) u+ N$ M; z& n* M$ e
Personal Jesus qafone.co  Z( ~9 m/ y- S( Z2 r3 }

6 R# `; Z5 q! w7 R1 Z+ Sqafone.co7 x  W7 w- f$ p( D# ^" V; ]
Reach out and touch faith' C& I6 V7 S  x! W) i# M

4 {0 ~/ N/ ]; R  ]7 _' ^$ y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Your own personal Jesus7 ]& _+ K3 W! \! g. r  e% z: Z7 i
Someone to hear your prayers
4 g! q, i/ w9 E; P1 A( w: iSomeone who cares
9 o* L9 D- f8 I' Nqafone.coYour own personal Jesus$ x7 f* y7 D; y' V
Someone to hear your prayers; L; |6 B/ ]- g8 h
Someone who's there( `2 J" c2 \5 Q% I* J
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" Z+ G( b1 o  ?* V5 v
Feeling unknown  S$ Q, L; e$ y' q7 H
And you're all aloneQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  s, C8 @3 o$ v2 Z' R! Z1 J7 Z8 K, Y
Flesh and bone
* s1 o1 l7 Z0 j4 lQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站By the telephone
* c& @, p' o* T& m  P! m) Rqafone.coLift up the receiver
! Y' u/ F* r9 B& e% `# zI'll make you a believerqafone.co0 E: z- z! ^+ ]- ], y8 k2 ~4 @
Take second best0 n% z* N  `' ~/ n7 B, ~9 ]$ e
Put me to the test
1 ~' N- Q6 P" J( B/ L8 `3 K6 {5 IThings on your chest
7 j+ I* {2 C; L' s) lYou need to confess
1 z1 Y" d  A7 d  a+ ^8 kqafone.coI will deliver
0 Z8 o: K* T2 s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You know I'm a forgiverQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' @6 J, f# i1 o2 I
Reach out and touch faith. ~  E, V$ F3 m' N- G
Reach out and touch faith
' b3 \9 o& `$ s- a8 L
5 [% R8 \, ?8 qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Your own personal Jesus...qafone.co% x1 r* u, b+ Y8 A  Z5 |* v9 S+ u
( z' L" ^9 ^& I4 w; t! s
Feeling unknown
; c" E1 h; [8 l$ E8 ^And you're all aloneqafone.co8 e) g4 Z$ s1 o8 F7 D8 _3 f
Flesh and boneQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) r9 t, o1 [4 J8 B) y2 g
By the telephone( _. Z  K" V. r- }/ x7 w- g8 j; _8 \
Lift up the receiverQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 e( D+ K4 [' f7 q* M; r, u6 j
I'll make you a believer
: L2 r. M( c1 aI will deliver. M+ V& b2 i! X1 O. f( z8 F8 A7 D# [
You know I'm a forgiver
2 F0 q5 T8 X1 O; r4 r; b- s  N& TQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Reach out and touch faithqafone.co( U" @7 n& Z- p8 z
Your own personal Jesus' k0 N" @+ J' q9 f' y0 `# k
Reach out and touch faith


nei2w提供的地址:http://www.stlyrics.com/q/queerasfolkshowtimeseries.htm1 c/ o! y1 ]4 s( q4 |+ }

2 S! p4 \( s6 E0 u. vArtist: Barry Harris f/ Pepper MashayQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 F, g4 N1 A. m3 E
Song: Dive in the Pool% K) K2 q. M& D0 \& e* f0 S

6 k3 W/ b* c: X6 U6 z' S9 x1 @0 ?Well, alright...
, ]: y+ S1 n/ b  X8 b8 v$ v7 S3 aQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站How ya'll feelin' tonight?, i) ^3 c+ W  N: o5 w  l9 m
Ya'll feelin' good?
  o$ J- p! W7 F5 q9 U5 r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Well you know... I'm feelin' mighty good tonight...
; e3 D+ D5 P# {6 c2 D! S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志But you see baby... it's a little hot in here...qafone.co( W* i6 K; J- U6 U6 ]7 y
In more ways than one...
0 F. R$ t  O# B) M  r, QSo I've got a little proposal to make to each and every one of you here tonight...5 W8 s: [0 A5 L: L3 i
I think it's time... that we all... go dive in the pool...' g4 |/ i4 }! r1 O
Ya'll wanna go dive in the pool?
0 A, [2 C: L# C2 q; B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I know ya'll wanna go dive in the pool!3 d( P  W* D  `0 o5 J  M# J
Come on! Come on! Let's go!同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志$ Y- a0 ?% u9 a; I7 D
LET'S GET SOAKEN WET!, ?7 F& w, J& k! N2 z! z$ G
Now I know there's quite a few of you who don't quite get it yet...qafone.co) [" ]) y1 N) T' z
But I wanna see each and every one of you... in the pool, with me tonight...& s) N' F$ L" M: b' q' `% B
Ya see baby... the vibe is right... and the feelin's right...
- h" M8 G$ e# \  K+ SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And we're all just one big happy family here tonight...
& p, f0 b' \; \0 J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志So I wanna see each and every one of you, dive in the pool... with me, tonight...
6 E- A6 N6 W3 H+ UCome on! Are ya ready? Come on! Come on boys! qafone.co9 e+ |( {. O+ j! W9 C
I wanna see it! Are ya ready? Are ya ready? Come on? I wanna hear it!
8 f& f3 c/ e/ OLET'S GET SOAKEN WET!


nei2w提供的地址:http://www.stlyrics.com/q/queerasfolkshowtimeseries.htm同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 r$ T% z% p3 t5 o0 w% W  r- U9 R
1 {& B$ Q5 f" V
Artist: Alcazar
7 J: r6 h" x0 P! A* _5 GSong: Crying at the Discotheque1 v6 \+ {& u! s  P1 Q5 H. G+ n

; U( }! e6 B+ E# u6 m( }% ]Downtown's been caught by the hysteria# V, |! w: F5 \  \* M
People scream and shoutQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站5 i2 d6 n- N. L
A generation's on the move
0 M4 _: o9 {7 {- T7 D9 yWhen disco spreads like bacteriaqafone.co7 o# [9 ~& j& ]
These lonely days are outqafone.co' j& E5 A$ x8 q0 V9 n
Welcome the passion of the groove, e/ O; Q- z$ R7 {2 C" V9 t; ?: S
) U5 @) T' f8 A+ }0 G8 }
The golden years1 f# Y+ \' z7 a+ Z/ G
The silver tears6 R8 X- s) ~5 i( n2 o2 f4 s- _
You wore a tie like Richard Gere/ Q- S- c2 @  z. ?3 T5 t$ h, ?& W
I wanna get down4 i/ v) @. y7 y5 U
You spin me around) h# W" ^4 `4 l- X; f6 b4 O
I stand on the borderline
1 j8 D# o2 b9 A( F* P9 ECrying at the discoteque
/ V0 k7 k1 u# CCrying at the discoteque
8 Z. N/ R! z2 t+ _
8 {/ j4 P- }3 q7 q" I8 [! lI saw you crying
6 a$ p  B* N4 ?: t' M. y: zI saw you crying at the discoteque8 e0 D  a9 u: ^1 ~3 K" S5 r
I saw you crying
+ j& Z5 ?$ d2 k1 Z; e5 O% QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I saw you crying at the discoteque
" F- {. V- |$ {6 }& G( E0 ?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站6 N0 z7 c! ~1 i# q$ D# T' d" S
Tonight's the night at the danceteriaQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ `5 g" X6 K9 H4 f% F
The joining of the tribe
6 s5 q8 Y" k! R) O1 }) NThe speakers blasting clear and loud
% D* E+ V% l; g* W' y0 ^4 CThe way you dance is our criteriaQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# X, H, O2 ]. d3 b# T, N8 y
The DJ takes you highQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 Z  R- u0 y  g3 n' [' Y
Let tears of joy baptise the crowd
2 p* S" e1 h; h+ Yqafone.co
8 T3 A1 q" r! C/ O2 \9 P/ s5 Q+ bThe golden years
6 w" c5 b+ {( @  I% Q1 r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志The silver tears; H* m) B# d1 K6 V8 a1 q
You wore a tie like Richard Gere
8 ?  q* K# C0 N3 W  P  D" |9 m同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I wanna get down同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. P6 x5 u4 w( w  l( d% o
You spin me aroundqafone.co" d4 r8 s0 u- T
I stand on the borderline* Y# b0 U7 A) m6 v& _" K& f
Crying at the discoteque
% Y, ]* |9 k, ]4 F! {; y" N' kCrying at the discoteque
* C; Y& O5 a% A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I saw you crying
# g8 Y/ R+ U: L( ^# X' H8 i9 EI saw you crying at the discoteque
! N" W# [+ z' t- b$ uI saw you crying
5 X. L8 G/ R$ k0 M$ F7 [I saw you crying at the discoteque. w: M) N- Q. u. `$ A

1 h; l& ?+ g7 w% Q3 vQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The passion of the groove* e  w, }: o9 g% C/ I+ B
Generation on the move1 {* v# M+ v3 Y
Joining of the disco tribe
, J( `; t6 E9 ?  ~2 K! j4 MLet the music take you high1 d" ~$ d5 G' k* a9 Q

' N! J3 K" Z& GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The golden years
, H9 O0 h* z( L1 Z& }3 S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志The silver tearsQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站3 c$ `; Q+ Y$ l
You wore a tie like Richard Gere, Y& D- U0 }4 J3 V# n2 J
I wanna get down: R  c/ U3 i2 N8 r' a2 ^3 z1 ^
You spin me aroundQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% Z1 R" V: p' l8 i2 J
I stand on the borderline
# c& V1 r% \# Q; HCrying at the discoteque' @. H( ]  {8 @8 `/ I: ^
Crying at the discotequeqafone.co  i# L: q4 ^/ C8 @# E& M9 h
I saw you crying
; O) t. W/ c8 b  ^; X$ |I saw you crying at the discoteque
7 F* j+ Y' ]6 L' F* e/ J. R, c4 M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I saw you crying同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* W! ]! L2 v# A& I5 {
I saw you crying at the discoteque


nei2w提供的地址:http://www.stlyrics.com/q/queerasfolkshowtimeseries.htm同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, n: m: t7 f! g# R. x+ d: p% ^$ f( E
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ J1 ]4 L( _& J) M
Artist: Jay-Jay Johanson
2 w. e" G. w8 C7 w1 W' H, _& @Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song: Suffering同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ t* b# M, H3 L2 W

# f5 j2 o3 O  H同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Autumn is here inside my heart& V! A5 x! P4 ]1 e
When there's springtime in the airqafone.co6 n: o1 I7 r& Z: l+ p
Loneliness is tearing me apart$ ?; @: e/ n6 w+ z( T
Being lost makes me scared
5 l# u. _, z( i4 K  {qafone.coI keep on asking the gods above6 W( w8 b7 y) [; P3 _, f
to send my love back to me
, h1 l7 J1 Q& M2 aOh please let these days and weeks
9 C; s/ }5 h$ B. I6 O3 a" ?/ n. u- Pqafone.coPass by so quickly
0 N& ~) W8 o! D% ]; S5 M; A9 r( Fqafone.coNobody suffers like I do
6 R- D6 g: }+ H( G5 b  e  y! X5 tQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Nobody else, oh no同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 R- N1 v- C( }, G7 B, i, ]! g4 u2 h
Nobody suffers like I do# Y( R' x( B. N; o$ w
Nobody else but youqafone.co" f  T, M# u2 m; j, n/ m1 ~
You had to leave, I know
; Q$ i3 A1 E+ a. {: aAnd we knew it would be tough1 t2 u- z* X) L1 ?; a5 |3 @8 E" L
You said you would be back soon5 z9 s1 E3 E5 x& D5 N. `
Soon is not soon enough9 H& p* V' x; E* G$ M
Through this waiting in vain
3 G5 G$ o4 h3 C/ MAll this darkness and pain2 Z5 X( R: l( ~! ?% ?% @
I've been crying for you, now I'm dying
+ Y8 k- {2 g) Q+ c8 `& wqafone.coWhen this test is at the endqafone.co" B0 t( {" M: y: Z9 }; o
I hope you'll understand$ ]* h% w0 I2 X7 D) F: f/ O+ Z
That you're all that I've gotQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, Z3 z. G( \: Q, L" z4 L
Oh darling


nei2w提供的地址:http://www.stlyrics.com/q/queerasfolkshowtimeseries.htm5 u0 e( {3 L, b7 s0 s

# j9 f  ~- I8 W  j2 }4 TArtist: Mint Royale
1 r# n$ o. w/ h0 o  W6 k1 yqafone.coSong: Shake Me
: u- t, d3 T- W+ }' j1 E同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
! m9 L" h  O# ~- w$ f0 O2 HGo Nuts!
- S# q4 _1 N+ C% R3 w' U$ Y6 iGo Nuts!
* I8 ~. G  C3 D: Y% VGo Nuts! ; I/ x/ U! A; `0 |1 W
Go Nuts! qafone.co" [+ D3 |5 @$ q
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, K1 X* M9 m+ h6 y4 f7 G: c
Shake me
6 M0 F  V3 [0 }8 p- G, y) NTake me in your arms Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  v- |5 k6 X8 N7 Y( s. ]1 V
Squeeze me $ V' X5 M% U# j, f* E# }) ]( m
Please me baby, baby
; {: ]6 G* C( F) J) N+ X! HShake me
) l1 m: T5 G# w9 a9 Y& iMake me yours again qafone.co0 l  f( R3 }+ K* h
Hug me 6 l( M- @: l# w/ w4 J
Love me
3 y7 T" m/ J2 }同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Be my friend
1 f2 w8 B' p* B% d/ ~* C' H- }6 S- ~  Eqafone.co[Repeat 2]
* B! s1 z4 J  g; r  |6 o2 F
) q& `. k( J$ {1 l; u: W4 uGo Nuts! & b* Y. Y4 ~) m0 [
Go Nuts!
$ h$ R$ I) x( L; i; CGo Nuts! qafone.co& s% a: J' W$ c! s1 `' ^- a
Go Nuts! : S2 ~9 w, ~' k$ [/ K! `1 C% B

# }& k% I6 J% h  D5 u2 m1 {Shake me
. o. ?; D& w( V2 [Take me in your arms
& q' Q) \7 f. b' {/ F7 F" _Squeeze me
7 w5 p$ B( t, @! N; X. D1 l$ ~, R" N. ZPlease me baby, baby 7 D6 |5 ~* |: T% J. X) p! L/ ]. R+ I* p; t
Shake me $ N. k6 u. F3 H2 {
Make me yours again 7 y, v1 c" L; R
Hug me 2 s! R" G. r5 {8 e
Love me qafone.co: {  B  F$ n% b9 C4 E
Be my friend qafone.co. R$ D3 P/ h( ]6 ~0 B3 W* z
[Repeat 2]


Save The Last Dance For MeQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ o6 y2 s* }' r

4 ], {, ~5 \6 y2 Y4 |( J; _" gYou can dance
. @2 m1 f4 G3 \Every dance with the guy( \: u' `+ V) z) y( U
Who gives you the eye9 M( z0 k+ t& r  ]
Let him hold you tight
( _5 p, E# a" oYou can smile
, b% f3 ?+ K# tEvery smile for the man同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, y; f& F( L9 @2 x" g5 T$ ^* m
Who held your handqafone.co4 e) \( @9 D5 M
Beneath the pale moonlight
7 T; ^) U6 |/ |But don't forget who's taking you home( T1 W. Q" D* r: T0 U
And in whose arms you're gonna be
' X4 }2 m% `8 pSo darlin', save the last dance for me
/ q3 m" g; y' t) zOh, I know# S% |' |: H* }' g' j
That the musics fine
. r, {; V+ q, d/ Gqafone.coLike sparkling wine
, F0 z! i0 y1 J  K' KGo and have your fun
% A& }5 J% h$ s$ L; F5 [5 ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Laugh and sing
& E; p7 ^* @5 lqafone.coBut while we're apart
! L5 i5 E/ ]3 n2 V& R$ [qafone.coDon't give your heart to anyone. k, ^, Y( V; S6 y. }
And don't forget who's taking you home
9 Y: v. x/ T3 D  Q( m4 iAnd in whose arms you're gonna be( j6 m3 e. L, W  v& E: z2 y
So darlin', save the last dance for meqafone.co% q; P( G& q+ X. v
Baby don't you know I love you so) p8 C  @/ z& A) F; L
Can't you feel it when we touch
, I! L8 Q6 K/ s. z& v4 u7 ~Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I will never never let you go
2 K2 y! A% y. {7 I3 A3 GI love you oh so much
' M' e9 e, K1 a. R' H. mYou can dance3 E2 i3 y% Z' _1 R9 h
Go and carry on
; r9 P9 x0 g" X, Q* F4 r6 lTill the night is gone+ D" r# ?* \- p& h  y
And it's time to go& P+ h, V! c. _: j, S
If he asks
6 a. m' k6 x( m3 a1 Q5 CIf you're all alone同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 I5 W3 {8 c! w# K
Can he take you home
1 a- o! h; ~/ _You must tell him noqafone.co7 S4 j  h, d, U9 l
Cause don't forget who's taking you home. T1 X0 f  F. X& K" R0 O
And in whose arm's you're gonna be
4 B4 x0 o+ e$ }qafone.coSo darlin save the last dance for me


Skindive& ~1 T" R, k3 ]7 M
& }; B8 ?  [( C
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 x) D! [# u8 K
No More Good Guys---201 同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' H% Z- T/ g0 e+ K2 Z
qafone.co* d) V, a$ [, V$ H6 _% \/ s

  n1 |/ y' V2 f. b1 A/ a1 `I died today,! C* S" K; T& }0 Z
but I'm still breathing,
4 Z3 [. t5 p9 U' I. ]7 s, e7 w0 ?8 w* xbleeding,
. y8 K+ k( \( ?2 ^) Dfor now,
& a3 H" U6 k$ i) P7 VI'm broken.
% v( y; t1 P' S+ G* K' @) yQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ z) p! @9 \! V1 \0 Z5 i; N
You left me here,
  F/ Z% j. Q  Y5 @qafone.coCapsized and sinking,
: a2 i* K6 n; n. Ethinking, right now,qafone.co. g" o9 I5 K7 c' v; o/ F* g
there's no more good guys.Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ v: P! R- ]7 u7 v) m

  z) h% j8 y5 A% W3 W$ {8 fqafone.coYou left me standing here,
4 i$ S" Q) @- c5 z  n+ B0 k7 Y0 {alone and colder,qafone.co' z  ?. n; Y/ d- H3 W9 `( `( Q! g! b6 _
I hope that some day soon,
1 j" U- }! C' jthe pain inside will stop., Y- ]5 E* G" Y, r6 B

/ }7 |1 i# j! _% ^& F7 P9 mYou died today,
- X2 ~( f# l$ r% v' Ybut you're still breathing,同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志2 J: \: H* J& }) T: w
in my mind,
3 r/ \' F& W: i+ }5 x- vQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站that is,
! }* x( Q/ H$ P+ U' S1 Sthere's no more good guys.3 D6 K# W( B7 W! }0 ]. \; r" j

2 c9 l2 o" E6 _, M' ^4 G6 v& fQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站You left me standing here,/ X+ }6 E5 J+ h- I$ ~/ d' `# B
alone and colder,, S8 b# ^+ D2 G, t! Q
I hope that some day soon,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 R+ b1 I1 h+ D5 K( t
the pain inside will stopqafone.co. |+ ]: E8 S: ~8 T
I hoped you'd see me,
* p" h" y% q( j) C( A; w同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志I hoped you'd understand,
. j' T( J5 y! ~$ a1 [, ~3 AOr crucify me for my failings,2 P& p* ?+ g+ a, z
my cruel ambition,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站. {4 [  Z) d1 p- ^* g/ w; S
hardly justified,: U( y1 v8 t4 I
and the pain inside will ... stop.


101开头在babylon4 \! u# ~. E* t: `6 ?2 A
Artist:The Tamperer
: l! S' j, u; y, aQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song:Can You Feel It3 f6 a) p5 \. _, S
; l. A. f2 I) p6 x9 J; J: Y" H
You got it on the side
/ r8 I% ^, m' o+ C+ fqafone.coA little one night thing
3 @- e- x4 H2 X; B3 U2 y) ~1 w8 vI've thought it over and this time I will forgive you
4 w. F% ~# A& n- F1 Z+ X* r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Well I'm not letting go
1 Z! X6 t8 W) x; B& oqafone.coBut don't forget I know
* ]2 B, C5 K% m/ q% V% @You made your bed and she was in it$ U8 m7 k1 x2 _' N$ w" X
No no no
  L) j. p7 P) H
* n$ ]" {) T2 f* o同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?
" ~6 r( ^, _+ V1 C. B9 x& F' iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?
& I6 S- q% k" ~! `同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?4 ]7 o  q+ }9 g8 {
What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?
' G+ H: q9 m. v$ b+ oqafone.coqafone.co& h+ ~! i  D! [7 h+ B& h) x
Well I'm not blaming you
" g. [6 ^* r; c; v6 y' K3 SQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站But she's still hanging round8 @$ L; u8 M$ R' e5 B6 x6 b& o! o) D! a
And she's so crazy I'll tell you now I just don't trust her
/ N: ~; Y) t% RShe thinks she's right on time
3 K0 D) O9 c+ G; _1 rBut I think she crossed the line同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 f. A. u( t  U) J, ]% d* {$ A* E
And I'm ready for the light
  n2 P7 S6 ]/ H3 Q6 T7 p  PI'm ready if it's fighting time
4 g$ {% m0 Q; K3 p同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
0 ~2 g* z6 U8 H0 `& b5 @Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?
) s8 Q' J3 M* D; w+ CWhat's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 T: K+ K4 F* P+ l. b/ t( @: C
What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?


. B  F% ^) \" s2 B+ t6 U' A! b同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Artist:Meg Lee Chin
6 k: J  u2 L: x( I) _3 lSong:Heavy Scene
4 J9 m* M# X% J. A, _7 Y3 Q( c0 D. t
Can I run, run, run from a jester with a gun: N5 n& \+ H; ]8 l5 q
Jokes are stupid in the light of never knowing where to run
5 G2 D) r$ {1 c4 G7 _) LQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Heavy Scenes Yeah& F4 k9 }6 H7 p8 C; f1 q$ Z1 ?* L/ Y
When I try to smile instead I get bullets in my head
1 I! S7 e0 p& D0 P/ c3 L; S) ?( U4 eqafone.coDrop the bottle , close your eyes and hit the throttle, vocalize
. l3 I" n, x- {5 e4 hthis heavy scene yeah,
+ a; D* H/ a, B8 Kqafone.coEvery night I close my eyes trying not to dramatize,
6 F. g# J2 {& T. w9 Bqafone.cobut I'm nervous in my head cuz I don't wanna end up dead4 |% \  w9 l0 Z7 ?- f$ m+ V
Heavy scenesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 Z7 p! g7 O3 H. Y3 T3 q" S3 @
Yeah there's beauty in the deep, still my life is incomplete,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ \3 i" `+ p' {' s$ U
Don't wanna be no piece of meat cuz I don't look good in concrete,
9 y- j: C% d) XHeavy scenes yeah
3 Q6 _7 C4 K; h0 _! t/ T5 iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And I say "Oh no what you doing?"
  x$ S5 O1 b# o) ~qafone.coTry to run from a bully with a gun well it ain't no fun
& D4 P* Q* M1 c6 z. m) r) o同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志When your time has overrun with heavy scenes6 m0 V! B  m/ M
Oh no what you saying? Egomaniac you're crawling on my back,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 _! j8 y' S( g* |, }* Q8 I5 Y
Need a new plan of attack to escape this cul de sac同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- {( a) O, Z1 ~; {
I can only watch, I cannot play,# c- s; g& b5 k; n2 z! r  K
I can' hardly talk cuz there's nothing to say, so I 'll run
7 X" F4 B. W9 Y同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Heavy scenes yeah, Oh no, heavy scenes yeah, oh noQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  {7 V8 D* t: o9 K+ @1 i1 A
Tattooed Princes make a fistful of fun like latex love birdies a cookin in the sun
0 p5 b* d# \$ [3 Z) N. C0 XAnd the half baked mommies with their babies on the beatqafone.co9 A$ j& J' a0 ^2 Y3 s1 A4 W6 d5 X  q1 D
Turn ice cube cool when the candy hits the street
, M& m) H2 }0 v9 ~. zMirror-eyed shades stalk the planet whisper riddles
1 _* [" b; `. b同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Jealous one eyed lovers like to fidget while you fiddle,5 `" R, Y- U  r) @$ m
Then a wall of crumpled nothing tumbles down till you surrender. E5 F7 ?9 L+ P- k: `, [/ \* X1 t
To the cost of making lovers out of princes and pretenders7 n9 l4 X5 Z( D2 D- Z
Man made machinery evolves and takes the stage$ i) u2 c0 v0 a$ s8 ?+ Y
From a cast of bittered thousands gilded, rusted golden cage,
6 g  t7 P$ B  [8 G. }( ISilver spoonz that lick their bottomz open up the bird's eye view同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 Z0 M) A! ~  l! j9 c
To those short weekend encounters with your paperback guru% Y: Q2 C3 d6 e
Oh no what you doing?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ y1 i  `; A) _  t! V9 P
Try to run from a bully with a gun well it ain't no fun同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- N9 r! x$ C( p0 H! y
When your time has overrun with heavy scenes: c+ P1 m8 q. {) @
Oh no what you saying? Egomaniac you're crawling on my back,4 r' h# K0 S' g" O7 A
Need a new plan of attack to escape this cul de sac of heavy scenes,heavy scenes
% c* Q# q0 `, u" b# j同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, yeahqafone.co" O3 s7 o2 a: z$ z4 Z, k
Heavy, heavy scene yeah , Back in black egomainiac,Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站7 O7 z5 _. ?+ E* o9 b$ Z# ~" H
Heavy, heavy scene yeah6 X* I- ?7 E0 _4 ]
Heavy, heavy scene yeah) P  e0 B+ e1 D& M
Heavy, heavy scene yeah( H5 h2 ?* b) G& I
Egomaniac you're crawling on my back, need a new plan of attack


101结尾Brian和Michael开车去公司的路上# U+ K/ @% z; P
Artist:Robin Black
1 I4 z* j, V4 M% e  OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song:More Effeminate Than YouQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 _" s& G+ B/ x* j; F/ W5 c

. P( f* _- L% Z. S9 s* qQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Well I know you love me同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 ^8 ?7 T2 o5 ~/ S+ D0 q4 E
Or so it would seem
, S: ?' L/ V  W; \! ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站But i've never been a king
- v- B3 q  n7 L$ ?! T0 L# LI've always been a queen
9 {7 D% E4 C7 bQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
6 C% R( a. ~3 ?* FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And you say you love me
. G+ V4 W, m2 B2 OAnd that you'll be true
$ B. F9 H( Z. L6 j6 v6 l$ F2 L! SBut how can you love someone同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; \: U8 T" W+ A: g
who's more effeminate than you?
8 ~# u. Z; c2 ?0 N/ Q1 m; o
  |9 Z1 J$ O  `# [! ]" b/ D9 oqafone.coI never played soldierqafone.co; ]6 h2 x9 {' Q; S& D& s. J6 h
I never played ballQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站2 `  u  o% c6 ]

- Q. I+ v! }: s" d/ O+ t9 Wqafone.coI'm one of those boys
& g2 h! L0 [3 @& r1 }0 s. y' h1 hWho played with girls toys
( K/ n2 T. R, F' i7 K% [Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I'm one of those boys
! n5 P; N* C+ r6 \* N同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志8 B# }; R) Q1 u4 [% a
Well i know my parents同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" D+ A. W% h0 n( _1 Y" b
Would have rathered a girl+ K1 e! e+ V* N  \6 C
Said they gave me dollies+ V( a0 p6 L0 @! ^/ |
Said they set my hair curlsqafone.co! i$ A: ^/ {( K. g
But i know they loved me同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志+ _% J5 |7 e: E2 V; {* ^
And just the same
0 P3 q: h- Q/ }6 q. Q. |% m' a% gqafone.coSo why did they give me an asexual name?5 {; X$ q) g5 c1 |' c* W
2 a$ H' k4 N' X2 \' n" `& f" P
I never got dirty
8 R& [7 ?3 r- i2 Y8 Q7 V& ZI never played in the mud3 y; b8 }, f# d/ F3 p6 L

) E* i2 U3 S' T! {) Z( cI'm one of those boys
% i0 d1 S5 X( R1 NQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Who played with girls toys
& u( A. M8 V0 E' T% y4 S. S- @( aI'm one of those boysQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" i0 W) x6 ~& K2 ?+ L- y" o
I played with the wrong toysqafone.co! T" D$ q) q- [
I'm one of those boys同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志. f5 e: ~* J4 t2 ?8 R" c
4 @; |. |( ~( B4 e
Oh baby please don't stop' V/ d6 @- H0 F* G6 E6 W9 j* R: {! u
And please don't be surprised; m  {! J6 Q* G% ]3 F: _( q
But i prefer when you're on top同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 E% j% [  }  t4 m. h

+ I0 `9 X3 _  R; T5 D( YI'm one of those boys
3 F% K0 q) R  PWho played with girls toys同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: h& Y* }3 C& x& y0 Z2 W
Yah i'm one of those boysqafone.co: \" _  C" p( R
3 j0 y" Q" X7 g  O+ g
Boys boys boys boys toys toys toys (in background for rest of song)9 q' M) @6 w5 ^! J" t
3 c# B; |. N) R% K: w
I'm one of those boys
6 ]: C; e0 N2 Q* gWho played with girls toys
: E  N4 }% ~: ]: _) G% n7 w8 TI'm one of those boys
9 b  x' |7 m! |1 f% Sqafone.coI played with the wrong toys
4 y7 Z" c; H' Z- s8 f; J1 s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Yah i'm one of those boys同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志' \% D% o6 Z6 Y0 r6 s" j3 z
Who played with girls toys
- `! a, O4 N6 @6 \$ p# P' Oqafone.coI'm one of those boys


103 Emmett、Brian、Michael在babylon
( y1 n& {8 Y" `4 b# x+ G/ vArtist:The Kinky Boyz
/ D  \# p1 C" {2 |# T' @5 W3 n同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Song:The Only Way Is Up8 d* p4 p* p2 a/ Y
" f3 v0 l5 ?- E
We been broken down
1 r  O' U+ j8 B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志the lowest turn
) m" i3 |. n- T3 z9 Oand been on the bottom line
, t  \2 X% s7 D, K  w/ t% E同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志sure ain't no funqafone.co5 D) d7 b9 \0 U+ v, R
but if we should be evicted from our homes: i9 R! x9 j+ W8 m$ u" {% l0 z
we'll just move somewhere else
9 ~8 a; S/ s1 I( o  Mand still carry on
  O- N; n3 U# Z7 pqafone.coHold on, Hold on, Hold on
- z6 T* m7 v/ M# U: O% H
+ a! t8 l8 T8 B同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Chorus
3 S( D5 Q, y- o/ QQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站The only way is up, baby
3 F1 U' H: F0 F) ~0 |4 Q+ R# H' i同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志For you and me, baby
$ ^9 ]% _8 }, x4 [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志The only way is up同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" d* y6 _; l, R8 r' p! `4 d1 k* D
For you and me
- g; j  d7 @0 o6 T  ~0 g' ?
$ B' ~- A: {6 R& R6 m/ p2 e* ]+ E# hNow we may not known
* \: v1 _  u3 Q" D$ N5 ?同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Where our next meal is coming from同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志4 Q7 N2 ]( S3 _7 O

' L- G+ Y2 c  G& Y5 ?# tqafone.coBut with you by my sideQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" G' x% m+ \$ R. s3 Z/ m
I'll face what is come  g) I8 c  c, `4 l/ r
boy, I wanna thank you
9 X) `! ]7 @7 [8 U6 @& ifor loving me this way
6 {% O  S/ a0 @  X# E5 B4 O同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志things may be a little hard now: S" O& G  c7 a- Q) M6 x5 b4 [9 z/ I1 Y
but we'll find a brighter day同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志- `& i2 y% C) h4 `% I) n
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on. z: ?, ?. |4 j/ u/ X

0 m) Z9 S: x1 P/ |0 A, \2 r' S# h6 _# tChorus


105 Brian抱着Gus躺在沙发上. e, I. U2 V; ?7 b* ~
Artist:Kinky Boyz feat. Kia
% M, u# }' E, r2 @0 N: g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Song:Sexy Boy同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  \5 h9 U2 ~3 _5 K3 O
" `$ c8 h( @# D
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy" Q2 O, y2 R0 H1 z. T
Sexy Boy, Sexy BoyQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' m* ]( y: }3 }% E

/ K$ f$ T* I" Y# X) }) x. y  S8 eOu sont tes heros aux corps d'athletes同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# n& n2 L( r1 B# c/ [: P1 C. e+ {
Ou sont tes idoles mal rasees, bien habillees同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志1 M' J/ u. \6 I% H4 A9 M
(Where are your heroes with the bodies of athletes6 [: q- L( N/ H; t) x# ?/ s* J
Where are your badly shaven idols, well clothed)
( p( [, I; q6 Z- b2 L; Gqafone.co, u' J: m, {- h! o  `
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy qafone.co) ~% t5 Z6 c5 `; F
Dans leurs yeux des dollars
$ [9 J( ~1 b% ?) e, D( V同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Dans leurs sourires des diamants( G0 z) o+ |8 L3 J0 \$ S) t& I6 M
Moi aussi un jour je serai beau comme un dieu
7 a- ]* h8 U% Q* ~qafone.co(Dollars in their eyes
. w% L  z: A0 v+ fDiamonds in their smiles
  p8 D  f7 \: l" S3 M/ iOne day, me too, I'll be beautiful as a god)
+ m; b9 V7 O7 v. ^, c
; \9 O# l  e; l1 D. U) Y0 d同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy/ H9 H# f3 q$ w- O& |% m  q/ d
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
  d* D" P; p$ e  n" IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy4 I+ e% P8 _6 z) |3 ~
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
( G( J( Q7 \# w+ s+ Y8 @5 X3 p' o! }
Ou sont tes heros aux corps d'athletes
0 e2 B; w4 I2 G; O* z6 V' @Ou sont tes idoles mal rasees, bien habillees/ j+ g  X( ?3 l
(Where are your heroes with the bodies of athletesQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站$ j8 z8 `$ V/ }
Where are your badly shaven idols, well clothed)
" o6 C4 s- J# [/ ~% c0 Q& O- ]3 W. n' T+ z
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
* Y2 y8 W- G+ GSexy Boy, Sexy Boy/ ?4 z3 M  k( `$ N- U( ?& h
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy


106 Brian和Michael在Babylon跳舞
, |, W9 D1 c9 I, v9 `6 cArtist:Abbacadabra
) }, m/ R* ?9 A* E/ s. z+ B; a7 E4 tSong:Dancing Queen
) v& Z, }/ {* U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
6 C1 z- w$ F, m% }7 xYou can dance, you can jive, having the time of your lifeqafone.co) o0 j- Q& |' A# y" F
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen# t) [$ k/ G% k* B) h8 O, ^
qafone.co3 [. C4 ?& l1 S& Y; A1 K6 n
Friday night and the lights are low
2 G: L8 t& b$ t* h) r" b1 k1 {. q同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Looking out for the place to go
3 w+ G2 g6 k& E. K( tWhere they play the right music, getting in the swing同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志& p6 C3 [7 R/ `9 ~/ S1 ^! @
You come in to look for a King$ y7 ~" o. k& N; f) a' x+ |  p

- X: q! Y  m. ^$ `. HAnybody could be that guy
6 [# K5 c+ F6 P8 a* P0 KQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Night is young and the music's high8 J% P$ X, J/ j- }' Y( u3 _4 {
With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
* U' }' z2 |/ @# o, I( H/ c. y) O同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You're in the mood for a dance同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) ~, S- \! [+ u, H  o) ?. Z: `/ e
And when you get the chanceQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站' f' ~: F0 X9 D+ q) A* w

; ]+ \1 ]% l  ]7 s, qqafone.coYou are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
+ p. K0 s, _; X6 D" GDancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
7 X# u( e5 v4 o5 oYou can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
) C& J5 R, S7 b+ @, K8 H' }qafone.coSee that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen
9 Q. J% w2 N5 E; S7 F$ aQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站" E  l' Z2 g* W- A( W" M
You're a teaser, you turn 'em on
4 `" q: X, U7 W6 ~5 T+ j; k: S6 j) HLeave them burning and then you're gone
$ n; J! p4 U) R& ^  J' \+ c; qLooking out for another, anyone will do同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( r. Q+ r) U7 _
You're in the mood for a dance
! k' M; W1 o4 p3 v9 B  H3 e0 Q! J& KAnd when you get the chance
! ?  j2 ?( F1 Q5 T( n8 Iqafone.co同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; M# M9 [! k: Q! s7 }& t6 u2 n# P
You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeenQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站; \9 ]* L  y1 ]2 v
Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
5 w! c+ d; |/ ~# R) g1 m* EYou can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
$ S# J8 G+ _" T5 O: ^qafone.coSee that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen


109 Dr. Dave asks Michael to Move In% A, G1 \6 S; g& }- _# M+ Z8 X
Artist:Robert Palmer
# _3 |( ^% A. Qqafone.coSong:Bad Case Of Loving You
% Q& ^- r* O) K+ b2 T0 uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
4 s' U8 V4 q- w" u, D: y8 fQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Wooah: A% e9 _% R0 b, n; Q- ]. C! @

; [3 r+ N! [2 z) {$ e: lA hot summer night, fell like a net: b' _8 r1 c' d( a/ w, q! l2 m
I've gotta find my baby yet
9 Z+ d. W5 S2 I' M1 n0 tQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I need you to soothe my head
8 [) z1 T* t8 p' _5 }1 \& UQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Turn my blue heart to red( |; T( ]& ^  p. e: s- X

$ U. _; ~- a7 c4 \2 n5 E# U; g同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Chorus:
* V9 P/ S/ M. e6 c7 [qafone.coDoctor, doctor give me the news同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 w( I2 d. c; [
I've got a bad case of lovin' you
: P4 T- D' m/ X  P" Y1 ENo pill's gonna cure my ill
+ ]4 z. [$ X: kI've got a bad case of lovin' youQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站8 Y7 M' T3 G. e
qafone.co1 x" N/ T4 _+ [. ?& v) i
A pretty face don't make no pretty heart
2 \  B" D) o3 K8 u$ A0 `$ Eqafone.coI learned that buddy, from the start
$ A& d' ?/ q$ z! d. z6 l0 \qafone.coYou think I'm cute, a little bit shy
  a" [! f; y$ s" |0 oMomma, I ain't that kind of guy
; e" e/ o2 k. b* h
! C% e2 e9 p7 W1 p/ x1 E5 OQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Chorus
; B4 ^0 O* `) Q/ v% [- {) p3 |
& g4 a( V& @2 x8 |; u! J; p5 v同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Wooahqafone.co4 A! d8 Y  E: m" v

% w0 J  b2 q3 iI know you like it, you like it on top9 K! t) m8 q) I) b; a; h8 O/ e6 x1 ]
Tell me momma are you gonna stop
6 `0 |+ {/ @& k- nQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站
: C. B* y6 ?" @( z+ h! X: q+ y  GYou had me down, 21 to zipQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站+ L4 Z! i% ]" K& l. g
Smile of Judas on your lipQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站) f/ C! z8 ]6 m% ?. g8 _& ?
Shake my fist, knock on woodqafone.co! M) T2 S" W$ m8 c/ u3 d
I've got it bad and I've got it good
5 [$ H: `% A7 f% D0 M
! V9 W& A; i4 Y! l# B. \, cChorus


111 Boys Walk Down Street同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志: F9 D% c8 |; N+ Q: A( Z2 H, D
Artist:David Bowieqafone.co5 N5 e" V! F& E+ w; G3 h5 _. [
Song:Boys Keep Swinging
) X  h: H! [* C0 W1 K
+ r' M: b4 G$ H5 r. \) x% m* v! a# ~Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Heaven loves ya1 I; L6 I8 v1 c1 }9 B
The clouds part for ya5 n' j  u: {* a  n# T
Nothing stands in your way, e( J1 R% \' O: C" Y5 m
When you're a boyQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 c( R* j& o5 q* x% @0 N

' b: K# y- D/ H) _# M- q9 S' a9 c. cQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Clothes always fit ya
/ {6 u  Q7 u# o. ]' z, u1 S2 i* CLife is a pop of the cherry
% M( s% z+ ]3 o2 H; F) H1 F$ dWhen you're a boy
( s* ?, W0 G6 O  [9 Oqafone.coqafone.co7 p1 L, c& C+ Z1 `& P. o/ Y
When you're a boy6 n. R  _$ N- H9 }
You can wear a uniform
3 c) u5 A" _7 S$ \- u4 D同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志When you're a boy
( T) i4 S! g% H" B$ l9 l9 WOther boys check you out
0 k) \4 N; X# S同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志You get a girl
, l5 }3 W" P! c$ W' l0 C* l5 e同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志These are your favourite things
) K. i# y( ?; `: A3 s3 bqafone.coWhen you're a boy
' U* f2 `5 O! {; IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志, ^6 j) {/ p% S, b$ P. r* b8 d
BoysQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站9 g; a3 [' p9 w( v% L! `4 g- g
  {$ `  m* g. b0 g8 ~* e; Nqafone.coBoys keep swingingQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站4 S% C/ C$ M% O* p$ p+ L) H& Y( A
Boys always work it out
0 n1 x6 I. N* B8 ?, J- f, E3 r5 w: N8 z7 a) j9 {
Uncage the colours
& \4 x+ q9 X% {/ cqafone.coUnfurl the flag
* M1 N# ^3 x" J! H: J+ M5 J, u7 MLuck just kissed you hello
) Q& ^* @1 X0 `Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站When you're a boy
6 q' R  U/ n5 c. Yqafone.co
& E7 w) v2 N+ @4 D; f1 }. iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站They'll never clone yaqafone.co& T" [* h9 l7 w
You're always first on the lineQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% ?5 O! _, f7 ~) s+ P5 ~, c6 u
When you're a boy! x1 G3 ~, ~1 K0 `  ^  m+ Y+ m
* ]) C* G4 _# s/ N! S1 e
When you're a boy( `6 Q, c' f5 j" ]8 G  I) K
You can buy a home of your own
3 Q% J/ \- T3 o! w+ G( r1 B) gWhen you're a boyQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站( y4 _7 H7 L! c( P# ]
Learn to drive and everything同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 @! H+ m+ Q. F+ x$ t' O1 I
You'll get your shareqafone.co, O2 |) b; l$ |7 h- `
When you're a boy
: m( @% a" T  h  v5 U
* }/ t7 ^/ y* X: ]Boys5 k3 K& W6 {7 X( j9 }
Boys" z( R! g6 |, |$ c
Boys keep swinging0 I1 W: @  J7 [/ U3 m8 r
Boys always work it out


112 Michael & Dave in Bedroom / Brian in Alley
/ Y5 q7 A. U6 u2 I同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Artist:Tin Star同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志( e/ X% ?6 C2 [- R% _  E3 o
Song:connected Child
1 `# m# b( o+ z0 k: Q8 FQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co; t) W6 c. d2 [6 K6 T0 Q6 t  F
Love you like no other
" m, x2 k( q1 c. |8 l' n- slove you rain or shine
4 _1 I8 ^2 _) P/ r) I4 s& J同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志you could be the one thing that is on my mind同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志  Q& e" ]! S( C; ?$ Z
this could be your last chance
- M# ?3 e3 a$ H- t& zqafone.codon't get left behindqafone.co& v/ _" `+ m6 Z# D, U. \& w- L# w
phone you at the weekend if I get time
) x8 o2 e0 u7 v9 E同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站, l9 }% v' g; K7 C: t3 z: i0 j; M
she's a disconnected child( U! E- K0 m# C4 v0 L8 j1 E: b8 h
and she's been on my mind...1 ]* w; ?( y; s" [
Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站: A1 L4 c- J; z0 C- u7 R: Y
she's been leaving lovers同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; D! R6 }4 \* a7 S: u3 L; R
don't get left behind
1 d2 F, B; u, IQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站she'll feel bad tomorrow
6 y8 y! p; A7 Bthat's another time
. U. g$ M4 H" Y& O, ?qafone.co
. p. }+ J7 m+ ?8 u- \$ zshe's a disconnected child
3 Y; B5 ^. u' z" j# w) X; h! ^6 Kand she's been on my mind.... A" s' l" o3 H6 y+ `1 m! K

; M6 X1 B9 ^9 _: l- [2 P! z& Wlet's do this together
5 W7 s$ W* z) q! a+ C2 iQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站I'm sure that it's fine* {) P1 Z3 Z% H0 m! q6 O1 L
we'll feel bad tomorrow
" ~" p/ L) O$ w# C  Z3 a$ ]qafone.cothat's another time
, q: B- w% z7 n8 K; T1 [% Y, B
she's a disconnected child8 Q8 V/ L" v, b. K( p3 J- L
and I'm feeling...Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站# s5 M7 _) F' Q6 Y& L0 N. W. z
Low now yeah I've no place to goqafone.co+ X- A2 K6 p* |) F/ [$ r
oh what you doing what you doing to me...


114 Emmett/Heather visualizing
) [" R3 w9 q2 o3 D( ?Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Artist:Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack
6 b. i( Z0 O. uQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song:Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You
7 b9 Z' i( Z- W* k  z3 |0 u5 n) V! w
Tonight I celebrate my love for you
; [9 r0 s% d9 ~0 U同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志It seems the natural thing to do! H7 L) Z' O7 w: q9 _) X4 A
Tonight no one's gonna find us
* _% B. ^/ A! ^- D& tWe'll leave the world behind us% ~8 s7 u& F$ I# N4 ^; j- s# Y
When I make love to you
! G4 u9 S6 Q' S, l0 }) @+ A7 T; z! q% D% E8 `
Tonight I celebrate my love for you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* U: \5 K. K! c. f
And hope that deep inside you'll feel it too$ W5 _1 S2 A" C& L
Tonight our spirits will be climbing6 c* I6 b( A" d4 i4 U. d& r
To a sky filled up with diamondsqafone.co% _, ?& \$ Z" f! |, C
When I make love to you, tonight
; s9 A9 k+ X, m# u: m, {" G同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志3 Y1 Z1 V( P% `6 l3 b
Tonight I celebrate my love for you
4 z! x2 Q/ l( v8 ~& yAnd that midnight sun is gonna come shining through) t% a" h0 a2 e6 P
Tonight there'll be no distance between us5 u. Y# d+ E/ o& A* V* Q* K* B
What I want most to do, is to get close to youqafone.co3 q# [: {! p# X* e- y! H
Tonight同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; O3 y: p7 O& F; b4 N. `

) @* k1 ^; A) t# b; Nqafone.coTonight I celebrate my love for you
( w. Y1 Q3 |+ Y: J3 kqafone.coAnd soon this old world will seem brand new2 i4 t+ h, L) J" D6 P1 O! {3 q
Tonight we will both discover how friends turn into lovers同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志5 W/ J9 G# d8 ?" w9 ^
When I make love to you
+ }" G& {" _# k9 g. d
8 N* l7 `; C: n# }& ]% E2 fTonight I celebrate my love to you4 e: D  z5 O4 ~, I" l6 P
And that midnight sun is gonna come shining throughQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站  h+ P4 E, ]5 Q3 G. D) B
Tonight there'll be no distance between usQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ s; q3 n& J1 J- _2 m0 F" B) N0 y, o
What I want most to do, is to get close to youqafone.co+ S$ l. g  C7 w# w1 e
Tonight I celebrate my love for you同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志) ?# s( T6 L- k


119 Daphne and Justin in his bedroom6 p7 \$ p0 i! }6 a9 ]- G2 v  L
Artist:Creeper Lagoon, l! R: s! K- X4 V9 l( `
Song:Wonderful Loveqafone.co- j: V4 f+ k1 O6 w5 }  H# E
qafone.co, N+ R+ q9 X* M1 J2 k
Crash here we go you can face it or erase it; g( \2 b7 U0 R$ Y( |
I do believe we can take itqafone.co6 M# p, m$ H, i$ q2 X5 b' U
And make it a wonderful love
3 }, Y0 A6 O) V1 h5 e5 v$ Pqafone.coYou can taste it embrace it lovely
/ b% T, U9 B- gqafone.coSo sweet to see look after me social with company
5 @) T( z, U3 a3 q' Q7 J2 S* nqafone.coJust you and me fall to the groundQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站0 \; H. @# c7 B" ^
You should wake up and turn up your favorite song# C1 y. R0 q/ ]: B& `3 D
Let it move you
" j0 Z* H% z4 W5 w; p4 IJust walk through breakfast and grace# B6 q6 e" f+ A1 n
I should unwind its bed time lovely so sweetqafone.co5 @, D5 K: R# K' P* o/ P# ^
To see look after me social with company
! [1 ~' N5 n4 x( \Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Just you and me leaves on the ground9 w$ i; \3 m3 c" ]
Then a snow storm my back yard is covered in white
8 u. |  T3 C5 s: r同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Can i hold out its cold out
+ N% C6 Y" D$ |* W5 l4 }同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Lost in the shade/ Z* d  O3 R% R# b: E* L$ D, S' @
You've been waiting for sunshine lovely so sweet
, U* I1 J7 B' [同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志To see look after me social with company just you and me


119 Brian and Michael Bowl / S/ d; G9 ~! O8 C3 S
Artist:Chemical Brothers
% O$ n  H  t$ {; r; V8 eqafone.coSong:Let Forever Be
8 n; j' d/ z; s/ Hqafone.co
1 F& F& o# x& e8 t/ A; tAnd how does it feel like to wake up in the sun?
  _2 d6 M& `7 z  cAnd how does it feel like to shine on everyone?
# |+ s& `. R; i5 k+ S# U3 eHow does it feel like to let forever be?5 i$ f. q: s9 P& c: f
* f/ z) l5 q9 p: C
And how does it feel like to spend a little lifetime sitting in the gutter?
9 y; t- y; x- K" U3 W6 Z+ m/ s同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志Scream my symphony同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志" k; L/ l5 N1 m! g9 w3 {' H( n1 E6 y* c
同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志! N/ c! M9 L& V! v* n3 c  G- D
How does it feel like to sail in on the breeze?7 o/ T# I5 p2 s; T2 B/ f
And how does it feel like to spend a little lifetime sitting in the gutter?qafone.co. E) E4 S5 S  O
Scream my symphony2 [% K" a9 ]/ T3 N

: }, \! L3 C$ tHow does it feel like to make it happening?
1 X/ C& x6 u6 QAnd how does it feel like to be with everything?
: N0 t8 N8 L, x. s$ ]And how does it feel like to let forever be?# z/ V% g# U+ C" Q5 a8 _
And how does it feel like to spend a little lifetime sitting in the gutter?
" b+ r/ H( B7 O2 l9 f8 WScream my symphony
! L% `; O0 ^3 M, C7 }  Hqafone.co: b; G" A4 y  `1 f. Q
How does it feel like to be in christamine?
$ u( y& u7 D+ H. A同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志And how does it feel like to spend a little lifetime sitting in the gutter?
1 X% a0 Q: o, S* U2 e9 G$ @" n5 W, jQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Scream my symphony


119结尾 Brian Bowls同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志# l3 Y* O% i7 e3 y# J! B2 V
Artist:Badly Drawn Boy
6 N% y2 v1 f/ c! e( ~, S2 ]Queer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Song:The Shining# k- C) I! R  V8 N, [, w8 H2 R

$ J2 Z7 }4 \, b) ^0 V8 H; EFaith pours from your walls, drowning your calls同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* H. n8 ]5 R( f! F+ b1 p
I've tried to hear, you're not near
; E+ b! @. r: \& `! a2 rRemembering when I saw your face
- j. H& \7 g  G5 q% t4 C& e  p. A7 GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Shining my way, pure timing
0 M8 C% L$ I5 K9 L( cqafone.coNow I've fallen in deep, slow silent sleep/ `5 }4 m- Q, T8 g3 o
it's killing me, I'm dying
5 x8 {) @2 Y% d& F' m2 P$ h$ M同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志; R' ?: T# v- g0 {- i: O
To put a bit of sunshine in your life+ s( |% H1 b$ `$ Z, k3 Q

' Z" e2 s7 i( i+ M7 H" v% GQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Soliel all over you, warm sun pours over me
7 `* _6 g; i7 u" T4 G7 d1 Y& x) FSoliel all over you( y9 F6 e6 a! U  X& R
Warm sunQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站/ ?4 S( l; t! n: W* G  ?
qafone.co) M1 c2 {2 b- e( `/ A! `, E  L
Now this slick fallen rift came like a giftQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站% e6 m* ?& @) Q7 G/ B1 p3 z
your body moves ever nearer
: l6 ]8 Z7 x; E. `qafone.coAnd you will dry this tear3 M1 e- H% r$ Z( F6 v" \
Now that we're here, and greave for me, not history
) S! M, V, {" b' @6 t: V9 u5 K! fBut now I'm dry of thoughts, wait for the rain同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志* f- Z0 u: v6 S' i( w* o3 }  U& B
Then its replaced, sun setting同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志/ q( z0 \  K& H, C. M

6 q+ Y/ Q  s1 s# fQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站And suddenly we're in love with everything
7 Y  w  f2 v- X% C& oQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站qafone.co: e; i6 @  N" d/ d4 _$ g2 ^* ~7 t
Soliel all over you, warm sun pours over me  |8 {6 H# D" [  L, k
Soliel all over you
. M: f, V) ~0 x: Z/ V, b" mqafone.coWarm sun


122 Brian's private party(就是拿丝巾上吊那个地方。。。)( Q# ]/ b, \  r2 v% \, C
Artist:Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
# r% Y/ j3 U0 vSong:Happy Feet (High Heels Mix by BLAM, remixed by PAUL MAC)1 U( v6 h9 w7 }% I

# N9 D- o: R& `% V+ r( R+ MHappy feet! I've got those hap-hap-happy feet!  o; a" m& p2 X' i; M
Give them a low-down beatqafone.co+ F3 A% R, K& y6 W
And they begin dancing!
" `, H8 E0 S$ wqafone.coI've got those ten little tip-tap-tapping toes,
* U% B  u7 Z$ T- b同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志When they hear a tuneqafone.co7 ~: f& |7 o: @, M  e
I can't control the dancing, dear,6 P: w3 ]2 ]/ t, L# z% q; z
To save my soul!
: m8 p4 a# W. u, W$ W$ }同志,queer as folk,同志亦凡人,gay,同志电影,欧美同志
3 S/ B2 M9 L1 d5 [( G: a* q- PThose weary blues can't get into my shoes,: G# y7 H7 n* F" b6 B
Because my shoes refuse
, M0 T. j4 p# [1 {qafone.coTo ever grow weary.
6 N6 `7 j8 _4 q) c# \I keep cheerful on an earful
- L% {- G7 n( D, MQueer As Folk中文站 | 同志亦凡人中文站 | QAF中文站Of music sweet;
2 x7 E" }  y* s% ZJust got those hap-hap-happy feet!


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